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A Gay story i found


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Apr 13, 2009
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Sunny Australia.
Austin and Kevin

So Austin a reeeealy strait guy i know that is bi. But he doesnt want to believe that. He had some gay experiences in his Freshmen and sophomore years, but he thinks hes over it now. Thats not so true. Then theres me Kevin, about 5'7 average emo kid. This is a true story.

Austin, about 5'11, sandy brown hair and thin lips, muscular with just a little layer. Hes angry all the time and is violent to anyone who pisses him off. Hes a real dick, but hes my friend and i think hes just super cute. Then theres me Kevin, about 5'7 average emo kid, black hair, green eyes with just a little bit of muscle, not that much..

Austin has been knowing i was gay for a while now. He doesnt like to talk about the gay things he did before cuz he doesnt want to be gay. Ive told him i liked him but he just tells me to get over it ha. But i know that he still likes me, even in the least bit. then one day things changed.

It was a friday, we were in the band hall with some freinds. I was talking to KT about nirvanna or something and Austin was just standing there lookin pissed as usual. Then KT left i we were there alone. (nobody goes in there on fridays).

So i go to the bathroom and Austin walks in a little after me. Me and Austin always joke around with these gay jokes, stuff like when he looks angry with his arms crossed, i say "Thats how he looks after we have hate sex", and "Austin.. why do you always look like that when your in my ass". He never takes them seriously but apparently that day i went too far for him.

So hes using the urinal and im washing my hands. I look over at Austin and say "so Austin... wanna show me what your holdin there" He says "dude fuck off". "Oh you would like that huh sexy". "Yeah sure whatever faggot". "Yeah whatev bitch". So then he goes and washes his hands i cant help but to look down to see a boner pokin up. "Oh wow Austin i can make you horny just bein near you lol". He looks at me with a serious face, that dude-im-gonna-beat-your-ass look.

"Sorry...". "... its fine..its just... whatever". "no no go ahead im listening". He looks at me and sighs. "Dammit im so fuckin confused rite now UGH!" "About what exactly?" "I dont.. know...how i feel about you". "Oh... uhhh".

He gets close to me and out of nowhere he kisses me. Strait up kisses me and pulls me towards him. Im just there just in shock not doing anything like an idiot thinking, "omfg is this really happening to me!?" He pulls away and rite after he puts his hands on his head and says, "god wtf am i doing im not fuckin gay!" "Austin.. come on we talked about this before, your bi". he sighs, "god... i hate how you make me feel this way...". "And what way is that?" "... I care about you way too much". "HAHA yeah suure". "No, dude.. i know im always mean to u and hit you and crap but.. i do care about you... but... im not supposed to feel this way". "Austin... thats the sweetest thing i ever heard haha...".

"Alright", he says. "what?". "Ok, can you come over tonight please?" "Oh uh yeah sure".

So that night im in my room and nervous as hell. God i would give anything to be with that boy. wow i cant believe this is happening. i dreamed about being with Austin soo long. That muscular but soft body wrapped around me. His warm mouth surround my cock. Everything i ever dreamed about coming true.

So about 7 im gettin ready to head out the door but i hear a car outside and a door opens then gets slammed shut. Its Austins honda. Im thinkin "omg why is he over here! crap crap crap!"

So instead of knocking on the door he just walks in. "Austin what are you doing here?" "Dammit its been in my head too long and i cant wait anymore!" He grabs me and kisses me then lets go. "Fuck me rite now, i want your fuckin dick in me now". He drags me into the living room (thank god my parents went to dallas for the weekend). He throws me on the couch and gets on top of me. "Austin wait please". "what?". "I have to know how you feel about me first". "kevin im fuckin in love with you without a doubt.. I want to be with you, im tired of trying to deny that im gay for you." "oh wow Austin.. that was pretty gay of you haha". He playfully punches me and smiles then kisses me roughly.

"Austin.. fuck mee!!" He laughs then starts taking off my shirt (more like ripping) then i get on top of him and starts kissing his hard chest. He takes off his shirt and starts taking off his belt. I get on my knees and finish taking them off. When i pull down his pants, his huge boner is pulling his tight boxers off him.

I pull them down and see his huge 7 1/2 by 3inch dick and Austin says "Suck me kevin suck me hard!!" I turn my head sideways and lick the base of his cock. I place my mouth on it completely massaging it with my tongue as i go up. He moans loudly slowly starting to thrust his hips. I get to his head and gently go around the circumference with my tongue. "GOD JUST SUCK ME ALREADY PLEASE!!!" "HAHA ok babe!"

I shove his dick down my mouth sucking down every inch. I gag just a little as he starts thrusting quickly. His thick wet cock going in and out of my mouth. "OH GOD THIS IS FUCKIN AMAZING!" I get up and grab his cock stoking it while i kiss him. "I think this big guy needs a friend." Austin gets down and doesnt even try to take off my belt. He uses those bulging biceps to pull them down like nothin and rips off my boxers. "wow Austin this aggressiveness makes me rock hard!" He starts stroking my 7 by 2 1/2 and quickly licks it up and down reapeadedly. I get up and push him down. I look down at him admiring that amazing body of his then get on top of him. I put my hands on his broad chest and he grabs his pulsing monster and slowly slids it in my virgin hole. I never been with a guy long enough to get to this point and people say that it hurts in the beginning but not for me.

This sensation was amazing. His hard wet pulsating cock in my ass rubbing my prostate was heaven. I begged him for more and he started thrusting up to shove it harder in me. "HOLY FUCK IM GONNA CUM!!" I grabbed Austins chest almost clawing into him if i had nails. "GOD KEVIN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH." (I almost cried when he siad that). I felt his ass starting to tighten and then it came. Load after hot load Austin blew his hot cup in me and started bursting out. He moaned loudly and then i felt it coming. It was soooo freakin hot that i was about to cum. So i quickly got off of him and positioned him on the side of the couch.

He said "come on put your cock in me baby." So i grabbed my cock and shoved it inside his hole. He moaned and so did i. I held his sides and started thrusting him hard. I was still recovering from the ass beating he just gave me but it felt so amazing. These sensations coming from the front and behind. It felt like he was still inside me. I could feel his abs contracting when i started groping them. I was about ready to come and i said "Austin im gonna spray this load all over you" and he said "Oh please fuckin do, i want your cum". I couldnt hold it in any longer so i pulled it out and shot a load so hard it got in his hair and face then it started getting on his chest and abs. I climbed on top of him and kissed him with all that cum in his mouth and he swirled it between us.

He looked at me and said, "For this... i promise i will never be mean to you again lol, instead youll get this" he kisses me slowly and pationatly for about a minit. "wow Austin i love you" "Gah! FUCK THAT! I love you 50 times more fuckin bitch!"

After that we started goin out. Now its been about 3 three years now. HEHE!!
Kosher Meat

Damian checked the apartment number on his job sheet, then rapped on the door. It was shortly opened by a cute blond-haired twink. Damian looked at his clipboard, then said “Uh, you have a plumbing issue?”.

The blond nodded. “Sure, let me show you.” He led Damian into the kitchen, and opened the cupboard doors under the sink. “The trap is cracked, and leaking.” Damian could see a slow leak dripping into a bucket from the brass trap.

“Uh yeah, easy fix”, he said, opening his toolbox and pulling out a wrench and an ABS trap. He crouched down and put his wrench on the trap.

He glanced in the adjacent living room and saw a Jewish guy on the floor on his stomach playing something on Playstation. He had an embroidered yarmulke on his dark hair, and curled peyos hung down his face, though Damian didn't know the Orthodox long curly sideburns were called peyos.

“Um, can I ask you a question?”, the blond boy asked. Damian grunted. The blond twink continued “Uh, I'm just curious and all. You being black. Um, is it true that you guys are all hung as hell?”.

Damian stopped, sat up and laughed. He looked the long-haired twink up and down, pausing at his crotch, which the blond was rubbing. “You show me yours, I'll show you mine,” he challenged. The blond boy didn't hesitate, unzipping his shorts and pulling his cock out of his red bikini briefs. He pulled the foreskin slowly off his swollen cockhead, a bead of precum leaking from his cockslit.

Damian's eyes opened wide, and he licked his lips. He slowly unbuttoned his coveralls, then pulled his semihard black cock out of his tighty whities. The blond eagerly grabbed the black fuckpole, and stroked it fast in his fist, making it swell to full size.

“O fuck, Joshua would love this thing!” he exclaimed, motioning to his Playstation-playing friend in the next room.

Thinking of his yarmulke and his peyos, Damian started “But, isn't he...”.

“Religious?” finished the blond fucker. “Nah, he's a total little cock slut. You'll see.” He called “Hey Josh, I got something to show you!”. He grinned wickedly.

“James, what is it?”, Joshua replied. He had a slight accent, having grown up in Israel.

“C'mon, you'll like it”, James replied, stroking his tool.

Joshua reluctantly wandered in, but his eyes widened when he saw Damian's turgid cock spilling out of his coveralls. “Hey you little fucker, I told this guy you are a cock slut. C'mon you fucker!”, James shouted at Joshua. He grabbed his friend and pulled down his shorts and briefs. He pushed him to the kitchen floor on his back, and grabbed a bottle of olive oil from the counter. He grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs back, rolling his asshole into view. He poured the olive oil over his balls, letting it stream down his ass crack, pooling in the dimple of his boycunt. He pushed an oiled finger into the Jewish twink's asshole, twisting around and making the twink writhe.

He stripped himself naked, and oiled his cock, then positioned himself between Joshua's legs and eased himself into the slut's boypussy. Damian watched in disbelief, stroking his horny cock. Joshua moaned softly, but his hard cock showed he was enjoying the hard ass-fucking his friend was giving him.

James pulled his greasy cock out of Joshua, and rolled over onto his back. Grinning at Damian, the black dude stroking his big cock in his hand, he asked “Wanna try Josh?”. The Israeli twink was wide-eyed looking at Damian's meat, wishing it was deep inside him.

Damian pulled off his coveralls, and kicked off his white briefs, leaving his big black cock bouncing in front of him. He kneeled down between Joshua's legs. Taking hold of his thighs, he pulled the twink's white ass back onto his cock. Joshua was breathing deep and fast as the thick black meat slid into his boy cunt. Once he was deep inside him, he started fucking him slowly, Joshua's legs wrapped around his waist. He felt so manly, fucking this other man, felt so aroused with this man offering his ass to him. He started fucking harder, wanting to breed this pussy boy, bury his black seed deep inside.

James was stroking his meat, watching Damian fuck his friend's ass. He needed to fuck so badly. He crawled between the legs of the two fuckers, and put his cock under Damian's balls, aimed at Joshua's ass. He pushed his cock forward, and felt his foreskin pulled into Joshua'a ass by Damian's cock. He pushed in further, and felt his cockhead disappear into Joshua's pussy, dragged in by Damian's cock. He pushed deeper, and now his cock was buried inside Joshua. Damian's fuckpole was rubbing his cock, almost like jacking him off. He put his hands on Damian's shoulders, and gritted his teeth. Then suddenly he was coming, his jizz lubing Damian's cock thrusting into Joshua's ass.

Damian felt James' spooge squirting against his cock. He loved double-fucking this cum slut, and he loved the slippery feeling of sliding into Joshua's ass with James' cum. James pulled out, and Damian hammered harder and harder, turned on by thinking about his cock sliding in another man's cum.

He pulled out of Joshua, and flipped him over on his stomach, spread his legs, and slammed into him. He drove in as deep as he could, then pulled out, his cockhead popping out of the tight boyhole. Then he drove in again, driving his cherrybuster past the fuckhole, deep in again. Again and again.

James was hard again, watching the hot fucking before him. He was stroking hard, straddling the two fuckers, watching Damian's black pole plunge between Joshua's smooth white ass cheeks, listening how the Jewish boy gasped each time his ass was filled with black manmeat.

James exploded, watching Damian hammer Joshua's ass. He streamed white jizz over Damian's back, laying down long lines of boy wad on the black fucker's back. His body shook as he came, his legs suddenly feeling wobbly under him. He stood panting, his cock dripping his seed onto Damian's thrusting body.

Damian felt the hot wetness of James' spooge cascading over his back. It intensified the sensation of filling the Jewish boy's fuckpussy with his swollen black cock. He slammed harder into Joshua's hot body, wanting to fuck him harder and bigger than the sexy cock slut had ever felt.

When he came, his balls erupted, blasting hot wads of manseed up the sexy Israeli's boypussy, breeding him with black boyjuice. Joshua felt him, felt every squirt of his black cream, and now his body responded, spasming, spraying his own boyjuice on the floor, covering the carpet with juicy Jewish manseed.

It wasn't over for Damian. His black cock was still twitching, not yet sated. He lifted the cum soaked twink to his feet, and pushed him against the balcony window. Joshua's cummy cock left a greasy stain on the glass as Damian pushed him from behind, caressing his smooth buttocks. Damian fingered his asshole, and drew away with a jizzy glob of cum dripping from his hole, then fed it to the Israeli cum slut. Joshua eagerly gobbled it down, tasting the salty intermingling of James' and Damian's boyseed. Damian's cock was stiffening, turned on by the fuckslut's depravity. He curled his fingers in Joshua's peyos and ground his cock against Joshua's ass cheeks. He dropped his hands to Joshua's hips and pressed his cockhead against the Jewish boy's boycunt, and forced himself in.

James lubed his fingers with olive oil, and slid them down Damian's thrusting asscrack, then found his boyhole and pushed inside. Damian grunted and said “You better not be thinking about what I'm thinking you're thinking about!”. James ignored him and pushed in further, and as his fingertips brushed past Damian's joy spot, the black fucker's body shuddered, and his cock swelled bigger than he thought it could, spreading inside Joshua's tight little ass. James was twisting his fingers deep inside Damian, and the sexy African was squirming, skewering the hot Jew in front of him, skewered by the hot blond behind him. He felt the heat of a blush thinking he wanted more than fingers inside him; he wanted that white uncut cock sliding into him, filling him like he was filling this other twink.

James poured olive oil over his throbbing shaft. Mesmerized by the sight of Damian's sweaty round black buttocks hammering into his friend Joshua, his cock was leaking precum, mixing with the oil he'd lubed his cock with. He gripped Damian's hips, and let his cock slide between his legs, his cockhead rubbing against his black balls, feeling them slam against Joshua's ass. He slid the rockhard member back along Damian's asscrack, then found the dimple that revealed Damian's black boyhole.. He pushed it in, the head breaching the black dude's hole. “No, no, no,” whispered Damian. James pushed his hips forward, driving his cock deep into Damian, violating his boycunt. “Uh, yeah, yes,” Damian whimpered, his black cherry busted, feeling a man inside him for the first time ever. Now every time he pulled out of Joshua, he impaled himself on James. He shivered with the exquisite pleasure of being so intimately connected with two men at the same time ? plus seeing his dark black cock sliding into a white ass, and knowing a white cock was sliding into his dark black ass.
He thrust harder and faster, loving how Joshua's silky ass massaged his cock, how James ass filled his ass, stroking his joy spot. It didn't take long before he felt another climax coming. It started in his balls, but spread instantaneously through his body. His ass clamped around James' cock, his nuts seeding the Israeli's tight boytwat. James felt the black boy's mancunt tighten on his cock, and he started shooting his seed inside Damian. Joshua felt the climaxes of the other men explode, and he closely followed, his seed painting salty streaks on the balcony window.

The sweaty trio fell apart, Joshua collapsing in an armchair, Damian and James falling on their backs on the floor. The three men couldn't believe the hot fuck they'd just had. Damian in particular couldn't believe that he'd just been fucked by a man. He stroked his soft cum slicked cock, and felt it twitch. He rolled over and looked at Joshua sitting in the chair, his legs spread. His belly was still wet with cum, his cut cock looking inviting. He moved himself over, and buried his face in Joshua's crotch, swallowing his cock. Joshua moaned, and draped his legs over Damian's shoulders. Damian sucked his Jewish cock until he was hard, then grabbed his legs and pushed them back, rotating Joshua to reveal his asshole. His pink ass was drooling cum. Damian dove in to lick up the spooge leaking from his pussy, two-thirds black manseed, one-third white jizz. Joshua moaned and rotated his hips, loving his hole being tongued. Damian felt his cock stiffening, turned on by the insatiable cock slut. He yanked the Jew forward, and kneeling pushed his cock into his drooling boy pussy. It slid in easily, lubed by three boy loads. He started swinging his hips, driving his raging black cock into the tight boyhole.

James was aroused watching the black cock penetrating Joshua's tight white boytwat. He stroked his cock to full hardness, then moved behind the black fucker. He wasn't gentle, he shoved himself into the black fuckhole. He knew he wouldn't last long, he loved how Damian's ass wrapped around his cock, massaging his boymeat. Plus he loved watching Damian fuck his friend Joshua, an ass he'd enjoyed for so long.

He lasted about ten strokes in the sexy black fucker's boypussy before he started shooting a second load in his ass. Damian gave a little gasp that let him know he knew he was breeding his black boycunt. James gasped himself, thinking this was the sexiest lay ever. He wanted more than anything to feel Damian cum beneath him, blast his load in his friend Joshua.

He didn't have to wait long. Whether it was this Jewish twink submitting totally to him, three times, or being dominated and ass-raped by this blond boy, Damian was about to have the climax of a lifetime.

Damian's whole body shuddered as his orgasm began. He kept thrusting into Joshua's cock-hungry hole, the well-lubed fuckchute massaging his spasming cock. He let out a low roar as he squirted his creamy load into the Jewish twink, filling his boycunt with a third serving of black manseed.

Joshua's pulse was racing, loving the bulk of the black cock stretching his ass. The sweat was dripping off Damian's muscular body onto him, and he felt the hot spurts in his ass as Damian's balls pumped his jizz inside him. The sight of Damian's muscles flexing as he thrust inside him, the feeling of his wiry pubes rubbing his ass, the wet shots of heat inside his boypussy, James' white hands on Damian's black hips as the spent blond's cock twitched in the black fucker's ass, all brought Joshua to the edge. His velvety ass spasmed about Damian's thrusting cock, and he busted his nut messily on his stomach and chest, thick threads of gooey jizz tracing across his body. The two men shot their final wads simultaneously, and Damian collapsed on Joshua's body, James collapsing on top of Damian, his cock still in Damian's tight black ass. The only thing keeping four loads of manjuice streaming out of Joshua's ass and down his thighs was Damian's softening cock.

Damian looped his fingers in Joshua's peyos, and stroked his face, then kissed him. He scooped Joshua's load of his belly, then tasted it. He grabbed Joshua's softening cock in his fist and said “Love that kosher meat.”

James reached between Damian's legs and pulled his cock out of Joshua's ass. “We love that dark meat.” Joshua nodded
The Good Doctor

I felt like shit, my nose was running, my throat was scratchy sore and every bone in my body ached. Unfortunately Jason felt even worse than I did and had settled down into two basic modes; the first was twisting in my arms and trying to get me to put him down and of course as soon as he was standing on the floor he wanted me to pick him up again. The second was just to lie in my arms trying to breath through his stuffed nose and not saying anything, just looking pathetic.

“Dad, I wanna go home.”

I smiled at him. “We’re way to sick to go home. You especially. Besides Dr. Malvic is gonna make you feel all better.”

Jason twisted in my arms again and buried his face in my chest while he hung onto my tie. “You sick too, Dad?”

“Yeah, not as bad as you but I’m sick too, Jason.”

“He’s not gonna hurt me is he, Dad?” His voice was faint and plaintive as only a sick little boys voice can be.

“No but you may have to have a shot.” Jason started to whine. “Jason, I might have to have one too. And they don’t feel any better when you’re old. Anyway, you’ve had shots before and you didn’t die or anything.”

I had my topcoat on and a muffler and I still felt cold. Jason felt like a blast furnace. There’s something about your kid being sick that is fundamentally gut wrenching. Dads are suppose to be able to make bad stuff go away but I felt like I’d be lucky to make it through the rest of the day. Fortunately at that moment the nurse came over and knelt down next to me.

She gave Jason a pitiful lopsided, “I’m sorry your sick,” smile. Then turning to me she said. “Mr. Cortland, Dr. Malvic is totally jammed up but if you would be willing to see Dr. O’Connor I can get you right in. I know that he’s not your regular doctor but the whole city is sick.” I had never even laid eyes on Dr. O’Connor and the only thing that I knew about him was the he was new and yet there was something else nagging at the back of my mind about him.

“Right now I’d talk to the janitor if he had graduated from medical school, actually even if he was just the janitor at a medical school. Can he see us right away?”

“Yep.” She held out her arms for Jason. “Just come with me.” Jason laid his head on her shoulder in a way that twisted my heart and I wondered for the millionth time what it was costing him not to have a mom.

We walked past the scale that she always weighed everyone on and she said that she’d worry about that next time we came in. We really looked like hell. I wanted to just lean against the wall of the corridor and sleep.

She got us settled in a room and I tried interesting the little blast furnace in a small plastic toy from a box of them but he was having none of it and was back in my lap in seconds.
We were both kind of dozing off in a fever-induced haze when the doctor knocked on the door and then walked in.

All that I could think of was how the fuck can he look so good when I feel so lousy? He had blond hair, falling slightly over his forehead, which of course accented his gorgeous blue eyes. Fuck, I look like I’ve been dragged behind a car for about six blocks. It didn’t fucking matter. He could have been Brad Pitt, I was too fucking sick to care, well a lot anyway.

Suddenly we’re getting this really big smile from his chiseled features. “Hi Mr. Cortland. Nice seeing you again.”

“Again?” I wanted to lie down and sleep for about a year.

His hands were already moving smoothly around Jason’s throat. He whipped out a flashlight and tongue depressor. “Yeah, the block party. We had a beer together.” He ran his hand through Jason’s hair and then quickly shoved the tip of one of those thingies they use for checking out ears. He was fast and confident and he had the thing in and out of Jason’s ears before he realized that it was happening to him.

“Jason, can you open your mouth for me? I have to use this little piece of wood to hold your tongue down so that I can see your throat. Okay?”

Idiot, idiot, idiot!!! I just remembered!! This guy had just moved in two doors down from me.

Jason nodded a tentative yes.

Dr. O’Connor moved quickly, apparently realizing that Jason’s permission was a sometime thing. Within seconds he had checked out his throat, grabbed a swab and rubbed it for a split second in Jason’s throat, called the nurse handed her the swab with instruction and turned his attention to me.

I said. “You’re my new neighbor.” Duh! I could probably get him to sign commitment papers for me at this rate.

“Don’t look so stricken. You feel like crap and my guess is that you’ve felt this way for a couple of days.” Me smiled at me. “Not all cylinders are firing.” He reached over and tugged lightly at my tie. “You mind? You’ve got your hands full with Jason and I need this open.”

Maybe it was the flu that seemed to be eating its way through my brain but I no longer seemed to be able to put together sentences and I really didn’t care.

He pulled my tie loose and then undid the top button on my shirt. Was it my fevered brain reading too much into this or did he do this more slowly than normal?

His hands were warm and moved slowly on my throat feeling for swollen glands. I don’t think that it took much searching even to me they felt like baseballs.

“Hmmm. Some pretty good swelling here. Open your mouth.” He did the same thing to me that he did to Jason.

He pitched everything that was disposable, washed his hands and sat down at his desk. “Well, pretty much you two have got the same thing. We won’t be sure till the cultures come back but I’m thinking strep throat and in Jason case an ear infection too.”

He rummaged through the desk drawers and then got up and pulled some things out of a cabinet. “Take these. When you get home I want you to take a whole one and Jason a half of one. Here’s a prescription and you can get it filled tomorrow. This stuff will last you till then. In the meantime you need to sleep”

I must have given him a “you gotta be kidding,” look because he said. “Really! I mean it! The thing you need most now is sleep. The pills are gonna make Jason even sleepier than he is now so take advantage of it.” He looked me directly in the eyes. “No work tomorrow! Got that? Rest, or this is gonna get a lot worse.” He pulled my shirt closed and for a moment there I just wanted to lay my head on his chest.

Looking at me he said. “Do you have someone to take care……………………” Then he seemed to remember something.

“Sorry. Do the best you can. The most important thing is to stay in bed. I realize that that will be easier for Jason than for you.” It occurred to me that the neighbor who lived between us was Eleanor Benson. Eleanor was a dear lady of seventy something who knew absolutely everything that went on within a fifteen-block radius and used every opportunity to pass the information on to whoever would listen. Obviously from his reaction she had already told him that my wife was dead.


I really don’t know how the hell I got out of bed the next morning. I did feel better but that was just marginally better than death. The thing is that the doorbell was ringing. As I passed the bathroom I decided that whoever it was deserved to die but I wasn’t sure that I had the strength.

When I opened the door it took me a few seconds to realize that it was him. For one thing he was wearing faded blue jeans a blue check shirt and a tan leather windbreaker. The white lab coat was nowhere to be seen. He lifted up a large pot that he had it his hands.

“Soup. I figured that you wouldn’t have time……………..or strength to cook. This is beef barley…………..kinda my specialty.” He smiled. “Make you strong like bull.” A phony Russian accent that made me smile.

I kept pushing out of my mind the fact that I looked like shit. “Come on in, Doc. You make soup for all your patients?”

“Only if they live close. You get like a mile away and you’re outta luck.”

As we were walking towards the kitchen I said. “You’ll stay for coffee? I’m desperate for adult conversation.” I turned and looked at him. “No work today?”

“Would you believe that I’ve worked the last twelve days straight? Everyone has the flu but even doctors get a day off every once in a while.”

Did I mention that those faded and worn jeans really accentuated his hard little butt and packed crotch? I was trying not to think about it. I hadn’t shaved, I hadn’t showered, I felt totally grubby, well actually grubby and sick.
“Sit down, Doc. I’ll make us some coffee.” Something occurred to me. “I can’t keep calling you Doc. It’s reminds me of my grandfather.”

I sat at the table facing him. “He used to call everyone Doc so that he didn’t have to remember their names.”

He looked up from the table, those eyes hit and some weird chemistry was happening, like seeing a star being born out of the nothingness, one moment there was dark empty space and the next thing you knew there was this bright twinkling light. He smelled of soap.

I set a couple of coffee mugs on the table and sat back down all the while continuing to look into his eyes. “We should have this in a moment.”

He reached over the table and felt my forehead. “My name is Peter but I also answer to Pete.” He smiled and showed the most incredibly white teeth. “Your not as hot as you were yesterday.” I missed his hand when he took it away.

I laughed at the double meaning and said. “Gimme a break, Pete, I haven’t even had a chance to shower.”

I got up and walked over to the counter to get our coffee and when I turned back I saw Jason climbing up onto Pete’s lap.

“My God! He never does that!”

Pete had one hand on Jason’s forehead and the other checking for swollen glands. I guess you can’t turn off being a doctor. He looked at me and smiled. “Kids have always liked me.”

When a guy is sitting down and wearing faded old jeans his cock and balls have a way being pushed up against the fabric and the fabric is always faded even more in that particular spot. Just looking at it you know how soft the old denim would feel.

I threw a piece of bread in the toaster for Jason and asked Pete. “What can I do to thank you for the soup…………and to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Can you cook?”

“Pot roast or sweet and sour pork. So far those two have gotten me by. I’m really good at ordering in restaurants though.” I put butter and jelly on Jason’s toast and then cut it into three triangles like he likes. “And besides immediate evidence to the contrary I clean up pretty well.”

I set the plate with the toast on it within Jason reach. “Careful that he doesn’t get that jelly on you.”

Pete looked up at me and grinned. “I don’t worry about stuff like that.” Whamo!!! That chemistry thing again. “When you deal with sick people all day you learn to tune out the little stuff.”

Did I have a “This Man is Gay Even Though He Used to Be Married and has a Little Boy” sign on me? I may be sick and god knows occasionally stupid but even I in the pathetic state that I was in knew when someone was coming on to them. No! Gotta be Eleanor. So she put things together. Well she has all day every day to sit and think about her neighbors and if you really did think about it me being gay wouldn’t have been such a total stretch.

Jason took a bite of toast and twisted his head and looked up at Pete. “Am I still sick?”

Pete smiled down at him. “Yep, still a little bit sick, you better take it easy today.”

Then with a more serious look on his face. “Well, I better get going.” He looked from Jason to me. “My prescription still stands. Sleep!”

I got up with him. “Ah………..so how about Friday……….for dinner?”

Pete was pulling on his jacket and then flashed those eyes at me. “Sounds good if we can make it sevenish. I have to work that day but I could be here by then.”


After a fast shower and even faster shave I threw on some sweats, grabbed a heavy blanket and went into the family room with Jason. “Watcha doin Buddy?”

“Watchin TV, Dad.”

I pulled the cushions off of the sofa and wrapping the blanket around me I laid on my side against the cushions and watched television with Jason. After a little while Jason edged backwards until he was leaning against my chest and I pulled the blanket over the both of us. After a bit he turned and looked up at me.

“Will we see Doctor O’Connor again.”


“Even if I get well?”

End of school fun in Sydney

This is the story of my final year in high school and my first time with another guy. I had a great group of mates in high school, we would spend all weekend together drinking (underage) in clubs and pubs, smoking pot, camping out on the beach or rally driving up in the logging forests. Most Friday and Saturday nights we would spend drinking huge amounts of beer and playing pool at the local returned servicemans club, then all stay at someones house afterwards (playing cards and watching movies untill we crashed out). We were all into surfing and camping (as most young aussie guys are), they knew I was gay because I had told them one drunken night and it was never really an issue for anyone I guess mostly because I have always been a very straight kinda popular guy, always the class clown. Of course they would jokingly give me crap about it occasionally, but never anything serious. I had always known I was attracted to guys, but at that stage had limited myself to just my imaginary love affairs with the hot surfie guys at school (and of course checking out the bulge that those private school pants always seem to provide).

One of my closest mates was Paul, who I pretty much fell in love with the minute I met him, he was beautifull with the most stunning blue eyes and light brown hair. Even though I definitely always had a hard on for him I had resigned myself to just looking as he had a serious girlfriend he had been with for several years and they were very close. We hung out a lot at his place as his mother was pretty easy going and would let us do pretty much anything we wanted. Paul had 2 younger brothers who went to a boarding school in the country, as a result I had never met either of them.

This particular Friday night I was at Pauls place after school and we were getting ready to go to the club to meet the other guys for a few beers when his mother arrived home from the railway station where she had picked up his younger brothers who were coming home for the Easter holidays. I didnt pay too much attention to what was going on untill they walked in the front door and I saw Anthony. He was definitely one of the cutest guys ive ever seen. He was quite short (about 5’6”), golden blonde hair blue eyes, a fantastic surfers tan and had quite a broad muscular kind of build. He was stunning and had the most fantastic friendly smile, his whole face literally beamed when he smiled. He introduced himself, dropped his bag on the floor and shook my hand (smiling even more widely as we shook hands). I felt a kind of buzzing feeling in my stomach as I smiled back in a slightly embarressed way.

Paul interrupted the moment saying “c’mon dude.. we gotta go”, so with that we said goodbye and headed off for the club, telling his mum we would be back pretty late. As we walked we talked and joked around as usual, but I kept thinking about Anthony. Later into the night as the beers flowed and the night rolled on I had pretty much forgotten about him when the call for last drinks came over the PA system. So as we finished up last drinks and decided where we were all going back to Pauls place afterwards (as his place usually had plenty of spare beds due to his brothers being at boarding school), but we had all forgotten they werent at boarding school now. We finally arrived at Pauls and all stumbled inside to find Anthony on the lounge watching MTV, he was pretty much plastered (his mum had gone out on a date and he had been into the home bar since she had left). So we opened up a large bottle of JD that had been hiding in Pauls room and set up the kitchen table for a seaonce (which we sometimes did when we were drunk). Anthony had never seen one before so he was very keen to join in (Paul wasnt keen for his little brother to be hanging with us), but I stood up for him and Paul finally gave in and let Ant join us.

He sat beside me and kept nudging me with his elbow in a cute but mildly annoying and childish way, but he was very funny because he was so drunk. After a few hours it was starting to get a bit boring so Paul said he was going to bed and asked who was sleeping where. Raymond immediately said he was taking the spare bed in Pauls room which left me to either sleep on the lounge or the spare bed in Anthonys room, so I opted for the spare bed in Ants room. Paul said goodnight and stumbled into his room, not long after Raymond said goodnight and followed, leaving just me and Anthony to finish off the bourbon. I went out onto the verandah for a smoke, it was summer and still quite warm even though it was 4am and Anthony followed me outside and asked for a cigarette. We sat together on the step talking while we smoked, I finished mine and lit another one, Anthony finished his and flicked it out into the night. He said he was getting a bit tired and was off to bed, I said I wouldnt be too much longer and sat to finish my cig. After I finished I flicked it out into the yard and walked inside and locked the door. All the bedrooms were upstairs except for Anthonys room which was downstairs (I knew where it was as I had slept in his bed lots of times when he was at boarding school), although I had never realised I was sleeping in a very hot boys bed. I got downstairs and opened his bedroom door, walked inside and closed the door behind me.

He was already in bed with his shirt off, he had broad well tanned shoulders and nice natural pecs which gave me a bit of a hard on. I stripped my shirt off and pulled my jeans off (almost falling over), he must of noticed the bulge in my white CK briefs because as I threw my jeans in the corner and turned back he seemed to be checking me out and smiling more than usual. As I slid myself into the spare bed he said jokingly that he wasnt used to sleeping alone after being at boarding school, I asked if he normally shared his bed with his room mates and he winked at me with a sly smile and said sometimes. “So do you want me to join you?” I asked, expecting him to say he was only joking, but he just nodded his head slyly. So I jumped out of the spare bed and slid into Anthonys bed beside him. He was so warm and smooth, I put my arm under his head and we lay together silently, me caressing his muscular shoulder and arm, and him playing with one of my nipples. After about 15 minutes of just lying in eachothers arms and enjoying eachothers warmth we hadnt touched or seen eachothers cocks and I was going crazy with horniness, and I could tell Ant was too because his free hand kept going under the sheets and adjusting himself and my cock was pounding with anticipation, all I could think about was tasting his hot young cum, and filling him with mine. I felt a bit guilty because he was my best mates little bro, although I kept telling myself its okay because hes old enough to know what he wants (and I got the distinct impression he wasnt new to this.. boarding school in Australia is well known for boy on boy fun). As i was tossing all of these thoughts around in my head Ant suddenly sat himself up and disappeared under the sheets, then I felt my briefs being pulled down around my feet and a fantastic warm feeling around my cock which was now straining to full. His head was moving up and down like an expert and his warm hand cupping my balls while his other hand rubbed up my abs and across my chest. I was moaning slightly, rubbing his back and feeling his beautifully defined lats. He was basically hairless except for around his cock which was cut and about the same size as mine (7” and quite thick), although his dick when hard stood up a lot stiffer than mine (making him look quite boyish and very hot).

He continued sucking on my rod while he moved his ass around to face me (69 position) and his dick was only inches from my mouth, I grabbed his perfectly smooth white ass and pulled him down so i could get his cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue around his smooth warm throbbing knob and down his fat shaft as he moaned softly, sending vibrations down my own dick and making me shiver. His body was turning me on so much, so beautifully defined, yet so young and soft and warm. He stopped and spun around, sitting on my chest with his rock hard dick facing me, he said “fuck Matt... I didnt realise you were so hot and so much fun.. Paul talked about you sometimes but I had no idea what I was missing at home”.. And I admitted to him that I had slept in his bed and jerked off lots of times, he was kind of happy and amused by that (thats the best way I can decribe the look he gave me when I told him). He backed himself down my abs untill my dick was sitting in the crack of his ass, wiggled his ass to settle himself on me and leaned down and kissed me, running his tongue around my mouth like a professional. He put his mouth to my ear and whispered “fuck me dude... please..” I said “are you sure man?”, he nodded enthusiastically, grabbed a small bottle of lube from his bag and rubbed some on his hot young hole and inside his ass. He then covered my pulsing cock in lube and jumped back up onto my chest, lifted his smooth white ass and slowly slid my knob into his tight young hole. He paused for a few minutes to get used to it, while he arched his back and jerked his cock a few times with the lube still on his hands, he then slid himself down a bit and I filled him with more of my cock.
He was so warm inside, I remember thinking I had always been a bit turned off by tongue fucking another guy, but I would definitely eat Ants hole if we had a chance, I felt like I would do anything with this gorgeous boy. He then slid all the way down my entire cock and just sat there for a minute with his cock pointing upwards and that beautifull gleaming smile, he looked like he was in heaven. He leaned down and whispered “fuck me dude... I wanna feel you fill me with your hot cum” and he started grinding his hips back and forth , forcing my cock as far inside him as it could go. He was moaning wildly and jerking his cock so slowly and deliberately, like he was saving every moment. I desperately wanted to cum, I was so horny having this gorgeous young stud with my cock buried deep inside him, but I wanted him to cum first so I held myself from blowing and just concentrated on watching him pleasuring himself and working that hot cock. He started moaning more uncontrollably and his abs started to flex displaying his subtle 6 pac as I rubbed my hands up and down his smooth young torso. Then with a deep grunt his big leg muscles tensed and his cock pulsed several times and he started spraying cum up my chest and on my face, I opened my mouth and caught a few globs of that hot young spunk on my tongue. It tasted better than I imagined and the sight of him spraying cum all over me made me so horny I thrust deep inside him and let loose with my own.

It felt like I came more than I have ever cum before, I shot load after load and watched him flinch with each burst of juice, I knew he could feel me filling his hot ass with my cum and he was loving it. He sat there for several minutes after I finished, his cock limp now but still dripping with cum, he was exhausted, sweaty and so cute. He lifted himself off me and flopped down beside me with his arms around me. There wasnt much to say after that, we each knew that we had enjoyed ourselves so it was better not to complicate things by saying too much so we just cuddled up and sleep the rest of the night. In the morning he was already gone when I woke but my jocks were missing so I guess he wanted a momento to remember the night. We did it again a few times after that when we got the chance, he was a bit like me in a lot of ways, we both loved to get naked and have sex in open places (beaches, parks and public toilets etc) so had a lot of fun in the couple of years before he moved away to go to an interstate university. I still miss him, he was my first love.
Summer Job

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I lived in the Philippines since my birth, many of us here live poorly... I was a son of a good farmer, he serve a rich family's hacienda since his teenage, until he met Mom, and raised me. They were able to raise 1 child only. That was me. I like to be loved but, when I'm already a teen, I longed for a brother and sister... When I was 18 my father told me to work to the hacienda... I insisted to go to school, even I can't afford, I still went to the class. If I didn't maybe right now I'm still digging into the ground searching for potatoes...

When I was just five, Mr. Ramirez, the owner of the hacienda brought his son with him, Mike John Ramirez... We became friends until we were 17 years old... Since then I never saw him, until that fateful night...

Well, let me first tell you our adventures, Mike and I. I climb coconuts for him, bath to rivers, and ride carabao... a ride of carabao cost 1 retelling of experience of him... About airplanes... I love airplanes... And he, lucky for being a rich son, rode hundred times on the air. So our childhood experiences last very long, And I always make sure that every single summer days, I will treasure our memories...

So i will be back at that fateful night...
When I was 18, I know Mike's 21 right now... We weren't at the same age... I'm of course muscular build which I inherited from my father...
I'm straight.... I was never mistreated, but always shown love... I was never less on lecture, nor never taught to cheat... I live in an innocent world that time... That time... Until my 18th summer came.

The news was spread to the whole barrio, That the Ramirez family will once live here again. When the very first time I heard the news, I felt an electricity from my throat to my heart... I miss him... I miss Mike so much... I thought weird that day... Every single day Me and my father was busy cleaning our master's house. Many workers helped too. And of course Aaron was there... Most of the time we were cleaning together because he's the only one there that have the same age as Mine. Father was happy for me, having a friend...

SO until the countdown came, 5 days, 4 days, 3 days, 2 days, 1 day and then 2 large vans came... I opened the gate, excited... Then from the open window, a very handsome man was driving. He was around my age too, I'm sure... And my heart pumped like a crazy frog. My stomach started producing butterflies. Then a very beautiful woman, with a large smiling face, peeked thru the window and waved to me... She was Alicia, Mike's younger sister. I had a crush on her when I was in grade five... Maybe mike didn't saw me, Maybe he's the driver of the first van...

I helped unload the things of our Masters, ALicia was the very first one to greet me, then Mrs. Ramirez, and Mr. Ramirez, I stretched out my neck, trying to search for... Mike...
"Sumama po ba si Mike?" I asked (Did Mike's came too?)
"Siyempre" replied Alicia, holding my arm...
Then he came out of the van, A greek God, Which I never recognize, I smiled, but he didn't... He just passed me by like I didn't exist in the crowd, Then greeted my father, THen after a second he was gone, inside his room...

I rushed in to know what was the problem is... He was changing clothes, when I came inside. He only wore briefs at that time.
... Then felt the strange feeling... My cock was hard. It was a very strange feeling... But I was in my senses after a second ad asked apology. He just nodded. I made my way out...

After two days, I was serving the family's food... I wear descent clothes, but the silence between me and Mike was lasting longer... And cowarder...

All the thins I knew, All my secrets, was on Aaron's shoulder... He knew what kind of Man I am and what I like, what I hate... And then the night of nights came... My father was drinking wine with his farmer friends, I joined, and surprisingly, Mike was there... He was very drunk... And I was too... I was staring at him most of the time because he looks like a... No Words can express it... He was perfect in physical...Exactly 11:00 I was a so stunned and Mike was sleeping... My father commanded me to send Mike to his bedroom but he didn't wake up... So I carried him thru my back like when we were in our chilhood... Even though I wasn't in my senses, I shed a single tear... Then he whispered to my ear while we were climbing the long and large stairs "I missed this." I want to reply but my emotions was stronger... I was crying in the stair... I pushed myself so that we can go to his room and we can talk...

But when we arrived, he was sleeping soundly... I was in my senses... I didn't drink that much because I would really like to talk to Mike... I put him to the bed... He was so dirty... I take some clothes on the cabinet, and placed it to the side of his bed... He can't change clothes after all... Th strange feeling came again... Before I knew I was undoing his polo shirt... His abs were great... I touched it... It was hard... Then my hand slowly crawl to his chest... It was so perfect... so smooth... I wasn't in my true senses... I know it... I was pressing his nipples.... Then i stopped.... I unbuckled his pants and rolled it down... I was staring at the big bulge at his brief... Then he moved... There a Real Greek God was sleeping in my front... As I was taking his new clothes from the side of his bed... He rose and hugged me... I felt warm water at my shoulder... Tears... His perfect chest was pushing me hardly... I looked at his face, he wasn't stunned at all... He was really crying... "I miss you so much" He was saying... And I was crying too... But slowly he pushed me down...

I was opening my mouth to say something when he kissed me... My eyes were wide... This is my first kiss... I was rejecting the action for a while... But soon I was giving up... His hands was moving to my pants and unbuckled it... We were kissing and I made some low groants... Because he was inserting his hands on my brief... I want to make him feel the way I feel so we change positions, I was now ton top and he was down... I kissed his lips... Then round to his face... He was kissing my neck too... I returned to his lips... We kissed passionately... Until we changed positions again... He was kissing my neck, then was sucking my nipples... He knew what parts makes me horny much... Then he kissed the way to my abs then to my boxers.. He kissed the top first, especially the head... The he rolled my boxers and my 8 inch cock popped out... He was going to suck it... I pleaded no... because it looks like were animals...
But he replied in a normal voice "Later will be more dirty".. Then he was sucking my cock... I was moaning in pleasure... I took his hair and started combing it... "Like it?" he asked... "I do pls. let mi cum!" Then he suddenly stopped... we changed postions and I knew what he meant.... It was my turn... I licked his abs one by one and sucked his nipples as if i was taking breastmilk.... He was moaning a little... Then I ran through his boxers... I licked the precum in the boxer... Then slowly sucked his cock it was 8 1/2 inch I guess... longer than mine a little... THen he was moaning soundly and was fucking my mouth... The splat! he cum in my mouth... It was mouth full and he was still producing... The sum wasn't enough for my mouth... It was pouring down my neck and my body..." Swallow it!' he commanded, I did... and tasted the most delicious milk ever.... He was still cumming and let my mouth loose and started blating to my body... Now I am really dirty... "youre unfair you din't warn me!" I said.

Then e kissed me, tasting his own cum... Then he started licking all the cum in my body... From head to finger... I was going to erupt... Then he positioned in my front, raised my legs, and started fingering my hole... It hurts at every stroke... "YOu're still virgin huh?" He said... "That's two finger" I moaned in pain and he saw it thru my face and quickly bent over to kiss me... My hole was like teared up... It really hurts... But then the pleasure was taking over, he was fingering my hole while giving me blow... Then he use three fingers... And then "DOn't worry It's going to be okay" he explained... He thrust the head first it was very easy to insert then slowly making long thrusts... He was doing it slowly.. And every thrusts hurts much... After 10 mins or more I can't feel pain anymore... He was doing it fastly... "Harder!" I commanded he giggled and insert his whole... I can't stand the pain but the pleasures urging too... soon I was acting too... I was pushing my ass to his cock... It was so big and hard... then I felt some hot waters inside me... "AHHHH!!!" he groaned louder and louder... "I can fuck your ass all day, Nothing's Graeter than a virgin ass." he said leaning over me to kiss me... I was feeling the pain, less now... So I positioned too... He raised his legs, then started pushing my cock, he's not virgin at all... But he still make some moans... I thought it's okay so I pushed harder and he moaned harder... Then we hear footsteps... We quickly juped up and go to the Comfort Room... THe shower was opened and whoever peeked to the room, understand what was happening, Mike;s taking bath... I fucked him and it feels really great.. He asked me harder... But all my cock was inserted to his.. THen I felt my cum... filling his tight ass... I quickly removed my cock and made him sit on the wet floor... THen he opened his mouth, and drink amy cums... I showered him too... And licked his body... My cum so delicious... I felt my ankles tremble... Im getting lazy... THen we clean our self up... and go to sleep...

Many events had happened after that... I will write it later...
Here's what you have to be looking at:
Aaron said he love me and forced me to make up with him...
Mike's going to make out with Aaron and I was there being hurt by what I was seeing... Aaron knows I'm there coz he set it up..
Alicia's and I love scene... In the morning Mr. Ramirez saw us and commanded me to marry Alicia... Do you know what Mike will do?
Just wait and be cool thx!
Wishfull Thinking

First of all this story isn’t JUST about sex. There’s a whole story behind it. So you better leave now when you’re not interested.
You should know I can’t even tell you how old I am because I don’t wanna get problems.. you know haha
..alright and yeah according to that this is my first story so don’t be so harsh
I probably have more grammar and spelling mistakes than anybody else that’s because I am from Germany and my English is not he best. Sometimes I even had problems because I didn’t know which words I should use.. Well besides my stupid excuses I still hope you enjoy my story. leave me a comment and tell me what you think.. thanks


Hi my name is Patrick. So this is the story about my best friend Justin and I. We have been friends since like forever and I can’t even imagine my life without him.

In fact we are completely opposites.. But he was always my role model and a hero for me. He is the captain of the football team and belongs to several other clubs.. He is so fucking popular and friends with everyone. Sometimes I even get jealous.. Not about all the things Justin has but more about the other people he cared about. I wanted to be the only one. Selfish huh?
But well he was always there for me.. to protect me.

Whereas I am well.. kinda a loser.
Starting with the fact that I’m so fucking shy and don’t have many other friends. Well obviously I’m gay. But I don’t have any experience with boys.. neither girls.
I don’t do after school activities. And I spend most of my time daydreaming of things that could be.. Justin is the only reason I feel alive. and if it wasn’t for him my life would be a total mess. Even when I told him I was gay he was still there for me. Justin told me that we’re best friends no matter what happens and nothing and nobody could tear us apart.
I’ll never forget this moment.

Honestly I always hoped that we could be more than just friends.
Justin really is a hunk. He has black hair and amazing green eyes. Sometimes he catches me when I can’t stop staring at him because I always get lost in this eyes. He is so beautiful. His body is to die for. I was often stealing glances at him in the locker room after our sports class. This was the highlight of every week for me. I never said anything to him about it. And he never asked me.. Well I’m sure he must have noticed ..

Stalking my best friend and daydreaming about him. That’s how I spend almost two years in high school.. I couldn’t tell him that I was so fucking madly in love with him. Well not because I didn’t have the guts to do it.. but also because I thought he wouldn’t react the way I wanted him to. I mean, he accepts that I’m gay but love is totally different. The last thing I wanted was to lose him.

Justin had many girlfriends through high school. And I was always there when he broke up with one and needed somebody to talk. We would go out drinking and it would always end the same way. Him telling me that girls are fucking complicated and he couldn’t stand another one of them.
Obviously that was the alcohol that made him say things like that but I kinda hoped there was more behind it. Wishfull thinking maybe.. I needed something to hold on to.. you know.

Well so here we were again. It was right before the last lesson started.
Justin leaned against his locker, which is next to mine. I saw from the corner of my eye that he was looking at me. I waited till he said something.

‘So Pat what are you doing tonight?’ he asked me casually
‘..Nothing’ I said trying not to sound that excited
‘Great. So we’re going out drinking?’ he said more like a fact than a question so I didn’t even answer. I just smiled to myself.
‘Well I gotta go to my English class’ Justin said while he stuffed one of his books back into his locker
‘See you Pat’ and he walked away through the hallway.. I watched after him
how could anyone be so fucking perfect like he is. I would never get over this guy.

Completely in my thoughts I felt a hand on my shoulder. I didn’t turn around but heard a voice saying ‘forget it. You can’t have him’
What the fuck was that? And who?
Sam Petersen placed himself right in front of me.
I never really talked to this guy. I knew his name because he was in some of my classes but we weren’t friends and honestly I wasn’t interested in him at all.
‘What did you just say?’ I asked him kind of angry
‘Well I can see the way you look at him’ now he laughed
‘WTF? It’s none of your business how I look at anybody’ I turned around and closed my locker. I didn’t want this conversation to go any further. I couldn’t believe he caught me staring at Justin. I passed Sam not giving him any attention at all and made my way to the classroom.
‘You better watch yourself’ he shouted after me.

This lesson I couldn’t really concentrate on the teacher. I was thinking about what Sam said to me. I mean it really is none of his business isn’t it. Why did he say that to me anyways? Maybe he just wanted to protect me but after all we weren’t even close. We never were friends. I couldn’t think of any good reasons so I decided to forget about it. I just hoped he wouldn’t tell Justin about it.. When the bell finally rang I packed my stuff and went to my car.

The day went by really slowly.. maybe because I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation with Sam. But I knew that I would meet Justin later.. so this fact kinda took it all away. I was really looking forward to this evening. Maybe we would just sit in a bar and stay there till we’re fucking drunk but that doesn’t bother me at all. Spending time with Justin is always good. No matter how.

So it was 9pm when the doorbell rang while I was waiting for Justin in the living room. When I opened the door he flashed that killer smile at me that I loved so much. He looked amazing as he was leaning in the doorway. I recognized he was wearing a black leatherjacket that I had never seen on him before.. well he looked really cool.

‘Hey, you’re ready?’
‘Yeah just a second’ I told him because I had to write my mum a message that it could get late.
I know.. childish but she always made mountains out of molehills..

‘Okay.. lets go’ I handed for my jacket and we left

We were going to the bar we usually went just to waste some time.. Justin knew some people there and we always got a few drinks for free. So there I was sitting at the bar with my little superhero that I secretly loved so much. I was really trying to act all cool and shit you know but the alcohol got me going..

‘What?’ Justin asked teasingly and laughed
‘Nothing’ I realized I must have been staring at him
‘Yeah right.. like I didn’t notice..’ he said and laughed again
I blushed and looked at my shoes

The rest of the evening we spend talking about school. Well it was mostly Justin who did the talking.. And soon he was telling me about football and about all the girls he had fucked.
Honestly I didn’t wanna know but I stayed calm and listened to him. Well you know while he was talking I could focus on his full lips that I desired so much..

Time went by and I felt really drunk. It must have been like fucking 2am and most of the people were already gone when Justin looked at his watch.
‘We better call a cab.. you know.. because..’ Justin muttered
‘Yeah.. none of us should drive anymore tonight’ I answered

So after I called a taxi Justin and I waited outside.
We were both really drunk and started fooling around.
‘Why didn’t you stop me’ Justin said laughing ‘..I shouldn’t have been drinking so fucking much? Now I feel like shit.’
‘Ooh. So now it’s my fault’ I acted pissed but had to laugh when I saw him smiling ‘..asshole’

The taxi finally showed up and we got inside and on the backseat. We were still laughing and shit..
‘You can stay over at my house tonight’ I suddenly heard myself saying
I regretted it right after I did. Helplessly I searched for an excuse.. ‘You know.. so we can get your car tomorrow morning.. I mean-’
‘Yeah I guess you’re right’ Justin agreed

None of us said anything else and as I glanced over at Justin his head rested on the car door. I realized his eyes were closed. God I wanted to kiss him right there. He looked so fucking pretty and peaceful.. I had to force myself to look away.

When we arrived at my house I paid the taxi driver. I saw my mum’s car and thought she must be asleep by now. I went out of the car to the door on Justin’s side. He wasn’t really conscious and I had to get him out of the taxi. We went inside my house, as I was supporting him. I couldn’t make out what he was saying but he was certainly muttering. We headed to my room and Justin fell immediately on my bed. He just lay there.
‘You’re alright Justin?’
‘Kinda’ he simply said
‘Ok well..’ ‘you can sleep in my bed.. I’ll take the couch then’

Justin often stayed at my house so this wasn’t really strange. But he always slept on the couch and he never slept in my bed before. Part of me liked seeing him there.

I was on my way out of the room when I heard his voice again
‘Pat stay’ he said ‘just don’t leave.. okay?’
I turned around. Justin was now sitting on the edge of my bed. Even if he looked all churned up he was still so fucking sexy.
‘Can’t you just stay here for a while’
I smiled at him but deep in my heart I was already in tears..
‘No I can’t.’ I whispered ‘I’ll take the couch’

I knew very well this was my chance.. maybe I could get close to him.. but I knew I couldn’t stay..

‘What the fuck is wrong with you? Your bed is big enough. Why don’t you just fucking stay here?’ Justin said angrily. I knew the alcohol made him overreact this way but I couldn’t even look him in the eyes that moment.
‘You really wanna know why?’
‘Yeah.. tell me Pat’
‘Because if I’ll stay here I might do something I could regret later on’ I whispered
‘What the fuck is that supposed to mean?’ his voice got louder
‘Nothing.. just go to bed Justin .. you’re fucking drunk’
‘And you’re a fucking asshole.. I thought we were friends’

I realized my voice got louder too.. I didn’t care about it at all.
‘God Justin. Can’t you see that this is why I am acting this way? It’s because we ARE friends!’

Justin looked at me.. still mad as hell and not understanding a single word I just said to him. I was so close to crying right there because I couldn’t take it any more.
This was it. I felt my heart would explode any second. There was no way I would hold it back any longer..
I almost shouted at him now ‘can’t you see that I have to force myself here so I don’t get too close to you?! When I’m with you it kills me because I know I can’t have you. When you touch me it makes my skin crawl. And when I’m alone my heart aches for you. That’s what’s wrong with me Justin. Can’t you see that I need you so much?! You are everything to me and I am so fucking afraid I could loose you. I’m scared to death. I would die just to be with you Justin. I’m in love with you.’

By that time tears were running down my face. I cried so much I couldn’t really see the look on his face. The only thing I could see clearly were his green eyes.
I felt so confused and unsure but also relieved. My whole body was shaking when I ran out of my room.. I collapsed on the carpet in front of the couch and couldn’t stop the damn crying. In this moment I needed my best friend so much.. I needed him to tell me everything was gonna be ok.. I needed him to hold me. But my best friend was the fucking reason I felt so horrible. I cried myself to sleep..

I woke up as the sun was shining through the windows. I heard voices in the kitchen and saw that I was still wearing my jeans and shirt from yesterday. Everything came rushing back.

Shit. I told him.

My thoughts got interrupted as I realized it was Justin and my mother’s voice I heard in the kitchen. I stood up and went in there. I saw my mums back. She was making breakfast.
‘..Yeah I guess I should’ Justin said smiling to my mother.
He was holding a cup of coffee in his hands and didn’t seem mad or angry at all.

‘Oh Patrick’ my mum said as she turned and took a brief look at me ‘are you okay?’

I nodded but didn’t take my eyes off Justin. He eventually looked at me while he took a gulp of coffee.

There was an awkward silence where Justin just looked at me. I was trying to figure out what he was thinking.. but couldn’t. He didn’t make a single move. Then he put his cup down on the table and walked over to me. His expression didn’t change and I started to wonder if he could remember what had happened yesterday at all. He came closer and we were standing face to face when he leaned over. I felt his breath on my neck.
‘We should go get my car’ he whispered in my ear. I was puzzled. Well I didn’t expect this.
Without another word he walked pass me and out of the kitchen.

We were sitting in my car and driving back to the bar. None of us said anything. Honestly I didn’t dare to. When we arrived Justin got out of the car pretty quickly.

I couldn’t let him leave like that. I jumped out of the car too.

‘Justin wait’
He turned around ‘why?’
‘Can’t we just talk about it?’
‘Bout what?’ he smiled slightly
‘You know about what..’ he smiled even more when I said that.. ‘about what I told you yesterday’
He watched me.. kind of concerned ‘don’t worry about it.’

‘So.. were okay?’ I asked confused
Justin put one of his hands on my wrist. ‘You’re my best friend Pat. Nothing will change that’ ‘and besides.. next week is my birthday so fucking get me a present’

We both laughed. I felt so much better after he said that. It seemed like this big secret I always had to carry around finally let go of me. I felt really good.

Justin winked, got inside his car and drove off. Well so did I.

The next few days were quite good. Justin didn’t say another word about what happened and I felt really relieved. I was happy he was okay about it and didn’t hate me now..

Justin’s birthday came closer and I got very excited about it. His birthday was THE party of the year. It was always a big event for everybody.. half of the people from school were invited

This morning in school I only had a few minutes with him because he was surrounded by people.. But he asked me to come early to his place so I could help him out a little bit. I was still madly in love with him so I enjoyed every second I could spend with him.
It was 7pm when I left home and drove to Justin’s house.

Somebody opened the door and I realized it was Justin. He had this huge smile on his face that almost made me melt away. ‘hey Pat’
‘what’s up’ I stepped inside when I realized Justin was only wearing a towel around his waist.
In fact there was still water running down his abs. My jaw dropped. God. What a beautiful sight. I couldn’t stop staring. He was fucking perfect in so many ways.
‘um sorry.. I just got out of the shower’ he said and blushed
‘you know you’re not making it any easier for me, right’ I smiled
That made him smile too and there was this silent minute between us where we just looked at each other without saying anything. Once again I lost myself in his eyes..
There is something more about this guy.. I can feel it.

‘I better go back upstairs and get ready.. you can get a drink if you want’
‘huh?’ I felt kinda flustered
‘yeah.. alright’ Justin laughed and went upstairs
I watched his back as he made his way to his room..

Right. Get a drink. Back to reality. Yeah..
I felt so confused. I forgot about everything.
How could one guy have such an influence on me? Fuck.

Justin didn’t show up for about 20 minutes and there were already people coming. So I opened the door and talked to a few of them that I knew from school. It seemed like eternity till Justin came back downstairs and everybody cheered. Justin looked so beautiful. He wore jeans and a simple white shirt but it suited him so well. He flashed that killer smile to me and went to some of his friends.. he talked to any of them and received his presents. I was watching him as he made jokes and got told how good he looked. He was just so charming. No wonder he was so damn popular.

Two hours later the house was full of people. I was sitting on the couch and talked to a girl called Cindy. I went to preschool with her and we were talking about all this old stuff. That’s when Justin came towards us.. smiling as always. When I saw him I couldn’t stop but smile too.
‘Sooo?’ he said happy and sat between Cindy and me. ‘you’re enjoying my party?’
‘Where are all these people coming from?’ I laughed
‘Don’t worry. I don’t know half of them neither’ he said
Cindy stood up and vanished in the crowd while Justin moved closer to me
I started to get nervous..
‘So what are you doing here all alone?’ he asked me in his low sexy voice tone
He put his right hand on my knee and looked me straight in the eyes.. His hand felt so good on my knee and his face was so close to mine. I could smell his cologne.. Shit I thought I would pass out right there..

I didn’t know what to do or how to react. What the fuck was he doing ?
Suddenly he stood up. I must have looked puzzled.. then he turned around and took my hand.
He made me stand up and led me through the crowd. I was so fucking nervous. I could even feel a few people watching us while we were walking to the stairs. Justin headed to his room and I started to get very excited. There were other people on the second floor but they didn’t seem to care about us that much. Justin opened the door and led me inside. Then he let loose of my hand. I was kinda disappointed.. but he locked the door and turned to face me.
My emotions were riding on a roller coaster and I felt so impatient about what would happen next.

‘I just wanna get my present you know.. come here’ he told me and put one of his hands on my waist. His touch made my whole body tingle.. I stepped forward
I gathered all my courage and put my hand on his chest. I felt like it was okay for me to do that now.
‘So my touch makes your skin crawl’ Justin smiled
I looked into his eyes. They were filled with passion. I had to take my chance no matter if it was alcohol or really Justin who made him act this way.
I leaned in for a kiss and closed my eyes. I could feel Justin’s lips touching mine. It felt amazing. I got so fucking turned on as our tongues met. I waited my whole life for this moment and it was finally happening. Justin led his hands through my hair and I started to get more excited. My heartbeat got so fast it felt like my heart would explode any second.

Justin let go of my lips and placed his forehead on mine. He was breathing very heavy.
‘Nothing and nobody can tear us apart.. remember?’
I smiled and kissed him again ‘yeah. just keep going baby’
Justin put his hands under my shirt and started to kiss and lick my stomach.. I couldn’t help but started to moan. He heard me and got up to kiss my lips again. My dick grew rock hard. I wanted him for such a long time.

He kissed much more passionately than before, took of my shirt and threw it on the floor.
‘You’re so beautiful’ he said to me before he kissed me again and pushed me down on his bed. He laid on top of me and pinned my arms behind my head.

He started to kiss my neck. ‘ahh.. fuck that feels good’ I continued to moan as his beautiful body slid against mine. He bit my nipples and made them fucking hard. By that time my dick already leaked pre-cum in my pants. I got so overwhelmed by the way he was teasing me.
I put my hands under his shirt because I was dying to see his naked chest. He noticed and kneeled down to help me strip it off. His amazing muscles were showing up.
‘Shit you’re so hot’ I whispered
He opened the zipper of my pants and slid his right hand inside. He leaned down again and kissed me while he was rubbing my dick. I moaned in his mouth ‘yeah keep doing that..’
I put both of my hands on his back. His body felt so good on top of me.
‘you like that, don’t you’ he asked seductively
I nodded and muttered ‘oh yeah’

He was sliding his fingers up and down my dick and made me moan so fucking loud. I was so hot for him. Then he slipped my shoes off and pulled my pants down so I laid on his bed.. only in my boxers. I felt like it was my turn now and managed to get on top of him.
My crotch slid against his.. Justin looked so fucking tempting under me.
I kissed him fiercely and slowly unzipped his pants. I took his pants off and soon started to pull on his shorts because I couldn’t wait to see his cock.

His dick jumped released out of his shorts. So there I was. Sitting on my best friend who laid naked under me.. I licked down his chest until I was near his crotch area. His body quivered.. I started to massage his dick with my hands. Justin closed his eyes and was moaning now.

‘You wanna put it in your mouth?’ he said
I didn’t answer but gave him a little kiss before I gave my attention fully to his dick.
I licked along the sides before I put his whole dick in my mouth.
‘oooh shit that feels good’ Justin groaned
His groaning really got me going.. I couldn’t stop myself. His dick tasted so fucking good. I sucked him even faster now. I put one of my hands on his balls massaging them while I let my other hand slid up and down his chest. His body felt so smooth and hot. Justin was moving his hips up and down as he fucked my mouth.

Time went by and Justin was moaning louder than before
‘Alright I think you better stop now’
I let go of his dick.. kinda disappointed
‘What?!’ I asked shocked
Justin smiled at me and sat himself up. His face was very close to mine now.
‘I wanna save for later.. there are other things I wanna do with you’ he whispered directly in my ear

It took him one second and I was lying on my back again. I struggled but even if I really wanted I had no chance to fight him.
He put my legs on his shoulders and placed his face at my dick. He started to suck it.. God. It felt amazing. He was really good. I thought I would cum right in his mouth but I tried to hold back..

I felt his fingers on my asscrack as he sucked me off. It took him a moment but he even pushed a finger inside my ass.
‘Aaah.. shit’ I moaned
‘You like that Pat’ he asked out of breath
‘Say it.’
He put two more fingers inside my ass..
‘I like it. I fucking like it’ I groaned ‘ahh’

I loved how dominant Justin was with me. It made me even hotter for him.
I slid my hands through his hair. We were both sweating and I saw water running down his chest. His whole body looked so fucking hot.

Justin sat up again and rubbed our dicks together. He looked deep in my eyes and I could see how horny he was in that moment.

‘Alright Pat’ he said ‘I’m gonna fuck you now’
‘Do it then’ I moaned with pleasure
‘I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you’

Justin put my legs up on his shoulders again and kneeled down. He pushed his dick against my butthole. As I closed my eyes I was breathing really heavy. I was kinda scared but fucking excited.. my heart raced. Then he pushed his dick inside of me.. slowly but there was so much pain.

‘Ooh Shit’ I screamed and opened my eyes
Justin was looking at me with so much pleasure ‘relax..’
As his dick was completely in my ass he waited. The pain slowly fade away and I nodded.
He began to take his big dick out and pushed inside me again.
I started to enjoy him inside of me. His dick felt so good in my ass.

Now he fucked me harder and deeper. We were both gasping.
‘Aaah.. that feels so good. You’re so fucking tight’
He bend down and kissed me.. ‘keep going baby.. it’s so hot’ I said
‘..fuck I don’t want you to stop’ I groaned as he filled my ass up with his big tool again
He really was fucking the shit out of me and I loved it

‘God you’re so fucking good’ I told him
He threw his head back and fucked me even harder.. his thrusts got more intense each time
I started to jack off my own dick because It felt like it would explode
‘yeah fuck me’ I said
His moth was slightly open.. I could see he liked hear me telling him how good he fucked me
‘Oh my fucking God.’ I said ‘hammer me.. ooh yeah’

‘Ooh shit Justin’ I gasped ‘I’m close..’
‘Yeah me too’ he answered
‘Come inside of me baby’ I encouraged him
‘Shit Pat. I’m cumming NOW’ he screamed
Another thrust right after he said it and I felt his body shaking on top of me
I bit my bottom lip as he came in my ass.. I felt cum leaking out but Justin didn’t stop fucking me..
He pushed my hands away and jacked me off himself.. that was too much for me
Justin's cum inside my ass and his hands on my dick. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and my dick shot cum. ‘Oh my god’ was the only thing I could say through my moans.
Justin put his lips on mine again and kissed me fervently.
‘That was fucking hot’ he said and collapsed on top of me We laid there for like twenty minutes where Justin just hold me in his arms. I could feel his breath on my neck. I never felt so peaceful and save in my whole life.

But well.. we knew we had to go back downstairs and so we got dressed again. I glanced over at Justin as he put his pants back on.

He saw me looking at him and laughed ‘what?’
‘nothing..’ I said and smiled
He walked towards me and gave me a kiss
‘You know you were the best present I got’
Wishfull Thinking Pt2

Alright. So this is the second part to ’Wishful(l) Thinking’ (OMG so sorry for spelling wrong several times I am stupid..) Since you are my only audience it would be nice if you could give me some advice.. leave comments, let me know what you think. Thanks


I woke up with a slight headache. Sunshine filled up my room and the air felt so good. I looked over to my cupboard and according to the clock it was 1pm. It was the day after Justin’s party. The day after we kissed and the day after we slept together. These words sounded so good to me. I just stayed in my bed and hold my pillow.. thinking of Justin. I never felt so content of anything in my life before.

It was Saturday so my dad was about to pick me up later. I usually spend the weekends over at my his house. You know my parents broke up when I was ten.. By now they get along quite well as long as they’re not alone together for too long.. I like spending time at my dad’s house. My little sister Jamie lives with him so I only get to see her then. Well my dad normally picks me up around 4 or 5 pm.

So there was still some time left and I decided to get dressed and get my ass to Justin’s house. Maybe he would like some help cleaning up the mess. But honestly I was just dying to see him again. I put on some pants and one of my favourite shirts.

I grabbed my jacket and drove over to Justin almost half an hour later. When I arrived I saw the disaster.. that the garden was covered with rubbish and stuff. The door was open. I went inside where Justin was stuffing trash in a bag. I closed the door. The whole house looked like a catastrophe. There were cups and bottles all over the floor and I could even see a bra hanging over the couch armrest. Not to mention the kitchen.. Everything was a big mess but Justin was looking hot as always and that was the only thing that mattered to me.

‘Holy shit what happened?’ I laughed
Justin turned around to look at me. First he laughed but then it seemed like he was checking me out or something.. He wore bright jeans and a blue shirt. Simple but fucking sexy. In fact no matter what he would wear he would always look damn hot. He stared at me with this bedroom eyes.

‘Hey Pat’ he said confident ‘What are you doing here?’
I walked around to get a better picture of the size of the damage. ‘Thought you could need some help’ – ‘Looks like a tornado has been in here man’

He just stood there. Staring at me.
‘So what do you say?’ I asked cheeky
‘Depends..’ He walked towards me
‘On what?’ I smiled
‘Are you really here to help me?’ he asked perky
‘What do you think..?’ I put my hands on his waist and guided them over his body
He gave me an intense kiss and slid his hands through my hair. I took hold of his cheeks and his neck. One of his hands touched my crotch. I pulled away.
‘Wait.’ I said ‘- Are your parents back home?’
‘Nope’ he smiled and kissed me again. Our tongues met and i was almost melting in his arms.

He dropped me on the couch. A few cups and other shit was falling down aside. I wasn’t really paying attention. Justin sat on top of me and put his lips on mine again. ‘Shit I missed you’ he said. Between kisses I was already pulling at his shirt. I couldn’t stop thinking about his body. He finally let go of my lips and took of his shirt. His body looked so hot in the sunlight. He looked at me and I stared into his green eyes. How pretty he was. ‘I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night’ he told me. He lifted me up and took off my shirt as well. His hands ran up and down my chest. I could feel my dick pressing hard against my pants. And i could see Justin had a hard-on too. I opened his zipper and slid my hand in, over his dick. ‘Oooh yes. I definitely missed you.’ He moaned.
He put my hands under my head and kissed me again. Then he slipped back on top of me and put his mouth on my stomach. He licked towards the waistband of my pants.

I was breathing very fast now. He unzipped my pants and took them off. I was wearing tight shorts this day and when Justin realized that, he made a noise that sounded like mumbling.

‘You’re so hot’ he said. He put his mouth over my shorts and kissed and licked my cock through the material. My pants were already wet from precum. And his teasing felt so good. I licked my lips and started to moan.

When he finally took of my shorts I felt like I was close to cumming. He took my whole dick in his mouth and massaged my balls with his hands. With my hands i squeezed a pillow. His mouth felt so fucking good. ‘Oh Shit Justin that’s amazing.’

He took my dick eagerly in and out of his mouth. It seemed like no big deal for him to take my whole dick down his throat. ‘Aaaah fuck – I’m close’ I groaned.

He sucked my dick so fucking good I couldn’t hold back any longer. I closed my eyes. My body tingled and I threw my head back. My dick felt like exploding right there. ‘Justin I’m coming’ I moaned and took one last breath before I shot my load into his mouth.

I opened my eyes again and saw how Justin licked even the last drops of cum from my dick. Then he sat up and kissed me. I wanted to tell him how good he was and kissed him ambitious. His tongue still tasted like cum and I got so fucking turned on again.

‘Turn around’ Justin commanded and stood up.
I didn’t hesitate, moved and lay on my stomach. He kneed over me. I could feel his thighs touching my skin. His body felt so good. I closed my eyes again so I could fully concentrate on his touch.

He licked with his tongue up my back and kissed my neck. In fact he kinda sucked on my neck. It felt really good.

Next thing I know is that he got up and directed me to his room. We were kissing and touching each other all the way up there. And I managed to take off his pants as well.

When we finally were inside his room he closed the door and pushed me against the wall. I loved it when he was so dominant with me. He pinned my hands down, so I couldn’t really move them. I tried to move my head closer to his waiting for a kiss but Justin leaned back. He smiled cheeky at me. Then he moved forward again and I was ready to kiss him but he leaned back again. He was teasing me..
Justin laughed and moved closer towards me. I was able to get my hands free and pushed his head to mine. I kissed him long and deep.

‘You’re so hot’ I told him and put my hands on his abs. I lifted my head again and looked directly into his beautiful green eyes. A few days ago I would’ve only dreamed of the words he than said to me.

‘You want me to fuck you, Pat?’ he said between kisses. I only moaned and nodded.

Justin turned me around so I was facing the wall. He ran his hands up and down my body. I put my hands against the wall. I felt his breath on my shoulders and then he was kissing my neck, which was definitely a point for me I noticed. Oh god this guy made me shiver. He rubbed his dick against my ass and I felt the heat that build up between our bodies. I gasped. I needed him to fuck me right away. I couldn’t wait any longer. ‘Oooh Justin. I want you NOW.’ Once again he kissed my shoulder before he let go of my body. I spread my legs.

He positioned his cock at my ass crack and before I realized it, his dick was inside of me.
‘Oh my god’ I groaned. When he fucked me the night before I was in so much pain first. But this time I was enjoying every second of it. He put his hands at my waist and licked my back with his tongue. I threw my head back. Justin was all I ever wanted.

‘How does this feel Pat..?’ Justin said as he pushed deeper inside of me.
‘Ahh’ I moaned ‘..feels so good’ was the only thing I could think of. I was in ecstasy. I always knew that I loved Justin but I would’ve never even dreamed that he was such a good fucker. I turned my head so he was able to kiss me. He put one of his hands on my throat and our lips met. Not for long because Justin was moaning so much.

‘Yeah. Fuck me faster’ I gasped. I felt ready to come again with Justin's dick inside my ass but I wanted to release him. ‘God you’re so good.’ I said as he slapped his balls on my ass once again.. ‘I want you to come for me Justin’ I whispered. He moaned and kissed me behind my ear. I could feel his body shaking and I knew he was close too. I felt his touch on my cock as he used one of his hands to jerk off my dick. ‘Ohh yeah’ I gasped. He fucked me in the same rhythm as he wanked my dick.

Justin got louder. ‘I’m cumming’ he screamed. Two more thrusts and he shot his load inside of me. ‘Aaaah Pat’ he moaned. I could feel the hot cum inside of my ass. It felt so close to Justin it was awesome. His fucking got slower and he rested his head against my back for a few seconds. I hadn’t come yet but I thought that was ok. I could feel his sperm running down my ass and my feet.
He slipped his cock out of my ass and turned me around. I smiled at him and he kissed me. As though he wanted to thank me for being his sex toy. I liked being used by him in this way. So I kissed back. I noticed he had his hands on my dick again. I was still so hot for him and my dick was rock hard. With both hands he took care of my cock. I slid my fingers through his hair and bit on his lower lip. He was so focused on what he was doing to my dick he didn’t care. He was all mine for that moment. I put my hands on his neck and slid down to his abs and his stomach.

I was about to come when Justin licked my neck with his tongue again. That was too much for me. His hot breath against my skin and his hands on my cock.. I exploded.
‘Oooh yes’ I moaned and shot cum over his inner thighs. I leaned my head back against the wall and Justin kissed over my lips, my cheeks and my throat.

‘That was so hot’ he whispered in my ear.


We both took a shower together, before we cleaned up the rest of the house. We were almost finished but I had to go home because it was already late and my dad should soon be there to pick me up. I was putting on my jacket and Justin brought me to the door. He didn’t wear a shirt but only some jeans and he looked so hot.

‘Soo.. you gonna call me later?’ I said smiling

Justin seemed kinda nervous ‘huh?’

‘When I’m at my dad’s.. you gonna call me?’ I asked again

‘Umm.. I don’t know.’ He looked out on the street and I stepped outside. ‘Gotta study for this Math Test later you know.. we’ll see’ he mumbled.

I was puzzled. Justin didn’t even smile. I walked up to him and gave him one last kiss before I got inside my car and drove away. By that time I already knew he wasn’t going to call me at all. I just wasn’t sure why.. Did I do something wrong? What happened?


Next Monday in school Justin was the first one I saw when I was walking through the hallway. I didn’t talk to him ever since I left his house on Saturday.. My heart was aching for him..

He was as usual with a few other guys. I don’t know but there was something about him that concerned me this morning. Well I just smiled at him and thought about everything that happened between us this weekend.

I saw Justin later that day right after the second lesson. He was stuffing books into his locker. ‘Hey what’s up’ I said trying to sound happy but honestly I was kinda scared.

Justin turned around. He had this ‘WTF’-look on his face that made me realize I should shut up. Something was really wrong.

‘Eerm.. Look I don’t know what’s wrong but if I said or did something than I am sorry.. ok’ I think I must have sounded desperate then

‘Alright we need to talk’ he said secure

I added in a whispered tone ‘Just tell me what happened..’ But this disturbed look on his face didn’t vanish.

Justin took a look to his left and right. He looked pretty weak. ‘Wanna go outside?’

I knew we were only going outside because nobody should be able to hear us. Was he so ashamed of me? But more than that I was frightened as hell what he wanted to talk about.

So we walked through the hall and out to the schoolyard. We headed in the direction of the football field when Justin stopped. None of us said anything.

‘What’s wrong?’ I finally said quiet.. breaking the silence

‘It’s just.. I don’t know Pat’ he said kinda worried and looked at me ‘I don’t think I can do this right now’ his green eyes distracted me

‘But.. What ?’ I felt nervous ‘What are you talking about you can’t do what?’

Justin broke the eye-contact and looked down at his feet. I felt completely out of place. I was scared..

‘You don’t wanna be with me?’ I asked confused

‘That’s not what I said..’ he simply said

‘Then what are you saying Justin?!’ I started to get angry but he didn’t even answer.

‘I told you I love you. What the fuck do you think that’s supposed to mean. And I don’t know if you can remember but YOU were the one kissing ME that night. Are you just playing fucking games with me or what?’ I shouted.

Justin finally looked at me again. I later realized that there was so much more in his expression, he was so sad. But at this moment I just felt deceived.

‘Maybe we made a mistake’ he said


Justin looked away so I couldn’t see his face. I really didn’t care about any other people around us. My mind kept racing and it felt like my whole world just fell apart.

When I finally felt able to talk again I whispered
‘I cant believe you just said that’ my voice fully came back and I shouted ‘I cant believe you did that to me.’ I was so disappointed.

‘You know what Justin, it would have been okay if you just said NO right that night. But YOU USED ME and that’s just because you are so irresolute. It was okay for you two days ago but now you tell me it was all a mistake to begin with?’

Justin continued to look at his feet. It vexed me that I couldn’t see his eyes. I had never seen him speechless before. All I wanted was to get away. I turned around. I would just leave him there.

‘You don’t know what you want. Grow up Justin.’ I shouted as I made my way back to the school. I felt like crying and running away the same time but I would not let him see me like that. I would go back to my next lesson and pretend this never happened. My heart was beating so fast.

I was barely breathing when I went to my English class. Did my first love just broke up with me? How could he do that. The last thing I wanted was to lose him. Justin never was like this before. At least not towards me. He always protected me, he was always there for me. For the first time in my life I argued with him. I never expected him to act like this. I thought I knew him..

I had problems to concentrate on the teacher. I thought about his words over and over again. ‘I can’t do this.. we made a mistake’ Honestly I felt so stupid now that I didn’t see his reaction coming. I mean as long as I knew Justin he never let anybody get too close to him. I should have expected this. I mean I’m talking about Justin here. What did I expect?! That we would stay together till the end of time or what?! Shit.
Wishfull Thinking Pt3

It was Wednesday morning and about a week ago since Justin last talked to me. I was walking through the hallway in school, heading for my locker. Even though Justin had hurt me so much I still wanted to be close to him. I missed the way he treated me. I missed the way I was under his protection. I couldn’t just turn of loving him.

How could he tell me what we did was a mistake. I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life.

As much as I wanted to tell myself that I had to let go of him I realized it would never work. He has always been the one I wanted to be with. I tried to hide these feelings for years and now after they’re out I should go back to the hiding shit? I felt so frustrated.

I didn’t even notice the other people in school as I made my way to my locker. I blamed myself for telling Justin about my feelings in the first place. I mean we would probably still be friends if I just kept my mouth shut. How am I supposed to survive without him ? There was this huge hole in my stomach that made me shiver. I felt alone.

I got my books out of my locker and went to my biology class. I got this lesson with Justin. GREAT. Just fucking great I thought. It was hurting so much seeing him but not being able to talk to him. I started to wonder if Justin was missing me too. The way he treated me at his birthday didn’t come from nowhere. I guess he was just too scared to admit it.

I was so focused on my thoughts when I went up the stairs to the second floor that I didn’t see that there was somebody coming. Before I knew it we crushed together. All I could see was papers flying around and landing on the stairs.

‘Oh god, sorry I didn’t see-‘ I mumbled

‘Never mind..’

I looked up and realized the person was Sam Petersen. I felt sorry for him because all his stuff was lying on the floor so I helped him. I picked up most of the papers and handed it to him.

‘Thanks’ he smiled and stood up

‘So how is it going Sam?’ I asked casually trying to be nice.
‘Good. How about you? You’re ok?’
‘Uum.. yeah I’m good.’ I lied

There was a short silence before I decided the conversation was over. I turned and was ready to leave when he suddenly said ‘So your little romance is over huh?’

‘Excuse me?’ I stopped and answered confused
‘You and Justin Reynolds??’
‘What-?’ I turned around
‘Don’t play dumb. I saw you two together at his party.’

I stared at him completely shocked.

‘So I guess it’s true. You broke up huh.’ He smiled smugly. I couldn’t believe what he was saying.
‘You know what? You keep seeing things that aren’t there Sam. And anyways it’s none of your business’

‘Alright.. Nevermind’ he looked away ‘but you know what? You and me.. we're not so much different.’

I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that but I wasn’t really paying attention anymore. I passed him.

‘And by the way Patrick, have you seen this new kid? Fucking hot.’ he shouted after me, more like a statement like a question.

WTF? What’s wrong with this guy? Doesn’t he have some friends to annoy?
I finally arrived in the classroom. Everybody else was already there. Including Justin, but I didn’t dare to look at him directly. I just sat down somewhere in the last row and remained silent. I still had Sam’s words in my mind and I was curious what it was with the ‘new kid’ that he was talking about.


Time went by and I only had two more classes left. English and Sports. So I was standing somewhere near the classroom right before the English lesson started just like everybody else, waiting for the teacher to arrive and unlock the classroom. I leaned against a wall, watching the people in the corridor.

Wherever I looked I could see couples. Kissing and grabbing each other. It annoyed me. But whatever. I just lost my best friend and didn’t want to think about anything –

There he was.

Probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my life apart from Justin. Beautiful face. Even better hair. Godlike Body. My jaw dropped. I’ve never seen him before but my heartbeat skipped by his sight. He was walking with two girls who were in my class. He had like the biggest smile on his face. His skin was well tanned, he looked like this typical surfer guy. Dark hair and dark eyes. His face had these slight masculine lines. God, I couldn’t stop staring.

Okaaay. So I guess this must be the new guy huh? The bell rang. Seemed like he was in a pretty exciting conversation with the two girls. But then he looked in my direction. I swallowed. He smiled at me and nodded. I tried to smile back but my face was kinda frozen in this OMG-did-he-just-smile-at-ME?!-stare.

The crowd got louder as the teacher arrived and opened the door. I hurried up to get quickly inside the classroom because I felt so stupid for staring at this guy like a fucking retard. Do I just like it to make an idiot out of myself?!

I sat down somewhere in the back. The others slowly came in and so did the new guy. He went to my English teacher Mrs. Klark to introduce himself but it was so loud I couldn’t hear a word he was saying.

Mrs. Klark turned to the class. ‘Quiet please guys.’ – ‘We got a new student. Class please welcome Tyson Parker’

She looked at him again. ‘Take a seat Tyson – shall be your choice where’

Tyson looked around for a second. I rested my head on a stack of books and watched him from there. I felt my heart pounding in my chest while he walked through the classroom. He sat down in the row right in front of me. Next to some geek called Austin. I checked out his back for a while but it just reminded me of Justin. Argh oh no. I really didn’t want to think about him.

Mrs Klark allocated some exercises but I wasn’t paying attention. A few minutes later I had to ask the girl that sat beside me what we got to do. Right then Tyson turned around. This big smile on his face, which reminded me so much of Justin.

‘Hey.. you got a paper for me?’ he said and oh my god his voice sounded so hot

‘Wha.. ? Paper.. umm sure.’ I stuttered

I handed one to him.

‘I’m Tyson by the way’ he smiled

‘I know’ I smiled too ‘My names Patrick’
‘Well Hey Patrick’ he said and turned around again.

‘Hey’ I whispered more to myself than to anybody else.. I didn’t know whats gotten into me but this guy made me forget everything else and I couldn’t stop smiling.

The rest of the lesson was too short if you ask me. I spend the time checking out Tyson.


I was walking alone to the locker room for my sports class. I had sports with Justin. Trying to ignore that my whole body was shaking I thought about whether I should place myself where I always did (which was right next to Justin) or if I should sit somewhere else. But I decided that some of the guys would probably ask stupid shit if I didn’t use my usual locker and I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself or embarrass Justin because I was such a horrible liar. I would just walk in there and act like nothing ever happened.

When I opened the door, most of the guys were already in their sport clothes. I went through the room and straight towards Justin, who was just putting on a shirt. I was able to take one last peek at his beautiful back. God I missed his warm body so much.

He must have noticed me by that time. I stood right beside him and dropped my bag pretty loud on the bench but he didn’t even look at me. Whatever.

I was just putting on my pants when the door swung open and a few other guys including Tyson came in. I was searching a shirt in my bag when..

‘Hey Patrick’ a soft voice said right behind me

I looked around to see Tyson, who put his things down on the opposite bench of mine. Was this guy following me or something?

Justin's head turned immediately. Oh this could be interesting.. I could see Justin glancing from me to Tyson and back to me again. Something told me Justin wasn’t feeling so well at that moment.

Maybe I was just enjoying the situation a little too much but I thought this would be the right time to take off my shirt. Yeah. In fact I could feel somebodys eyes on me.


During the lesson I had plenty of time to watch the bodies of the two sexiest guys I could think of. Water was running down Justin's throat and his white shirt clinged on his wet body. God he was so fucking hot. The way he moved and ran.. Actually everything about him reminded me of sex. I missed him so much.
And then there was Tyson. His body was not so familiar to me but it was exciting see him so exhausted.

In the end of the lesson we had to do some strength training. Our teacher told us we had to do it in groups of two. Usually Justin would do that with me..

I thought about just waiting right there looking confused till somebody would finally ask me but then Tyson stepped up to me.

‘Hey umm Patrick’ he said softly ‘you mind being my partner?’
My eyes widened. ‘Suure’ I nodded and peeked over to Justin.

While we did what we were told I was able to touch Tyson almost everywhere. Actually I had to. Not that I was complaining.. And I was having even more fun when I looked over at Justin. He was staring at Tyson and me the whole time and he seemed pretty angry. Was this some sort of jealousy I saw in his eyes?

Tyson was now stretching my arm and he put one of his hands at my waist. I was trying to pretend not to be that happy that this perfection of man was taking care of me.

‘WTF do you think you’re doing?!’ I heard Justin screaming at some random boy. He wasn’t noticing that everybody in the whole sports hall heard him. ‘Dude what’s your problem?!’ he argued with this small boy.

Justin almost started a fight only a few seconds later but our teacher noticed and took him out of the hall. Just like everybody else I stared over at Justin as he left with the teacher.

‘What the hell is wrong with this guy’ Tyson said quiet, he was laughing.
‘I have no idea’ I lied and smiled to myself.

Normally I would have felt sorry for Justin but I liked the thought, that he was so uncomfortable seeing me with another guy.

1:0 for me.
Another week later Justin still refused to talk to me and I was sick of it. I needed him. I missed him so much. I missed his touch. I missed how we could laugh together.. I even missed getting called ‘Pat’ because he was the only one who did that. I wanted him.

But I wouldn’t just go to him and tell him about that again. He knew about my feelings and I thought it was his turn to come and talk TO ME. After all we were best friends. And he was the one who always told me that nothing and nobody could tear us apart. Where was he now?

Why did he have to ruin everything. God if he only wasn’t so fucking proud.

On the other side Tyson and me grew closer by the day. Since he was in almost all of my classes I spend most of my time with him. He already had more friends than me even though he was here for only a few days. Probably because he was such a sight for everyone. As we walked through the hallway together almost everybody passing by greeted him. Damn he was freaking popular. And well.. again I managed to adore my ‘new’ best friend. I admit there were some similarities between Tyson and Justin. But unlike Justin, Tyson showed me some interest.

‘So we’re doing this report for history class together Patrick?’ he asked me one day after school as we were walking to our cars.

‘Yeah sure.. I guess I wouldn’t even dare to do it alone’
‘Pretty fucked up, huh?’ – ‘But now you got me. Don’t worry’ he said and blinked

‘Umm so when do you have time?’ I asked

‘Probably tomorrow.. you wanna come over to my house?’ he smiled
‘Yeah cool. Gotta go now sorry.. see you tomorrow’
‘Okay see ya’


Maybe I used Tyson just to get over Justin. But it made me feel so much better you know.. Tyson could take away all that I thought was wrong.

So it was Tuesday and Tyson and me were sitting in my car, driving to his house after school. Even though we had to do this report about some civilian war in Europe I got some expectations that Tyson had something else on his mind. He was pretty much flirting with me during school.

It was the first time I was at Tyson’s house and it looked amazing. It was huge and looked like a fucking palace. Everywhere were mirrors and plants and there was this big staircase in the middle of the room.

‘You want something to drink?’ Tyson asked as he walked into another room

‘Sure.. ’ I said looking around.. I felt like in a movie. I was almost scared to touch anything in case I could break it.

So this guy wasn’t only hot as hell but also fucking rich?

Tyson came back with a bottle of water, his history book and some other stuff.

‘You mind if we go upstairs?’ he asked ‘because my parents will be home in a few hours and trust me you don’t wanna meet them’ he laughed

‘Fine with me’ I smiled

We went upstairs in his room, which was pretty much as big as the living room in my parent’s house. Tyson threw his stuff on his bed and sat down. I dropped my bag on the floor and felt a little awkward because I didn’t know what to do. Was I supposed to sit with him on his bed? I shoved my hands in my pockets, standing there like a fucking idiot.

‘What’s the matter? Sit down’ Tyson said

I looked at my feet sat down.. I think I just blushed.

‘Is everything okay?’ he asked confused

I only nodded and took my book and some paper and pens out of my bag.

‘Okay so where do we start’ Tyson asked looking through his stuff ‘- Remember this timeline Mrs. Fischer showed us?’
‘Umm yeah. I think it was from our book, wait..’ I answered and flipped through our history book

I found the right page ‘Here it is’

Tyson moved closer to me to take a look on the timeline. I could feel how my heartbeat skipped. He was so close I could listen to his breathing.
‘You think we should copy it from there?’ Tyson finally spoke

His hand accidentally touched mine as he wanted to turn to another page. I looked into his eyes. For a moment I expected them to be green but well that was obviously just my imagination. Argh. I really didn’t want to think about Justin now.

I stared doubtfully into Tyson’s brown eyes.

I shook my head.. kinda to clear my thoughts.
‘Maybe we should copy the main events from that timeline and add a few things from this other text she gave us’ I heard myself saying
‘Okay. You wanna write?’
‘Yeah sure’ I agreed
I took a pen and a paper and wrote down the things Tyson dictated to me.

After a few minutes Tyson reached for the bottle, which was lying right behind me.

His body came in contact with mine but he wasn’t really able to reach the bottle. He put his arms next to me on both sides. My brows went up because I wasn’t sure how I should react. Tyson lifted his head and looked up to me, his face was close to mine and he realized that he was stuck in this situation. I swallowed.

Without breaking the eye contact I grabbed at the bottle and held it out for him. He took a brief look at the water, but it wasn’t the bottle he wanted anymore.

He put his right hand on my chest and pushed me down on the bed. As I was lying there he sat on top of me, his feet to my left and right and his hand still on my chest.

He leaned in, closed his eyes and kissed me. I was distracted. He kissed me pretty sensually and I could feel his tongue entering my mouth, but my lips remained still.

Tyson finally let go of my lips but then he put his attention to my crotch. His hands slid up and down my tights. I felt really confused. Somehow this wasn’t what I wanted.. even though his hands felt so good on my body, there was something wrong about it.

Before I knew it he kissed me again. My mind kept racing.. This more than beautiful stud WANTED ME. But now I was having second thoughts? What the fuck was wrong with me?

I broke the kiss and pushed Tyson away. He opened his eyes and stared puzzled at me.

‘I’m sorry Tyson but I can’t’ I said bemused and sat up

Tyson looked at me for some seconds and then rushed

‘Look Patrick, I’m sorry..’ he stuttered ‘.. I thought you and me – oh my god. I am so sorry.. But I thought you were -’

‘No it’s not that.’ I said as I packed my stuff in my bag and stood up to look at him again ‘I like you Tyson. I REALLY like you – ‘But.. sorry I just can’t’

I needed to get out of this house. Away from Tyson. I couldn’t stand the disappointed look on his face. I couldn’t think about anything else than to get out.

I headed out of his house, to my car. As I sat inside I rested my head on the steering wheel.

WTF? I just walked out on this sex god. How stupid am I? Applause to myself. YEAH CONGRATS.

I started the engine and drove off. I hated myself for doing what I did, but I had to. I couldn’t start anything with another guy. I wasn’t ready. Tyson didn’t mean anything to me compared to Justin.
Wishfull Thinking Pt4

I woke up as my mum rushed into my room. She was yelling at me while parting my curtains. It was Wednesday and I was late for school. I don’t know. I must have overslept..

I didn’t even want to go to school, I had no intentions to. There was nothing good waiting there for me. My best friend wouldn’t talk to me and yesterday I turned down Tyson Parker. My life sucked. ‘I’d rather stay in bed thank you’ I told my mum while she walked out of my room but she didn’t really listen..

I pushed a pillow on my face and sunk down into my sheets again. Of course.. I had to go. Fucking Shit.


When I arrived at school I was already half an hour late. My biology teacher would be pretty pissed but that didn’t matter to me this morning. I opened the door of the classroom. Some heads turned to see who just came in and I walked right up to my teacher.

‘Sorry I’m late’ I murmured

‘Well talk to me after class Patrick, now go to your seat.’ He answered vainly

I knew that would mean trouble. Then I went through the classroom right towards the last row. I glanced at Justin who was staring at me. There was like no expression on his face.

If he only knew how much I missed him..

I tried to participate in the lesson because I wanted to make a good impression. Maybe that would mean less problems for being late.

But I guess I was wrong.. The bell rang and I went to talk to my teacher. A few students were still in the classroom. Also Justin, who was putting some of his books into his bag.

‘Mr. Richards – I’m sorry.. it won’t happen again’ I started

‘Damn right’ He just said, handing me a piece of paper. VACCINES AND IMMUNIZATION was the headline.

‘Read that. Answer the Questions. Give it to me tomorrow’ and he turned away from me.

I was pissed now. That was some hell of work I would have to do. Another reason why I hated school.


As much as I hated how everything was going wrong, it frustrated me even more that I wasn’t able to talk to anybody about it. I threw my biology book into my locker, when Justin appeared beside me. I tried to calm down as he was probably just there to get to his locker, which was right beside mine.

But then I heard his voice ‘Pat look I-’

‘PATRICK ?!’ Somebody else was calling a few steps behind me. I turned around to see that it was Tyson, who was walking right up to me. I took a short glimpse at Justin who had a flustered look on his face as he saw him.

Tyson didn’t even deign a look at Justin. He stopped closely in front of me and took my hand in his. Tyson rested his body against mine ‘You need to talk to me, come on’ he whispered in my ear and closed my locker behind me with his other hand. I turned my head to see Justin who looked at his feet and turned away quickly. As Tyson lead me through the hallway Justin disappeared in the crowd. I wasn’t able to think clearly. Did I just miss a chance to talk to Justin ?! Why the hell was Tyson holding my hand ?! What the fuck ?

Tyson pushed me inside some empty classroom and closed the door. I stared doubtfully at him trying to free my arm from his.

‘What’s wrong with you Patrick?’ he began and let go of my hand ‘I called you like 9 times yesterday’

I closed my eyes for a second ‘What do you wanna hear Tyson ?’ and sat down on some table

‘What-? Did I miss something?’ he grumbled ‘Is it that you just don’t wanna be with me or what?’

I remembered me saying the exactly same words to Justin a few weeks ago. I felt cruel and thought about the right words to say but there weren’t any. I just wasn’t ready for a relationship with Tyson.. ‘Everything is going to fast for me. You want too much, you expect too much - I had a life before you moved here.. you know’

I wasn’t sure if I made my point clear with that..

Tyson’s expression changed and he tried to smile even though his eyes told me something else. ‘Okay.. I guess I’m sorry’ he said shyly ‘I didn’t want to pressure you or anything -’

‘I gotta go’ I interrupted him and jumped off the table. I wanted this conversation to end..

‘But – Patrick!’ he shouted after me

I already snatched the door handle down when he reached out his hand and pushed the door shut again. He surrounded me by putting his hands beside each of my shoulders. I turned around and we were face to face. I had to look up to Tyson, who was taller than me.. He looked almost angry and I tried to get out of his grip. Without success.

‘You’re not just gonna walk out on me again’ he declared.

He paused, looked up and down my body and then added ‘What do I mean to you?’


‘What am I for you?’ – ‘Am I your boyfriend?’

I stared at him in disbelief.. Was he really asking me that.. like seriously?

‘Noo ?’ I laughed confused and struggled to get away from him

Tyson laughed too.. kinda evil, but then he leaned in and kissed me. I was caught off guard. His tongue was entering my mouth and I wasn’t really fighting it.. his lips tasted so good. Our kiss was kinda toxic and I enjoyed it.. Tyson’s hands were sliding under my shirt as he caressed my lower back. Warm, his touch was so warm. God why must this guy be so fucking hot?

That was exactly when Justin came back to my mind. When I was finally able to move again I pushed Tyson away. I had to force myself to get away from him. He was hot, alright. But he wasn’t what I really wanted.

Tyson stepped back and stared at me. He was perplexed but I didn’t care. I left the classroom leaving him there alone.


I was early for my next lesson, which was English, but I just sat down in the classroom. It was silent because only the teacher and three other students were there. I guess usually everybody spends the break with his friends, huh? It was so quiet I could hear the clock on the wall ticking. Tick. Tick. Tick. I couldn’t stop thinking about Justin. I wanted him. I needed him. What would he think of me now ? He saw the way Tyson treated me in the hallway. He probably saw how he touched me. Even though there was nobody near me I blushed.. just thinking about it. What was it with Tyson anyway ? I made no signs that I wanted to start something with him. I clearly didn’t. Well I admired him but he didn’t even COME CLOSE to the way I saw Justin.. right? Tick. Tick. Tick.

I know I’m always searching for excuses.. for ANYTHING. Or at least somebody to blame. But this was too much.. how is it actually possible that so much shit is happening to ONE PERSON.

Suddenly the classroom was full of people. And all this thinking about Tyson.. there he was. I looked somewhere else as he made his way towards his seat, which was right in front of me. The bell rang and Mrs. Klark started her lesson. I watched Tyson as he played a little with his hair during the whole lesson. He sure was a hottie.

ARGH. My insides just turned upside down by the thought that my next class would be sports. But there was no way I would go there. It wasn’t really my intention to be in the same room with Tyson AND Justin. This would only lead to more drama.. I decided that I would just ditch my sports lesson for today and go home.


Right after my English lesson was over I headed out to my car. I was only a few steps away when I saw a black BMW parked right beside my car – Justin's. It didn’t really bother me, I just wanted to get home. Walking around mine to get to the drivers seat I was searching in my bag for my car keys. Then I saw that Justin was leaning against his car. I stopped on the spot. My heartbeat got faster and I had to swallow hard.

‘Hey Pat’ he said in a guilty but friendly tone

‘Eerm.. Hey’ I managed to answer

Justin didn’t move. He just stared at me with his beautiful green eyes. He looked fucking perfect leaning against his car like this. Shit. I blushed and looked at my feet.

‘Where are you going? Aren’t you supposed to go to sports class now?’ he asked

‘Well so are you..?’ I felt caught

Now Justin was looking at his feet ‘Got suspended for three weeks’ he laughed

I was quite shocked. He noticed and added ‘because I acted like a fucking retard in the last lesson.. you know’

‘Oh I remember.. what was that about in the first place?’

‘Uuh.. I don’t know Pat. Just some random misunderstanding shit’ he blushed

‘Okay I see..’ I smiled

God it was so good to talk to Justin again. Just to hear him saying my name felt amazing. Watching his perfect lips while he talked. And the way he gestured with his hands sometimes..

There was a short silence between us when I realized I should just leave because Justin was probably waiting for somebody. I grabbed my keys.

‘So how is everything going Pat?’