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Tyler then and now!!


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Oct 19, 2008
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Padre Island Texas
I just watched Scott & Tyler and enjoyed it. I could not help but reflect on how much shy Tyler has come out of his shell. I just went back and re-visited Tyler's first video with Aiden at the Miami Auto Show from a couple of years ago, Tyler at the tender age of 18. I miss Aiden too he was a very cute guy.
Back on point, about Tyler. I'm not sure what you feed that boy David but his cock is for sure bigger and he has gone from a dribble load when he came in the early videos... to blasting loads across the futon the past few episodes he has done.
It's worth going back and comparing the Tyler then and now!
D&E seems to be good for Tyler, and Tyler is obviously good for D&E. I am just glad he is happy and hope that is also becuase he is having a great personal life.
Tyler is always hot! Hes a good young man and has developed into a sexy guy who knows how to do it.