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Phoenix Pride April 16 and 17


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Sep 6, 2009
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Broke Straight Boys back again! That's right, we are headed back to the desert with a new crew to check out Phoenix Pride. If it is as half as fun as last year then we are in for a treat. This is where we first met our friend Deidra. Hopefully she will join us again this year for another great interview.
Yes!!!! Booked my tix/hotel yesterday! :))
That is AWESOME! Boy do I have a treat for you. You are gonna love these guys. Get ready for your annual interview sweetie.
Great news guys. I just secured our Saturday night event at BSWest. This is the same bar that we did last year and Mandy Boom Boom will be joining us once again as our host for the evening. Hope to see everyone there.
I am so looking forward to seeing the boys at Phoenix Pride, I met them at New Orleans last Labor Day and was very surprised to meet Diesal in person. Who is coming to BS West in Phoenix?
I might be Big Dave unless my bff and I see something shiny and get distracted en route. :) I was also in New Orleans that weekend, maybe we ran into each other?!

I looked at the site and their is some fun stuff going down on Saturday night!!
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It's right around the corner! It's going to be a toasty event so bring your sunscreen. :)

In the 90's for sure.
Phoenix Pride has been fun so far. They got a couple of College Dudes hotties here. The temperatures have been so lovely and everyone is exuding happiness with vigor. Going back to the park today for more fun pride festivities. Here is a pic of me and Sha and myself and my bestie Ashley. Some fun stuff goes down with the wifey in the behind the scenes footage that involves a model and her derrière. :))


Great pictures, looking forward to seeing more.

To be completely honest I didn't spend much time at the booth this year. I just sort of enjoyed the weekend with my bestie and we kicked it. So I only have the one pic of Sha and I for the site, all the others are just the wifey and I. But we did roll up during a bts being shot and we were filmed. Also got a good video of Ashley getting a spanking in the fetish tent which can be seen here:



I'm looking forward to seeing the BTS stuff. Too bad we missed Jimmy. ;)