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Mike R and Josh


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Nov 30, 2009
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Today's part 2 video was awesome. Mike's cum shot was better than his earlier shots. Mike has improved, and I hope he will be around for a long time.
These episodes with Josh have brought a new and better side of Mike.
Josh and Mike have real chemistry, and it shows in the video
Thanks guys
:001_rolleyes::001_tongue::biggrin:For the member that wants to see Mike fuck again, I say I agree. I hope he does in episode 3. What would be really hot is these 2 flip/flopping!
I thought it was pretty hot. I'm not usually a fan of just oral scenes but that was good. Mike's cum shot as usual was epic. I LOL when he told Josh to "get back" since I was thinking the exact same thing at that moment if Josh didn't want jizz in his eye. I would love to get Mike and Shane in a room together for a cum off to see who could shoot the farthest.

I thought Josh's smile as he was about to come and as he was coming was cute. As was the laughter afterwards.

Yes there does seem to be some chemistry between these guys, whether it is buddy buddy chemistry or lust we will probably never know. For someone who had never sucked cock Josh went at it like a pro, I just wonder whether he had been given private lessons in between the first and 2nd shoots. I also get the feeling that Josh wouldn't have minded getting a facefull of Mike's cum either, there was more than cum in the air in this shoot.

The 2nd part of the film where Mike returned the favour was rather short and sweet, maybe David was running out of film lol. Josh's smile when he came put a smile on my face too and I think he's one of the cutest models on this site. Excellent shoot and can't wait for episode 3.
Mike R and Josh are adorable together

Gauging my admiration for MikeR adequately is like gauging one of his spectacular cum shots, it takes a rain gauge. I love everything about MikeR including his tighty-whities. I feel that MikeR is a real easy to love individual with a winning smile and a laid-back personality.

That said, the relationship between MikeR and Josh is special too and it shows. I want to commend Josh as a newbie for doing a fabulous oral scene. He did not have the oh so typical "straight-guys remorse" when he put his lips around Mike's mythic cock. Josh did not do a double-take or gag the moment his tongue made contact with Mike's cock. Kudos go to Josh for his tenacity. Surprisingly, even tasting and sucking on Mike's ball sac did not dissuade Josh from the job at hand. I do feel Josh is a keeper and I would be delighted for him to become a regular model at Broke Straight Boys

I thought a lot of tenderness was expressed in the way MikeR began working on Josh. I loved it watching Josh's balls spontaneously rise up and down. Having low hangers as he has makes for a special treat when compared to someone with a tight nut sac. MikeR's oral talents ultimately succeeded in arranging for a distance setting orgasm for his best bud. Josh was visibly proud of the results. It was also much enjoyed by myself and, I would assume, the Broke Straight Boys membership.

Great episode. Mike R and Josh are truly adorable together. I can't wait to see the concluding video of this trilogy.:biggrin::001_tty::wink:
Once again, another great show from Broke Straight Boys Josh is progressing at lightning speed and I think we can attribute much of that to his friendship and respect for Mike. This was a warm and wonderful shoot. Hat's off to David again and again. Hopefully Josh will be, as David put it, 'under contract' soon as well.
Excellent episode with these two hot guys. This is the sort of scene that I like - guys working on each others cock and bringing each other off by hand. MORE please!
ITA with you guys. Josh is such a cutie, and of course I've always loved Mike.

I liked how Josh was sprouting some wood when Mike came. Can't fault him for that! :biggrin:

Mike was so good to Josh, and I loved how much Josh enjoyed the attention. His smile was so cute.


Bring on scene 3!
OMG, that was one AWESOME shoot! I can't stop watching it,lol. I love how in the first shoot, MikeR just couldn't keep his eyes off Josh's cock. Obvioulsy there is some chemistry there with these two. I am anxious to see how Josh takes MikeR's cock, up his ass. I hope that MikeR shows him the same tenderness that he has in these 2 first shoots and that he gives Josh time to adjust to and enjoy that lovely cock of MileR's.

Josh is just amazing. I think he has secretly thought about having sex with his buddy Mike. At times, as he sucked Mike, he actually looked like he was making love to MikeR's cock. Then, at the end as he started stroking Mike, Josh's cock became erect as Mike shot his load. I thought that was rather telling.

Great shoot David! Can't wait to see more of Josh. Personally, I would love to see just how far Josh is going to go. I think some kissing would be perfectly hot, as MikeR pounds Josh's ass. The positionings and pairings for Josh just make my head swirl!
Hope he stays broke for a good while!
Ohh, one more thing! Seems like Josh was just enthralled with MikeR's cock and just couldn't let go! I found that interesting as well.
Mike Rules!!!

Not much to add, as all the reviewers here seem to have loved this update as much as I did. I just wanted to touch on how much I love Mike's personality, almost as much as I like his looks, body and of course his beautiful cock. Mike has that confident, cocky, (no pun intended) attitude of a young male in his physical and sexual prime.

He exhibits what has been called the "alpha male" personality. He exudes confidence and sexuality with every step he takes, when he smiles and with his quips. He also showed these attributes in his scenes with Jordan and Preston, and Scott.

When David asked Josh if he was concerned that his friends back home might see him on the Internet doing gay porn, he said that since Mike had already done it, it wasn't so bad. Mike then chimed in that they would just think that Josh was one of Mike's followers. I get the impression that Mike is a natural leader and has many "followers".

Mike really got into the concept in this scene that Josh was going to suck his dick. He said rather emphatically to Josh, "for you to get my money, you got to suck my dick". Of course Mike sucked Josh too, but the main focus of this scene was Mike sitting back naked, with his pretty boy friend's lips and mouth paying homage to Mike's beautiful cock.

Mike mostly kept one arm crooked behind his head, (exposing his sexy armpit too) while Josh slurped and worshipped Mike's big beautiful cock. Mike finally got so into it that he moved that hand to Mike's back and then gripped his head and hair and pushed his head down on his cock. Mike seemed so natural guiding his friend and "follower" into giving him the best head possible.

And of course, as many have pointed out, Josh had no problem having his face in close range to one of Mike's volcanic eruptions. Mike is an ultra cool, hot looking confident young stud, and I could watch him naked and in sexual bliss for hours and hours. Mike R is to me the ideal Broke Straight Boys Another "10" on a scale of 1-5. :001_smile:
What a pair! Do think Josh had some practice! Mikes cum shot fantastic! you did good job David!!! wonder whos gonna take the dick?