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What ever happened to.....


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Jan 9, 2009
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Castle Rock, CO
I am devoting this thread to those models that are no longer on Broke Straight Boys, and (to my knowledge, not doing adult film(s). So I will throw out the first 'name': Alden of Robert and Alden....was he a "1 time star", or were there other shoots, elsewhere?
I was doing some "research" for the "battle" thread and focused on Leon. What a versatile fucker he was. I know he grows marijuana back in Colorado, but does he still do film? If you want his best shoots, look for the ones with Tyler...yum!
I would like to know what happen to some of those Broke Straight Boys boys. I may sound like a broken record, but to me Diesal, Jimmy, and the Cousin really stood out for me, and i have to admit that i would be happy to see them again, if no more than just to hear them tell us what been going on in their lives.
What ever happened to ....

I'd like to know about Rabid (aka Rabib), John (aka Jon) Zakk, Daxter (aka Dexter) Phoenix and Preston. Like what happened to them and of course are they in other videos somewhere else. If so what and where, title names etc. If anybody knows ANYTHING let me know. thanks