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CBP - Ludo and Trent


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Nov 2, 2008
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leeds england
Hey check out this weeks College Boy Physicals update. Trent comes in to the room in a hot singlet with his uber hot pal Ludo. After some leg massage by the Doctor, Ludo gets to work on Trent's dick and wow it's a hot dick. Trent took absolutely ages to cum but at the end the Doctor has to go out to get a prescription, leaving the two hotties alone. I can't wait for next week's episode.
Ludo didn't disappoint, although I cam so quickly after the first finger went in, that I dont know how it ended. That for another time
I was kinda disappointed with this scene. It had so much potential but Ludo had a hard time getting hard. Of course if Eddie is thinking of retiring I think young Trent may be waiting in the wings to fill in.
I did like the second half of these two boys visit to the doctor's. I think both guys were really into it and I loved seeing Trent get all red as he worked on his "patient!" More of these two, please!