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Help us test a link please :)


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Oct 14, 2008
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Dallas TX
Hi guys,

Could you please test a link for us. See attached image to see which link to click on.
Can you click on the "streaming" link for any episodes like this one: http://members.brokestraightboys.com/go/603/hit and let us know if the video plays for you. It should play within seconds.

Edit: Could you also tell us the version of your browser :)

Thank you :)


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just checked the sam scene and the bobby and mick scene, neither would open.
i have picture and sound. using windows internet explorer 9.
the link works
All I get is a "Stream Video" box. Clicking on it does nothing. I'm using Firefox 3.6.19 on an iMac. I also used Safari and got the same thing. No pictures appeared.
i use google chrome and it only gave me a stream video box that did nothing
Tested it on the Bobby & Mick update and it works fine. I'm using Firefox 5.0.
All I get is a "Stream Video" box. Clicking on it does nothing. I'm using Firefox 3.6.19 on a Windows PC.
Using Firefox 5.0. I could only get a larger version of the link box you posted.
I tested, "Sam," "Bobby and Mick," and "Jimmy and Jason" and was able to get a perfect stream on each one of them.

I use Google Chrome ver. 12.0.742.122
Stéphane, you didn't mean for us to access a video through the little box in your message, right? You meant for us to go to any episode and try to access it through the streaming option provided on the episode page, yeah? As a link, the image attached to your message, doesn't work.

I can't use windows for that sort of stuff anyway, so when I went to the most recent update and clicked on the option, I got the same message as always telling me to fuck off. Couldn't you provide a Quicktime or real, non-HD option that didn't depend directly on windows?

I browse with Firefox.
Hey, didn't think others were having a problem but yes I have IE 8 and use Chrome and the screen is nothing but green. Have to go over to other "side" and use one of those tools to view.
I use Chrome, and this is the first time, since the switch over, that my video stayed with my audio.

Whatever you did, it worked for me. Thanks.
Mine won't play when I click the link, I am using IE8. I have no problems getting to play when I click the "play" button though without clicking on a link.