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Nov 29, 2008
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brooklyn ny
As part of a scene in Paul Morris Treasure Island on HSBoys a bonus site here the weekly scene is Breeding season 2 sc 2. It goes on right away today but tomorrow will be something else. You can still get it after today by using the pull down menu under it.
So whats so unbelieveable? A guy gets fuckeed alot but one part is 2 guys in him at the same time. WOW see how its done.
Which guy would you like to be the one in him or the guy getting it? Id like to be both. If I had to choose only one Id be the guy getting fucked by both. VERY HOT!
i cant find it! :(
go to HSBoys bonus site then check the updates for Nov 11 find Paul Morris Treasure Island then it shoud open automatically if you go tomorrow youll have to do the drop down menu and then click breeding season 2 sc 2