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Another college dudes problem!!!


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Jul 10, 2011
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Can you explain why the are a ton of guys who do solos and then don't come back, cant even find them on any other site. The solos on College Dudes are much hotter than solos on this site. The models are hotter and put on much better shows than here. It would be nice to get a response from someone who works for the site.
Gee, guy, to actually say that the dudes on Broke Straight Boys are lower on the pay scale than College Dudes really hurts deep down for this Broke Straight Boys aficionado. It may be the truth but it really hurts. But I'll be brave and keep my chin up. Go Broke Straight Boys!
I was kind of surprised that Mark said this too, like if a guy comes in to apply for a job, they look him over and say, you are hot, we offer you x amount of dollars. but if your looks are below that, we can pay you z amount to appear on Broke Straight Boys instead.

I guess we are the "low rent" neighborhood of Blu Media.

But from the free clips offered here, I am happier with the Broke Straight Boys models, than the muscle bound, polished, moaning and groaning, professional porn types there.

But I love Mark's honesty in answering the question.
I'm not trying to sound negative or anything, but I have watched a few scenes on college boys and really nothing different then what we get from our bonus sites. Where as Broke Straight Boys we get real next door every day type models. These I prefer anyway. They are more realistic to the Broke Straight Boys concept then the perfect clean cut model.
yesterday, in the doctor's office, i read about a study that showed that people who are considered above average in appearance are paid more over their lifetime than people who are below average.
i have long heard blonds, blue eyed boys tend to get more attention in classrooms.
mark has said before that College Dudes has high production cost. this is just first time he mentioned any of the cost centers.