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So, who is on your "short list" of models to go to, when updates leave uninspired?


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Aug 29, 2009
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Way south Texas
So, who is on your "short list" of models to go to, when updates leave uninspired?

In response to another thread, I suddenly paused to take count of just how many boys I will go back in time to help me out in my hour of sexual frustration. Surprisingly, it was a short list, hence the name of the thread.

So I ask, who is on your short list when you seek inspiration and sexual gratification? So how many is a short list? I thought about that and realized there were 4 boys who immediately came to mind, so I figure a short list should be no more than a handful, 5 boys. Mine are easy, Paul, Brandon, Blake, and Jason.

Who are yours?
From BSB2, I would say Ayden & Paul, leaving me only three more to list from BSB1, so I will go with Tank Shane, Logan & Jordan, (but my list could go on......)
my short list includes, jason, blake, colin and rex from bsb2 and austin, erik, mikey and cole from bsb1.
I would include the exact same 4 as you JLipps4U only I would add to that list for me blond Kevin from BSB2
Baby, Bel Ami is in a class unto itself! But your Broke Straight Boys choices are great!

In a previous post, I made reference to Bel Ami , wondering if BSB2 is heading in that direction.
... Mark responded as if Bel Ami is BROADWAY, whilst BSB2 is a HIGH SCHOOL production.
... Is Bel Ami such a height BSB2 couldn't reach?

... I used to be an avid follower of Bel Ami and EURO-CREAM and RAW models & videos.
... I used to ENDLESSLY SALIVATE over these Eastern Euro boys and the Brits.
-- that was the period I fully developed my ADULATION of UNCUT MEN.

... ... In matters of production quality, BSB2 is INDEED like a HIGH SCHOOL production.
... ... In matters of model quality, I don't want to be un-American, BUT it looks like
they have a BIGGER population of REALLY HOT Broke Straight Boys across the ATLANTIC.
What impeccable taste you have AsIseeIt. I totally agree with all five choices from BSB1. :thumbup:


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Hey, JLipps ~

*BSB2: Jason, Paul, and Adam.
*BSB1: Danny, Anthony, and Tank Shane.