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Blake Savage@Jason


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Jul 18, 2010
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Great video guys keep up the good work you can tell that B lake was enjoying it and as always Jason you where great hope to see you too again together.:smiley-sex022::smiley-sex020::biggrin:
jason and Blake Savage made good scene.
not a fan of blake's, but could watch jason with anyone.
the camera work kept the action in sight.
I do really like Jason. And I think Blake is awesome. I liked the scene Jason was a bit inimate with the scene. I wish Blake was more involved I think he wants to be but wasnt given the chance. Blake was awesome in this scene.
Blake was wearing the same shirt he wore in his "Boys First Time" scene. Don't you guys pay them enough to buy a new t-shirt?????:confused:

Jason was great, but Jason and Kyler would have been better.:001_tt1:
Both Jason and Blake S look great. Jason was his ever charming self. I love to see that beautiful ass a-pumpin'! :dancingpenis: Great camera angles on this one, too. Would like to see more of Blake Savage. Jason never disappoints!:thumbup1:
a good kiss would have been the touch here. Maybe a redo beginning with a deep kiss next time.
They were great though and looked like they truely enjoyed it.
it was an ok sceen, more funny than anything.. :w00t:
Jason seems to have a great sense of humor, but talking to blake most have been like talking to a wall.. did that guy say anything at all??!
liked the kissing on the back part though.. hot :biggrin:
Not a bad scene. Jason looked hot with his bubble ass! I think Blake is a way better bottom then top (blake and Kyler). I really like Blakes hairy bush, very naturally manley for porn. Good job guys.
The Joy of Jason Sex

Both Jason and Blake S look great. Jason was his ever charming self. I love to see that beautiful ass a-pumpin'! Great camera angles on this one, too. Would like to see more of Blake Savage. Jason never disappoints!

Dear Swampyankee,

I don't know if it was just the camera angle or what, but the shot of Jason's beautifully rounded pristine ass slight jiggle as he pounded away at Blake was the icing on the cake. Don't try to convince me that man-on-man sex is not a
1.)thang of beauty and
2.)those silky-smooth angelic cheeks of Jason must be something to behold in the pink.

I don't think even Michelangelo's Statue of David in all of its glory could hope to portray anything more beautiful than Jason's pristine ass-cheeks-in-motion. What a tempting treat to watch from afar! What I gift for the ages truly worthy of geing shared and adored!(Sorry the limited numbers of pictures posted do not begin to do your glorious butt justice!) No Butts About It! It is in "a class of its own"!

Also, it was interesting that Blake's facial expression seemed overtaxed until Jason started getting to his prostate. Slowly, Blake's face twisted from discomfort began gradually relaxing as he was beginning to feel the pleasureable waves of sensations Jason's intense thrusting was producing. Blake's grimace gradually lead the way to much happier times.

As much as I enjoy seeing cum flying in the air landing on some bottom's chest, in this case I would have preferred Jason continued with plowing Blake's ass until Blake came first, even if Jason had already shot his hot load in the condom. I so look forward to seeing a bottom orgasm while his ass is filled to the max with the top's powerful cock. Cumming in a condom is what the thing was designed to do in the first place. So, rather than pausing to rip off the condom in mid-fuck, I suggest any condom-wearing top please remember it is ALWAYS okay to orgasm in "the tunnel of luv"!:001_rolleyes:

Now this is all settled, I gave this episode a "5" due to Jason's perky attitude, bubbly sense of humor, Jason's fucking abilities, and Jason's uniquely delicious and blemish-free "world-class" bubble butt. We needed Blake Savage to be "savaged" by being the recepticle of Jason's intoxicating gyrations, but I keep on coming back to the treasure represented by Jason Matthews, himself, to Broke Straight Boys fans.

Before leaving, I particularly appreciate and make mention of Jason's ability to maintain an full-blown erection while he is blowing his partner at the same time. Glad to see Jason is so "ambidextrous". By that I mean I am glad to see that Jason's other brain has so much computing power to allow him to give his partner's cock a "good licking" while Jason's own erect solder keeps on ticking.:001_tt2: Such an added treat to watch! Kudos to you, Jason!

Jason, thank you for your many gifts and talents!:smiley-sex022:

Sincerely appreciative,:w00t:

I think the rating says it best. While this episode with Jason and Blake S. was not the worst ever, it was certainly not in the ranks of best, not by a long shot. There were only minor moments of something, but the rest bordered on boring.

Jason, I love you, and I enjoy watching your young hot body. And you are a pretty damned good porn star, but I did not enjoy watching you play actor and director at the same time. Thank you for being creative and doing something different, but for me, this just didn't work. Maybe it was because of Blake S. He seemed kind of boring to me. I enjoyed watching him on BFT, but he was pretty lifeless here. Oh well.
Damn I loved this nice to see Blake try more than just sucking but instead of him fucking the dude got fucked and he took it well. I freaking laugh with Jason literally as he said welcome to the Jason Show I was like you know exactly what ya doing he is an awesome host to his firstimers :D, don't know why he said nope to ever doing anything with a guy ermm he sucked Darren and has been on Boys First Time, it is one thing to be on another site but to then lie on your main one also >:O.
This was still a hot scene though he was kinda terrible at the blow job he gave Jason though, he pretty much just sucked the head, his other hole did a much better job :p.
Freaking loved Jason inuendo of not liking whipped cream so went after the Cherry but not gonna lie I think someone got to Blake's Cherry first lol, he was enjoying Jason's cock so much, took that thing right in him loved the sound of Jason's balls slapping on Blake's ass lol, but ass of now Blake is hot but deffo not Straight lol
Jason was awesome as always. Blake was sorta just there but seemed to enjoy himself more toward the end. He really didn't show much emotion. Jason is absolutely NUMBER ONE in my book. Jason has become the Austin Grant of BSB2. Before someone jumps on that, he has surpassed Austin. For one thing as much as I liked Austin... he didn't have Jason's beautiful bod. Cumrag 27 said, "I don't think even Michelangelo's Statue of David in all of its glory could hope to portray anything more beautiful than Jason's pristine ass-cheeks-in-motion. " Include Jason's total bod not to mention the most beautiful face on Broke Straight Boys ever. Michelangelo's David Who?
Great job guys... and Jason you blow me away!
I don't know, guess it's me, thought the scene was very mediocore, the only saving element was Jason's peronality and humor...Blake seemed repulsed or at least awkard sucking Jason's dick (true sign of a straight boy, I guess); he looked like he was in pain and in discomfort through the whole fucking segment, took him forever to cum, and then at the end he said how great the experience was...to quote from the news bit segment on SNL: "really?"
Jason was beautiful as usual. Great job Jason. Not so much, Blake.I think his ass has been plowed many times before Jason got to it. The amazing part of the video was when Blake told a complete lie by saying he had never been with a guy. He has a short memory or he makes these movies and then thinks we don't watch them. Unbelievable!
Though this wasn't a great episode it wasn't for lack of trying. Jason went above and beyond to make this another one of his exceptional videos but as he mentioned elsewhere, Blake just wouldn't relax and let himself enjoy things. You could see Blake fighting against everything the entire time, which is too bad because he also has that "under the surface" look that makes me think that if he would just let go and trust in the person he's with that he would cross the line over into the total ecstasy zone. You know?

On another note, I'm not going to bring up the whole "this is my first time EVER with a guy" thing again like we've all done in the past. We all know by now that every time a guy on here makes that declaration that it's usually not worth the air that it was breathed with, but here's the thing: we know that Blake did a video for Boys First Time that was produced in March; and before that he started his first porn career on AustinZane.com and did nine episodes over there (and bottomed in one with the exact same uncomfortable facial expressions), but then it was announced on November 1st that he was officially signed to AustinZane as an "exclusive" model.

So what gives? I know the porn world is fleeting, but has it come to the point to where an exclusive contract is now worth only four months? At this rate these poor Broke Straight Boys will never be able to make a decent living or shop at Ikea! Good lord, say it isn't so!!!
I thougth this was a good scene. Jason was halarious and really made me laugh. He has a great sence of humor. Blake looked a little nervous at first, but toward the last half of the fucking I think he finally realized that it wasn't all bad and in fact maybe felt kind of good. To the camera man, Thanks for the great ass view of Blake just before being fucked. What a manly ass ready to be pounded by Jason. I enjoyed Blake most when being fuck on his back. He has such a nice treasure trail leading to a perfect bush and nice dick. I think Blake has a lot of potential and as always I loved Jason.
I love Jason so much as a lot of us do. But this scene didnt work for me at all. I hate when a scenes biggest problem is the model. Jason tried so hard but it was like he was fucking a corpse. Blake does zero for me nothing about him is attractive and I felt sorry that Jason was paired with him. I also want to point out that as much as I adore Jason I want to see him bottom again soon. Hes awesome at that to.