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All time favorites


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Jun 2, 2010
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From most Broke Straight Boys/CPB favorite models followed-up, it is
known to me whether and where they also performed,
eventually otherwise credited.

From Maverick Strong and Danny however, I do not find
anything else.

Did they quit the business afterwards?Any information on
these guys is very welcome
People won't believe that I put Danny on my top 5 list before I read your post here. But I did. lol

Danny's family found out about his porn modeling and were none too pleased. There was drama. They convinced him to stop modeling. We can hope that he comes back to us one day. He had the perfect look for the All-American jock next door. Sigh...
Thank you so much for info.Me too I hope he will make a come back
one day.
Your appreciation of him is absolutely in accordance with mine.
He always performed with willingness whereby his shoots with
late Dustin Michaels in College Boy Physicals remain on my mind.If these guys
were not in love in real life that time, they sure knew how to
play it as actors!

You seem to be well informed and I wonder whether you know who,
besides Mike Roberts and Jason Crew,both started as Angel resp
Speedy with uncle Don Ross of the Body Shoppe,continued in
the business.I suppose that Pee Wee and Skylar were not
anywhere else?

Swallowcock/drew scott

He was hot indeed.Suppose you know he did some shoots as Drew
with Broke Straight Boys too(end 2006/Jan 2007);2 shoots in His first gay ex-
perience:Seducing TAVORS-upd Aug 12,2006 and Massaged by BRANDON-upd Nov 18,2008.

He worked for other studios as well credited as DREW SCOTT,3
that I know of:

RTK Productions(SOLO dvd on AEBN) and several shoots with
CD247 and Bad Puppy in 2007.

Just in case you would not know this.
Damn, how unfortunate. I knew Danny had stopped modeling, but not the reasons. I feel terrible for him. I know he must have gone through hell, and probably will for sometime yet. How sad. I put him on my list anyway because he was one of my all time favs.