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Derek (Derrick), Corey and TYLER


Nov 29, 2008
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Well, I thought I would set up this threaqd early as I am eagerly awaiting this vid. Derek (or Derrick as Patrick spells it) is a great looking guy that has a nice hunk of meat on him. He does a lot of the Broke Straight Boys tour events. Corey is the gay boy who got to ease him into the scene. We haven't seen these guys since Oct 18, 2008 so this is probably an older scene. Derrick really got excited at the prospect of a girl strapping one on and poking his ass, so hopefully that is what Ty is there for...... with a little bait and switch on David's part. Lucky Derrick! :thumbup1: Lucky Ty!! :001_tongue: And Corey May get a chance to take that really nice member of Derrick's up his ass as well....

Flaming hell ........ why's it illegal to have mother in laws disappear.

I come a fingertip away from being sprung rewatching the Derek & Corey vid.

i want a divorce if i cant sprangle that women
Ah, Kodie? You have some 'splainin' to do. Huh?

I am looking forward to this vid. I like all 3 boys very much. Derek is purdy! LOL!

Thanks for starting the thread, Jayce!
Thanx Jayce, I am waiting with batted breath for this vid.
Ah, Kodie? You have some 'splainin' to do. Huh?

I am looking forward to this vid. I like all 3 boys very much. Derek is purdy! LOL!

Thanks for starting the thread, Jayce!

Like crap i do lol

only 1 person ill do any 'splainin' to as you put it lol

i just hate the feeling im being watched lol
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Thanx Jayce, I am waiting with batted breath for this vid.

OHHHHHHHH coooome on booooooyssssssss lets all play ring aring around Rosie while we wait .......... lets all hold hands lol

thats what it was called wasnt it ?

How much longer dooooooooooooooooooo we have to wait for this

yes i hope i sound like a spoilt brat
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Flaming hell ........ why's it illegal to have mother in laws disappear.

I come a fingertip away from being sprung rewatching the Derek & Corey vid.

i want a divorce if i cant sprangle that women

What's wrong Kodie? Did she walk in on you and almost catch sight of the whole sticky situation? LOL
no i wasnt doing that .........i was fully dressed and just watching

OOOOPS sorry Jayce we are off the subject matter............. but i was watching the old derek vid so teck

ok ok im sorry
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As we count down the minutes here I'll try to get us back on track. From what David has said in the past I doubt that Derrick has many more vids in the can. David says that while he enjoys doing the events he doesn't like to do the videos. So this might be his last or close to last one. Unless he changes his mind... For that reason alone I am eagerly looking forward to this one.

Damn The boys laid some pipe in Derrick!:w00t: And he (Derrick) took it like a champ. I'm sure he didn't like it, but I think towards the end he was just about to get into it. Maybe this is why he doesn't like the futon as much as the events.

Tyler was great as well. Did you check out his left foot curling back and forth while he came. And he shot himself in the eye as well! Pretty Kewl, Huh?

And what about our gay boy from BSG (not battlestar this time). That bottom was hitting that ass like there was no tomorrow.:ohmy:

Derrick is one of my personal favs. I'd love to see him on the futon again, especially if he can lay the pipe this time. I'd love to see some straight boy handle his tool!!!!! David, maybe you can charm him back another time? Offer him a sweet deal and maybe a spot getting the strap on from a real girl on BSG.........

David and Mark, You guys are the best.......

Wow. Derrick is really hot. I didn't remember him having that big of a dick. And we finally got an answer as to what happened to his glasses. He looks so much more handsome without them in the event pictures. I'm glad Broke Straight Boys could help him with that. If Derrick could be coaxed back to the futon I wouldn't mind seeing even more of him. :tongue_smilie:
The whole thing was great. Derrick was totally believable in the I'm Outta Here scene, maybe the little smirk at the $2000 moment looked scripted, but who cares. There was so much excellent sex, beginning with Derrick's big dick and the way Corey and Tyler went at it; their beautiful twink bodies and the grace with which both of them move. The way Corey's face settles into that sullen, hormone loaded beauty you get when someone cute is turned on way past being able to keep it from showing; Tyler's angelic joyfulness from the second he walked into the room till he cracked up about his eyes sealing shut with his cum at the end. I think it was one of the best shoots Dave has filmed and Blu has pasted together. All the preliminaries were loaded with interest and good info, there was no filler of any kind, every bit of footage moved the episode along. And the rhythm was great. Sometimes you get disjunctive splices of which there were none here, and the surprises (Corey in the background quietly, unexpectedly and expertly putting on a condom "for the first time") only made it better. Derrick who had said he'd gladly fuck Corey must have changed his mind at some point. Very cleverly, no one explained any of that. I hope it was because he was gettin' into having those two beautiful hotties fuck his ass so perfectly, but it made enough sense for it to happen, that the missing moment at which he stopped going to be fucking Corey, and Corey started being going to fuck him could be cut out without a problem. And then the cumshots were pretty much unbetterable. How many of us have shot instantly at the sight of the other guy doing it, even if we were only "close" but not quite there? That is such a hot feeling, and to see it in Tyler was beautiful. Corey had one of those orgasms where your whole body judders and quivers with sensation and you almost black out. Nelson had that famous one, being fucked by Aiden, wasn't it? And finally they all broke out in guffaws, something a lot of guys do in real life when they've shot, out of happiness, the glow after the physical sensation, and the good will toward the guy they've shared it with.

Partly I loved it because Tyler is the paradigmatic Tyler in this shoot; everything I love about him was there: his conversion to bi, his beautiful, graceful body, his quick responses, his instant sense of humor, his respect for the others. But they were all great. Corey has never been in a shoot I haven't liked him in, and in this one he was totally right up there on the Tyler level in a lot of categories. He gets a lot of points just for being turned rock-hard on the whole time. And Derrick, who always seemed like a good guy, but not a top 10 hottie, was awesome, so much cuter than ever before. Sorry to go on and on, but this was deffo one of my very absolute favorite epis.
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Slim, Tampa, and Jayce said it all. I would just to like to add my own spin to the video.

This was an awesome shoot. I really felt bad for Derek when I saw this at first. I could really see he wasn't enjoying it so much. :scared: I did talk to Derek when he cam to Club Z. He had asked me if his video aired where he was fucked. I told him no. He told me that it was an interesting experience. He said well you know for the right price anything is possible. I wish I had seen the video earlier. I would have asked more questions. Wow, he never told me he got fucked by two guys his first time out or that Tyler did the topping. He did say he was a little sore from it but it wasn't too bad all in all. I agree with Slim it was one of those kind of out of body moments. I was looking forward to seeing Corey mount the huge piece of meat that Derek sports.

Tyler has a pretty nice 8 inch tool of his own. And Derek did take it like a champ. I was very impressed by Derek’s ability to focus on the money and just let it happen. It was also great to see Corey out there topping. He is quite the man too... Great job. Derek kudos to you for taking two dicks in one day your first time out... Bless your heart...:001_smile:
It was an excellent video. All three guys are very hot. I just wish that Derrick had not completely shaved his pubic area. I think that Tyler has the perfect pubes. He looks the way a young man should look, (in my opinion). Corey is more "fem" than I prefer, and I was surprised to see him become such an aggressive top, but it was a very hot shoot. Thanks.

Tyler you lucky dog, you got Derrick's cherry. But DAMIT Dave I was hoping to see corey take that BIG DICK of Derrick's up his ass. maybe next time? But all in all great vid. Keep up the GREAT WORK!
I really don't have too much to add here. Everyone nailed just about everything I loved about this vid!!

Corey is just so darn cute and quick witted! I want to see much more of him!! He can top with the best of them!! Worked up a really nice sweat! I was hoping to see Corey bottom for Derrick. He seemed eager for that!

Derrick. I loved him from his solo. He is a beautiful man, with a fantastic dick! I thought he was DA MAN for taking all that cock!! I hope to see him back on the Futon one day.

Tyler. Slim absolutely described exactly what I love about him! Nothing to add there.

Jayce hit on the one thing I found so hot about Tyler's O. His little toes flexing and unflexing!!

Just a great vid!!

Thanks David and the whole Broke Straight Boys gang!!
Anyone notice Derek's knee's

His gf mustnt get a rest ...... for his knee's to look like this


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