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  1. G

    im new! :D

    can anyone tell me about this forum and the rules. i am new to this. tell me about your self im 23 born aug 2 96. im 6 ft tall super chubby and single ( in a open relationship but not dateing if u gey what i mean ) i am in northcarlinea hows life yall? :biggrin:
  2. melodility

    I'm new here, can you show me around?

    Hi guys! Thought I'd say hello from London. I'm not actually that much of a newbie, I joined a few months ago, I've been LURKING!! And this will be the first forum I've ever posted in so congrats on creating a little community that I actually want to join in with. Came in for the archives...
  3. T

    Hey you sexy people

    Haha just wanted to introduce myself, my names Tyler I only just decided to join this site my friend as you may know him "Straightcurious94" suggested it to me, he said the people in the videos are attractive the community is awesome, the support is great and that the models also connect with...
  4. cumrag27

    Hard Work and Clean Living - Shane & Cameron

    This is outstanding. This is what comes from "hard work and somewhat clean living, at least. Just like that absolutely outstanding blow job given Shane by Cameron. Let's just say, Cameron sure got Shane's attention more ways than one. Cameron sure can suck dick and how! Shane sure was a...