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club hopping, Thursday, April 30, Barcelona


Oct 28, 2008
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I wish I could give you more specifics but here's what's up for our first night in Barcelona, Spain. We'll be working with a promoter, Gregory, in Spain. On Thursday, will be at various clubs. Once we land in Spain, if I get more details I'll post them here. Hopefully, we'll run in to some of the members on this club hopping event.
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Sorry I screwed up the day of the week. The boys hit the streets in Barcelona on Thursday, APRIL 30th. We went to Plata Bar in the heart of the city. Pics to come.........
Here are some pictures from last night...


  • barcelona (night 1) 004.jpg
    barcelona (night 1) 004.jpg
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  • barcelona (night 1) 011.jpg
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