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What the fuck with a Winter snow storm in October


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Jan 5, 2009
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The weather in New Jersey this year is beginning to piss me off. I have written to all my elected officials about this, but have got nothing back. Well, when they have trouble passing a balanced budget, what does one expect them to do with weather patterns. It appears that our wooded friends are the problem. They keep falling down on the power lines and throwing me back to cave-like conditions. I like trees, but they are beginning to piss me off. If they intend to fall on my wires to my home, I have a problem with that. Trees are pretty and wires not so, but if I have to choose, I will take the wires. I am buying a power saw.

I think that the retail industry might be the cause of this. Al Gore should examine this thesis. I am seeing ads for Holloween in August. Christmas sales start in September. Maybe corporate greed is causing the strange weather patterns we are seeing. Children should not be trick or treating and singing Christmas carols at the same time. If I get kids coming to my house for trick or treat, I am giving them a snow ball.

The sun will rise again!

I think you need a little something to remind you that wood can be a good thing!

Thanks for the laugh. I live up North, so I am used to quick changes in the weather. Snow storms in Oct have been rare lately, but it can happen. Pity the poor critters who have been fried.