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What happend to Zack


Aug 8, 2011
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I,ve been away for awhile and wounder if hes stell on the site, do tell.
Don't know which Zack you are referring to. Two of them spelled their name "Zach", one at the begining of Broke Straight Boys-1 and the other at the begining of Broke Straight Boys-2. The third one spelled his name "Zakk" during Broke Straight Boys-1. No Zack (Zach or Zakk) has graced our screens since the beginning of May of this year. Wish they would bring the last one (Zach) back. He was cute and very willing to do almost anything for money. This is almost a tongue twister of a post!

Hope that helps.
Hellooooo MARK !!! Do you read any of the posts here?.. Are there reasons why you do not respond to questions addressed..ro respond to anything that we YOUR subscribers are interested in???
Of course Mark responds to questions and yes, he does read the posts on the forum.
I feel like JP2008. We had a similar post asking about Jason in August. The has yet to be any information provided by Mark or any other Broke Straight Boys manager.