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two weeks in paris


Mar 12, 2009
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salisbury, nc
hey everyone i'm spending two weeks in paris next month and wondered if anyone knew of some things that i should do while i'm there in addition to the typical touristy sites.
hey everyone i'm spending two weeks in paris next month and wondered if anyone knew of some things that i should do while i'm there in addition to the typical touristy sites.

Ask Damonzkid. He lives there. :biggrin:
Go to an outdoor market. The organic on Raspail on Wednesdays is wonderful. Buy some bread and cheese and maybe some sausage and have a picnic along the river. Shop the flower and garden stalls north of Notre Dame just to see the beautiful exotic plants in full bloom. If there's a vendor selling lilacs, buy an armful and take them to your hotel. Have a least one meal in the grocery at Bon Marche picking things for their smell and look - the pastries and salads are gorgeous. Buy at least one work of art from a street artist around the Louvre or along the Seine. Pay no attention to anything but how much you like it and how little you have to pay for it and how hot the artist is. When you get home put it in a frame and hang it in your bedroom. Look for inexpensive prints from the used book vendors, too. There's some great used book stores and stalls around St. Michaels Square. Have French ham, eggs and a roll for breakfast everyday at the same sidewalk cafe - be a regular. Their ham is so sweet and lean with very little salt and such a light taste and their eggs are so delicately fried they almost seem poached. Sitting in the same cafe every morning in that wonderful Paris light makes you feel like you understand Conrad, du calme, du calme. Go to a movie. The French post the language of every film on the schedule outside the box office. It's easy to see almost any film in English or French. Pick your language and see why most great cinema lovers are French. The French go to movies like Southerners go to church. And for God's sake DO ALL THE THINGS TOURISTS DO! There's a reason the Tower and Notre Dame and the Louvre and the Seine Cruise and Champs are so popular - they're like nothing else on earth! Don't be foolish and waste an opportunity to experience them. What you don't want to do is act like a tourist. You could spend two weeks in the Louvre - one week seeing the Museum and one week seeing the German tourists seeing the Museum!

Rifle, would you suggest he get out to the Marché Aux Puces?

The most famous flea market in Paris is the one at Porte de Clignancourt, officially called Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. I get out there every time I visit Paris and comb through the alleys of junk and antiques. If you have even an ounce of collector in you, or alternatively are archeologically curious, this place is paradise. The crowds that roam through the 17 acres of recycled treasures are as interesting as the stuff in the stalls. I always buy French army surplus, great wool socks and olive drab pants and jackets for almost nothing. Practice your "skeptical" face in front of the mirror at your hotel before catching the Metro out there, and use it while bargaining, usually only successful when buying more than one of a kind. Or once you've agreed on a price for two or three things, you can add another to the lot and say you'll have it if he's willing to take a Euro more.
Depends on what your personal interests are really. I would totally recommend some museums if you're into art, I've visited La Louvre three times now, two of those were in one year lol. Lots of very nice restaurants too if you're more into eating :p

So what's your personal preferences? And I'm not talking length and girth :p
As for what to do determine what your interests are and then see where those interest meet in Paris. I spent 4 days there some years ago. Our Hotel was located not far from the Church at St. Germaine. Every night outside the hotel was like a mini-party until the early hours of the morning. From that location we were able to walk a good portion of the City and visited such sights as the Louve, the Museum de O'rsay, Notre Dame, the Tower, etc. and then just enjoyed the beauty of the city. We also took one trip to see the Palace/gardens at Versailles.

Don't know if this helps, but most importantly, HAVE FUN.

Live Long and Prosper,

i'm determined to do something wild and crazy anytime i go to a new place. i love randomness and spontaneity. i'm just a big kid when it comes to things like that. i try to make it a point to live without inhibitions (to a certain degree of course).