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Favorite Model Contest


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Dec 21, 2008
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Marion, OH
David, stop me if I'm not allowed to do this, but I have an idea. How about a contest to see who everyone's favorite model of all time is? Most will say, I can't think of just one. So, here is my proposal:

1. Make a list of your favorite 5. Put them in order of importance, number one being the best, then down to 5.

2. Each number one vote will be worth 5 points, number two will be worth 4 points, etc.

3. The contest will run until the 4th of July at 10:00 Eastern Daylight Time.

4. At that time, I will tally all of the votes, and the model with the most points will be declared the favorite. Because each vote is weighted, the total amount of points will determine who made it onto the most lists and how high up on that list they landed.

5. I will announce the results the evening of July 4th amidst fanfare and fireworks.

For the record, mine are:

1. Tyler
2. Michael
3. Jordan
4. Giovanni (the most recent one)
5. Landon

God, I love those twinks!

And, by the way, I changed my list six times just while I was typing it here.
Any word back if this is a go? Here's mine:

1. Diesal
2. Drew
3. Mike Robbins
4. Jimmie Slater
5. Sean (Dr. T)
1. Mike Robbins
2. Diesal
3. Tyler
4. Cousin Mikey
5. Austin

oh and for the record, it was really hard to pick the order! Jimmie Slater gets honorable mention, but im not sure if thats worth any points....? lol there needs to be a Broke Congeniality award!
1. JIMMIE SLATER! :001_wub:

2. Diesal

3. Shane

4. Jace

5. I can't come to a decision on a fifth, so I'll go back to JIMMIE SLATER!!!!

Ms. K, slap yourself on the hand, girl. You can't vote for someone twice. Call me a nice guy, but I'll give you a do-over, so fill that fifth spot. And, no, I'm not running.
I wanted to put him in all five spots!!!

5. Anthony, MikeR, Logan, Eric, Kyler, Austin.... I can't decide between them, you pick.
Hi Guys,

This is a good idea instead odf all the negative stuff posted.
Here is my list.

1) Anthony (I love him)

2) Jimmie Slater

3) Austin

4) Danny

5) Shane (Tank)

Anthony from Patchogue NY
Ms. K, slap yourself on the hand, girl. You can't vote for someone twice. Call me a nice guy, but I'll give you a do-over, so fill that fifth spot. And, no, I'm not running.

Carking, you running for a top 5 spot is another thread entirely. AND, I can't vote for what I've never seen. If you want to throw some pictures out here, I've got some other forumites I could put you up against.:sneaky2:

Gosh your making me do it.... eek I might change my mind by july 4th but here it goes


this order changes daily..... might even be hourly
Ms. K, I'm a 53 year old falt bald old man, so there won't be many pics. However, I have seen some pics of some of the forumites, and there are some I wouldn't mind being up against. Make that a 53 year old fat bald dirty old man. LOL
1. Zakk
2. Austin
3. Nelson
4. Jordan
5. Mike R

Since I'm so fickle this ranking may change tomorrow~ :001_wub:
Hmmm, definitely a tough choice!
1. Leon
2. Preston
3. Danny
4. Shane (tank)
5. Kyler

Here's a thought. How about an orgy shoot with the top 5 models!?! Even if they are not my choices,lol. Regardless of who they end up being, it would definitely be a hot shoot.
1. Diesal
2. Logan
3. (Tank) Shane
4. Danny
5. Mike R

Yeah. I know Danny isn't filming anymore. But I still had to give him honorable mention. :001_tt1: