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Thread post reminders in your in-box


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Oct 26, 2008
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The e-mail addy I used to sign up to Broke Straight Boys is now virtually useless. There are hundreds of messages that are clogging it up, little "heads up" e-mails from the forum. It seems that I inadvertently subscribed to a service from Broke Straight Boys, to be reminded of every new post, every single one, uploaded to any and all the threads I have ever posted on.

If I posted on one or two threads, it would be quite cool to see what's happening on them. Or if I depended on this service, as opposed to gettin' into the forum myself, to know how the threads are evolving.

But as it is, if someone can't tell me how to disable this function (I've tried, God knows I've tried) or how to change the request, or whatever, I'm either gonna have to try to head off the messages to spam purgatory, or not post at all, or maybe post on a thread or two every now and then. Since there's not time to pick them all out and delete them one by one, especially when I know more will be coming in, I feel like Mickey in the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" scene in "Fantasia".


Who else would like to check the forum's evolution direct, rather than being reminded in your inbox?
Just click on user cp and then subscriptions. From there you can delete which threads you subscribed to. Select them and the click on the drop down box to delete the email notification for those threads. To turn off being subscibed to threads click on user cp again and then edit options then find Default thread subscription mode and turn the message notification off. If you have any questions let me know.