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Hard Work and Clean Living - Shane & Cameron


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Mar 10, 2010
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This is outstanding. This is what comes from "hard work and somewhat clean living, at least. Just like that absolutely outstanding blow job given Shane by Cameron. Let's just say, Cameron sure got Shane's attention more ways than one.

Cameron sure can suck dick and how! Shane sure was a happy camper ready for seconds as soon as he shot of the first time. Cameron has great natural instincts as a "newbie" and was well suited with Shane. Likewise, I know Cameron got a kick out of having intimate contact with Shane's cock.

They even willingly kissed and in a genuine way, not just for the financial bonus!

Have I died and gone to heaven?

Great, Great, Great Shoot(x 3)! I can't wait until the followup(3 or more shots, maybe).

Congratulations on 3 jobs well done!:001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2::monkeyfuck:
One thing a cock sucker really wants is feed back from the guy he's sucking, and Shane is the ultimate feed back giver!

Cameron I can't figure out. I mean that in a good way. He certainly got into it. He was a great cock sucker, but more than that, it was his connection to Shane that was so telling. Toward the end, I really thought he was turning to Shane and wanted to kiss. And then, at the very end, even though David suggested it, it was practically spontaneous. Cameron comes now from a long line of "newbies" that I think will be around for awhile.

P.S. Is that Shane and Cameron in the upcoming preview? I can't quite tell. I sure hope so.
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WOW!!! I usually think Shane "acts" too much in his scene's. Tonight I loved to see the tables turned on him. They usually pair him up with people to see what he can get out of them, and tonight Cameron got surprise, arousal, eyes rolling back in his head, and 2 cum shots out of Shane.:001_tt1: The kiss was very touching as well.

I can't wait until Sunday night! If Cameron can fuck like he can suck, Shane will be writhing all over the futon. And, I bet we'll get some hot kissing too.:w00t:
That was an awesome shoot guys.
I have always liked Shane for his humor and his personality. These two guys, Shane and Cameron just seem to hit it off right from the get go and I truly feel there was chemistry there.
Oh, I must not forget the kissing toward the end. To me that is such a turn on. Look forward to seeing these two together again soon.

Good pairing David.

Fun and erotic scene. Shane was his usual responsive, reliable self. Two loads for the price of one!
Cameron is no enigma and also isn't straight. Not to belabor this point, as recently it has come up very often about most of the new models. Same cue's... sucks cock like a pro on the first try, body language is obvious as to his interest in Shane, VERY quick to kiss, etc. But it doesn't bother me. I'd rather see hot sex than hear tortured moans and see red faces with gritting teeth. He's a hot kid, nice body, has some erection issues that hopefully pass, and the hair needs a definite make-over. I like some of the do's the kids wear, but his is a don't.
I hope Shane fucks him. I'd like to hear the usual pain moans and then the ouch, ow, oooow, uh, a little to the left, please... :)
If David had not given them permission to kiss, which is what it really was, i would have cancelled my membership.:scared:
Hell Yea!

Yes, Yes, Yes! Now that's what a scene should be all about. Intense sucking, good chemistry, two hot guys, etc.. Do i believe Cameron is straight? Not in a heartbeat..but who cares.. you could just feel the chemistry...I wouldnt be surprised if the two of them didnt leave the studio and go back to Shane's for a night of intense sex! If it was acting great, but you really did feel like their was a special bond between the two. MORE MORE MORE!
Yes, Yes, Yes! Now that's what a scene should be all about. Intense sucking, good chemistry, two hot guys, etc.. Do i believe Cameron is straight? Not in a heartbeat..but who cares.. you could just feel the chemistry...I wouldnt be surprised if the two of them didnt leave the studio and go back to Shane's for a night of intense sex! If it was acting great, but you really did feel like their was a special bond between the two. MORE MORE MORE!

Agree totally. The chemistry between Shane and Cameron is explosive to say the least and they certainly lit my bunsen burner. Shane is beginning to have an effect on certain models but maybe David is carefull who he pairs Shane with and a good job he is doing too.

Excellent film and a big 5 starts to all involved.
To the Member/Forumite that recruited Cameron:

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Dare I say the master has taught the student well. This boy came well prepared for his mission at hand. I can only imagine the hours you must have labored, painstakingly going over details and techniques and watching "game film" of the perfect blowjob. How you must have "sacrificed" your time and your body, the endless practice sessions, the hours spent on "do overs" and "let me show you how it's done" as you sought out perfection for the greater good of us all.

Your selfless acts of courage and willingness to "take one for the team" is a testament to your dedication and should not go un-recognized.

Therefore, by the powers vested in me, it is my pleasure to bestow upon you the coveted
Purple Head.....err... Heart of Courage.

Respecfully Submitted
this 7th Day of September 2010

General Disarray
2nd Battalion
Cocksuckers Brigade
I definitely agree with David, "Wow." I needed a moment after that. That rivals Shane's oral scene with Logan for hotness. The chemistry between Shane and Cameron was obvious from the get go. Shane is just like...just...AMAZING doesn't begin to cover it. When I read the blurb about the scene and Shane having met his match I thought, 'yeah right.' But, boy, has he ever. Maybe there are such things as natural dick suckers. Maybe Cameron applied all the knowledge from the excellent BJs he receives and tried to use techniques that he liked. Maybe he is straight. I don't care. It was really unnecessary for David to keep belaboring the point that Cameron was straight. Those that don't believe won't buy it no matter how many times it's said. To paraphrase Shane, "At this point I don't care, just don't stop." That was blazingly hot. I loved the constant contact between the two. Shane holding onto Cameron's arm as he's blowing him. The vice grip Cameron had on Shane's arm as he was about to come and as he came. At one point Shane is writhing in pleasure, Cameron's sucking and looks into the camera. I thought the camera would explode from the hotness. At one point, at the end Cameron turns into Shane and it looks like if Shane just turned around there could have been some lovely making out. But the scene was so hot, I didn't mind the lack of kissing. But then that kiss at the end just took the scene up another level of hotness. So sensual and sweet.

Man, I'm gonna need the extra days to recover before their next scene.

my boyfriend and i thoroughly enjoyed watching these two together!!
I has taken me awhile to like this Shane, he is good looking, great body, nice cock and wonderful smile, but he acts like a "porn star". The last two episodes with the newbies have been outstanding! His real personality has come out and he really makes the new guys feel comfortable with what there doing. Thanks Broke Straight Boys for keeping Shane on the site.
Cameron certainly didnt act straight to me,but Shane could turn anybody gay or bi as hot as he is.More of those 2 would be good.Also,where is Shawn,hes hotter now that hes older.Also.more of Ashton,Jimmy,and always Diesal and Austin.
This scene was so incredibly erotic and hot! 5 stars, and the kissing at the end was so sweet, and amazing! 9 long, luscious kisses after a wonderful blow job scene and Shane came twice. WONDERFUL STUFF! Great job to all who helped make this scene happen!

I voted 5-fucking-stars <3

I have never failed to download anything that has Shane in it. Needless to say, I am definitely a fan! :D When I saw the small preview picture of Shane and a newbie, I was instantly drawn and even before I read the synopsis, I was already downloading the video.

The glances Cameron gives Shane makes me grin every single time. Their chemistry, PRICELESS. I would give anything to watch them make out in front of me. I mean, who wouldn`t? I`m really glad Cameron`s really open to try things out and not feel too awkward about it. He was not afraid to touch Shane or look at Shane in the eyes. The fact that he talked, was really hot. Some of the boys just moan or try to hide their moans and its really aggravating to watch.

"Cum for me?" I swore at that moment if I could cum, I would! There`s just some kind of sex appeal to the both of them that makes everything so good. The part when Shane was giving him a hand, tension was mounting. Judging from body language, I am positively sure they would have kissed only if Cameron`s 'Straight' status was not on the line. The moment David requested for a kiss, Cameron looked like he was waiting forever to do it.

When Shane said it was his first time cumming twice on a same shoot, I went "No~ You came twice with Logan too :D" I tend to remember details. So yea, overall, it was worth the 1 hour downloading time [cause I have terrible connection speed]
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