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Voting on Updates


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Nov 28, 2008
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Tacoma, WA
Okay, so I am not that computer smart, but how does one go about casting their vote.
I don't vote on the updates, but thought I would start with the Tyler and Leon update.
Also, can a person vote on previous updates, and how far back?

Still Learning,
When you select a scene, under the picture are 5 little badge icons. They are highlighted red for the number of votes the scene has gotten. If you want to give the scene a 3, for instance, you would click on the 3rd badge from the left. That's it, you've voted, and it will thank you when you have completed your vote, so you'll know it worked. You can go all the way back, as far as I can tell. You just can't vote more than once on each scene.
Lovelumps, thanks. I noticed when I moved my mouse over the badges they would turn color, to I think a gray.
Again, thanks.

By the way, you can actually go back after some time has elaspsed, and vote for an episode again, even after having voted for it once before. I think that is how some shoots remain so high on the "favorites" screen.
I'm not saying that is a bad thing. Sometimes we vote a little prematurely and then in retrospect wish we could upgrade or downgrade our vote. That you can't do, but, you can wait it out and then go back later and vote again, this time with the vote you really wanted.