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Torchwood Fans Unite! It's Baaack....


Oct 30, 2008
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Hey Everyone,

For those of you who are Torchwood fans like I am, you will surely be interested to know that the series is back. The downside is that apparently it will only be broadcast on subscription cable. Starz, to be exact. :banghead:

I dread the thought of having to pay maybe $20 a month or more just to see one of my favorite tv shows once a week. Does anybody who is a fan of the show already have Starz? Can you please let us know how much it might cost for the subscription? And also, does the show seem to be worth the price?

Here's the link that told me about the new series. Apparently it debuts tonight, 7/8/2011 at 10:00.

You can get a $7.99 membership to netflix and stream it for free. Netflix and Starz are buddies and you can watch all their shows instantly.

Let me tell you. I am the biggest Torchwood fan there is! I can say that the season premiere was mind-blowing. This series is going to be fantastic. Worth the price. :)
Wow!! Thanks for letting us know Deidra. I know nothing about netflix. Technically challenged and all that. haha Are you saying we can download or just stream the episode(s) at any time? Netflix is only done by computer, not cable...right?
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You can instantly watch the Starz programming as well as like 10,000 movies and shows. You can do it right on your computer or through 1) a gaming system (I stream through my WII) or 2) through your wi-fi enabled Blu-ray player.

Totally worth the $7.99 a month. And most websites will give you a one-month free trial. I know facebook has a contract with Netflix so you wouldn't even have to pay for the awesomeness that is Capt. Jack. :)
You can wait 24 hours after an episode has aired on Starz for it to be available to stream or you can enable the Live Starz Channel and watch the channel directly through your netflix account.

Hope all that helps. :)

****oh shit-EDIT****
I just googled and they aren't doing the same thing with Torchwood they do with all the other Starz shows like Spartacus...They are opting to put it on 90 days after it airs on the channel. Not sure if the Live stream will show it, but I will look into it. Sorry :((
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Okay just confirmed with JW that you can just watch the Live Starz and see it. They are repeating it again on Sunday if you get a Netflix membership before then. :))
Okay just confirmed with JW that you can just watch the Live Starz and see it. They are repeating it again on Sunday if you get a Netflix membership before then. :))

Thank you to both you and Joe for filling us in on this. It's very sweet of you. xo Other people in here may not understand why Torchwood fans are so fanatical. haha
Ohh believe you me. I'm a crazy bitch when it comes to Torchwood and Doctor Who.

But the real question is..... WHY DID IANTO HAVE TO DIE???? le sigh.
I knowww..... Ianto was such a sweetheart and a kind and gentle soul. It looked like he was finally finding true happiness with Capt. Jack. When he sheepishly told his sister that he and the Captain were a couple, he just seemed so precious.
I never watched this show, is this good?
Can you ask Stars to buy the rights for "V" please :) ABC cancelled it and that sucks.