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New Orleans Mardi Gras Feb 12-15th


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida
This is going to be a great event. We aren't sure if we will be there the entire 5 days but we will be there for sure for a few days. More details on the exact dates coming soon.


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Mardi Gras

Hey Guys,

I am looking forward to hitting up the French Quarter again! This will be a blast for sure!! I am excited to get back down there, i dont know who all will be comming..but hey were all good haha! See ya soon!
I'll be there for sure. gotta make that money lol
I'm sorry I won't be there this year. I was raised in Louisiana, New Orleans is a second home to me. I wish you luck and hope to see the videos. Wish I could be there to show you around a bit.

Won't make it this year, as I've got three writers conventions this year, including one in New Orleans in November. Somehow, Broke Straight Boys and New Orleans just go together so well.
Hey guys. We just confirmed our line up for Mardi Gras. We will be hitting the streets of the French Quarter from Feb. 12 to 15th. We are bringing shirts and DVDs to giveaway during this exciting event. If you are in the area, come join us as we party it up in the Big Easy.

Come see the following Broke Straight Boys:
Any chance of someone doing a video of the event for those who have too far to travel ? Please xx

P.S and posting the video on the site for the members who cannot make the event. xx
Any chance of someone doing a video of the event for those who have too far to travel ? Please xx

P.S and posting the video on the site for the members who cannot make the event. xx

We will be video taping the event and will post it shortly after the event.

Hey Guys, Well i just got in from the gym and wanted to hit everyone up!! I am talking to Sha and the other models we are ready for Mardi Gras!! It is going to be an exciting event thats for sure! I hate it for those who cant make it, but ya know we will be at several events this year so make sure to see when we are near you! To those who will be at Mardi Gras.... We will see you there!!!!
Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that we will be hitting the streets for most of the weekend handing out free shirts. Our home bar for this event will be Bourbon Pub. If you are in New Orleans for this, come have a drink with us at the Pub and grab a free dvd. :) Looking forward to a great time in The Big Easy!
Hey Mark and Shannon!

just to confirm for the members, who are the models that will be going to the event?
Hey guys. We have touched down in the Big Easy and damn it is cold down here. After a nice dinner at one of the local restaurants, we all headed over to the Bourbon Pub to have a few drinks and give out some Broke Straight Boys shirts and DVD's. Here are some pictures of the guys on the balcony of the Pub and at the hotdog stand on the corner. Tomorrow we are going to get some video footage to share. The boys will be posting during the weekend as well. The first set of pictures are just some that we took with our phones. Hope you enjoy.


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