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Swine Flu Information for our members


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Oct 28, 2008
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For those of you who are new; I am a public health professional by trade. Anyway, I know we have some immune system compromized members here on the Forum. I am putting this information out for everyone because in the last few weeks I have heard a lot of in accurate facts about Swine Flu just in my own neck of the woods. I have also heard and read misleading statements about Swine Flu from the news media in general. Folks, If you want the real facts please read the information below. This is the material being distributed to your departments of health locally from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I am hoping that this information will help with early detection and whatever preventative measures that should be taken. Again, These are the facts straight from the CDC.

For current state by state statistics click the link below.


For Swine Flu facts please click the links below.




Bless your hearts, thank you for letting me share. Live well, live long, love much, and prosper...:biggrin:
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Thanks for that Jayman
You are right there is a lot of inaccurate information floating around about this flu
Coincidence or not ....

2007 - Chinese year of the Chicken - Bird Flu Pandemic devastates parts of Asia

2008 - Chinese year of the Horse - Equine Influenza decimates Australian racing

2009 - Chinese year of the Pig - Swine Flu Pandemic kills hundreds of pigs around the globe.

Has any one else noticed this?

It gets worse........

next year......

2010 - Chinese year of the C*ck - what could possibly go wrong?

LOL, I see you want to add to the misdirection and confusion of this illness here too.:thumbup: after reading all of that technical health information I guess everyone will need a good laugh too.
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Laughter is the best medicine. I wonder how many people that image cured.:thumbup: