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Ye Olde Curmudgeon
May 28, 2011
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Pittsburgh PA
It's 12:01 am EDT - and guess what?




To my dear friend mikey who has been on the forum "forever" and is our mensch when we need it, have a wonderful birthday; and many, many more.
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:birthday: Dear mike
All day I tried to think of what to say to my Dear Friend and Mentor. First Happy Birthday. Thanks for being born.
You have been the best thing to happen to me in a long time. I love you mike. You are one of the kindest,most wonderful men.I have ever had the pleasure to have as a friend.
:smiley-love001: If Love were money you would be a very Rich man. I know I am not alone with my feelings.
Thank You for all you have been and done for me. Happy Birthday Buddy.
All MY LOVE :smiley-love021: Johnny
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Wow. How can I follow that? haha

:thumbup: Happy Birthday Mikey!!

Much Love :par50:


Happy Birthday Mikeyank :birthday: You are the nicest man whom all is formites love so much. I hope you have the greatest day and many more Bdays to come. :par13:
Happy Birthday, Mike. Next time I'm in NY we'll have to grab something to eat in Spanish Harlem.
What a wonderful thing to wake up and find a thread called "Mikeyank", started by most punctual friend Stowe, started at exactly 12:01 AM on my birthday. Stowe is also my first forumite buddy that I actually spoke to on the phone. And then Stowe's wishes were followed by Johnny, a relatively new friend, but a total sweetheart, who is kind, loving and genuine, and of course Tampa, the only forumite whom I've actually met, (and of course hugged too). While Tampa is my only forum buddy that I've met in person, I sure hope to add to that collection, hopefully later this year. And of course the wonderful Peterh who is a good buddy, and the guy who always keeps me in check, and will "call me out" when anything I say on here sets off the "bullshit meter" in the slightest. I love all you guys very much. Thank you.

Back in 1967, when I was still 16, the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, album was released, and I used to smile when I heard this song, but it has all come true today as I'm 64.

And thanks to Juanjo, and Louis, I'd love to hang out in Spanish Harlem at your favorite restaurant, but please do me a favor, and wear some pants. lol.

Thank you all. This was a very pleasant surprise.
To the man known as "MIKEYANK" and a very special guy he is...Happy Birthday my good man!
Look at you, all grown up and watching ball, some with red thread, some hairy...enjoy them all! Have a great Birthday.:birthday:
Happy birthday, I hope your having an amazing day with some amazing people.x
Anyway I havn't much time on this forum today or tomorrow morning because we are short staffed at work, plus I have a dental checkup at 8am. So Mike please let us all know how you spent your 6xth birthday x
Thanks to everyone for your amazing birthday wishes. With all the time I spend on the forum, you've become like family to me, and I really love and appreciate my forum family!!!!:balsmilies:

Thank you all!!! :biggrin:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a fellow Brooklynite, forumite and June birthdayite!
So we do have a lot in common Joey, sharing the forum, the borough of Brooklyn and being born in the month of June, so I will wish a :birthday: right back at you, my Brooklyn homeboy!!!



Anyway I havn't much time on this forum today or tomorrow morning because we are short staffed at work, plus I have a dental checkup at 8am. So Mike please let us all know how you spent your 6xth birthday x
It is 4 PM on my birthday Jon, and I am having a real nice day, as coincidentally today my business is closed for a religious observance and so I am free all day. I had some great and a few surprise Happy Birthday phone calls this morning, I took the subway into Manhattan to do some shopping in Chelsea and tonight will be my family celebration as they are taking me out to my favorite Italian restaurant. 64th birthdays may not be as exciting as 21st and the like, but when we are healthy and happy and surrounded by loved ones, it makes for a great day.

Thanks for asking Jon! :thumbup1:
I'm so glad you're having a good day Mikey. You deserve it. xo