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CBP: Shane and Austin


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Nov 2, 2008
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leeds england
Today's College Boy Physicals episode is a cracker - Bonfire night pun not intended. The consulting room has probably never had so much cum flying about at one appointment. I won't spoil it for you guys - just go and watch it... :tongue_smilie::001_smile:
It was great. Thanks for the heads up jon. Shane has the snaky "S" shaped pelvic thrust that orgasms are made of.
Jon thanks for the headsup. Since I heard ShaNe's name in last weeks update, I have been checking every couple of hours today for the update. I see it is Austin and ShaNe. it can't get any better. Just finished downloading.....
Wow thanks Jon for the heads up. Boy were you right, now that's a good fuck flick. In fact Webster's could post in their dictionary next to "Fuck", see Collage Boy Physicals. LOL They not only fucked, they fucked Good!:anal_smiley:
I am sorry but my puter just burnt up with that scene
Love Me Some Austin!

Any time Austin bottoms is a treat! He gives the impression that he hates liking it but his body betrays him each of the few times it's been caught on film!
OMG thanks Jon just brilliant, would love to hold Shane's arse while he fucked me like he was fucking Austin.
Shane is a dream, 10 out of 10 for that vid.
this is one of the best scenes I have ever witness. Austin on bottoms is just amazing.