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Solo Tim (and soon: Darren and Tim)


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Nov 1, 2010
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Next up is Tim... When I put my hand on his photo... the bottom part of my monitor send out vibes. Guess I'm going to like Tim.
That is good news Robert, for when you like a performer, I usually do too. I hope that Tim is another good one! :drool:
Let's wait for Darren

Tim is a surfer that likes to go out with the girls. His mouth tends to hang open a bit. And once the jerking starts he is no longer talkative. Tim focuses on the job at hand. Take notice of the quiet ones, they tend to go deep!

Halfway through the movie, I want to fast-forward... not Tims mistake... Why must this movie take a torturing fourteen minutes? Cut it back to a five minutes maximum. Then you had an interesting trailer, an appetizer for things to come; 14 minutes jerk-off scene's are so 1990.

Lost interest in the movie long before the cum shot, so I am typing this review now. The wait is for Darren and Tim.
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I liked Tim's solo. He is very attractive, and has a nice body. I loved his cum shot: the last time I saw cream like that, it was in a yummy donut. I hope to see more of this cream filled treat!
More of this cream filled treat cumming up for Beth

Like this one?

Yummy Cream Filled Donut #1

Yummy Cream Filled Donut #2

Yummy Cream Filled Donut #3
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Sorry, but for me this was another in a long line of boring solos. As I noted in a post on another thread, there are exceptions to the boring solo for me; but this wasn't one of them.

Like this one?

Yummy Cream Filled Donut #1

Yummy Cream Filled Donut #2

Yummy Cream Filled Donut #3

Ah, you do know how to treat a girl...the more cream, the better! This one is double cream: a man eating a donut!


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That boy is a rimmer! There's excrement on his face...

Yeah Stowe, my solo's are exceptions too.
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I thought this solo did exactly what a solo should do. Clay did a nice short interview so we got to know Tim. Then gave us a nice tour of his body and then let him show his jackoff technique. I found this very satisfying and Clay at his best. Now I am ready for Tim's next level. I think he would be very comfortable with Connor or Bradley (I miss Bradley) or AJ (Is he still with Broke Straight Boys?) Someone of a similar background anyway. I gave it a 5 and Clay gets a 5 too.
A stroke of genius, well if the term applies...different strokes for different folks!

Tim was attractive and did whatever he could in his first solo scene. I do not fault him with what I am about to discuss.

I was realizing that unlike David, Clay never gives the "Solo Artist" a choice of straight-bi-or gay-porn to inspire them to the climatic ending. I don't think watching porn during the solo is even offered to the "newbie". Why not? I think the availability of "porn" should serve as an obvious visual stimulant and cerebral lubricant to get them off to a flying good-start! Aren't these SA's red-blooded boys eager to get off anyway? Rather than having the model looking into the camera during the shoot, at least with providing porn of their choosing provides enough well-intended distraction that their eyes are less likely to wander aimlessly or look directly into the camera during the shoot.:w00t:

While I agree that solos are a prefunctory warm-up for bigger and better scenes later on, further stretching the model's personal limits or boundaries they have developed for sexual behavior to occur in a decidedly unromantic environment, I really wished these solos attempted to capture more closely the degree of privacy and comfort level they have cum accustomed in their daily sexual life. I have to admire each model's willingness to forego the usual privacy concerns present in most unfilmed solos occuring in their own bedroom where the mere "orgasm" itself provides its own reward. To be hired for a solo and brought onto a studio as a model is asking a lot from the unitiated of their ability to perform "naturally" and at the same time and expecting them to operate fearlessly in "exhibitionist mode", too.:smiley-sex011:

We hear over and over again from Broke Straight Boys members that solos are "BORING" but that is only the result of the filming environment being too predictable and not supporting enough the model's own personal vulnerabilities. Obviously, these guys normally keep themself entertained sufficiently at home by "jacking-off" while avoiding becuming bored. Perhaps having the model share one of their favorite jo fantasies during the filming might keep things more interesting for the fans. Or maybe having the solo artist act out what really gets them the most excited, even if it involved bringing in their own collection of porn or other artifacts that really added to their getting off. All I am saying is, inorder for solos to not become BORING, Clay needs to "think out-of-the-box" before his next solo shoot by personalizing it to each "soloist", rather than providing routine/predictable "cookie-cutter solo-scene" environments. That black vinyl couch with those animal print throw pillows is getting "really old and offers nothing interesting for viewers", regardless of its practicality in being easily cleaned-off. Taking filming outside would provide variety at least.:cya:

Sincerely "BORED",:crying2:

Tim did a great job in his solo. I like the concentration he put into his strokes. I hope to see some more of that concentration when he is sucking Darren. I really wish Darren had not done the trim job, as I like to see guys all natural. Looking forward to more of Tim.
It was ok. I liked his body and his cock and his cumshot. There was just nothing special about him. Curious about his scene with Darren. Darren is a good coach.
I like Tim. He is cute, has a nice cock and balls and beautiful nipples. I would love to lick and suck those nipples! The way he showed his ass, I think he might be into some ass play. Maybe Darren will lick it. Did I say, that I loved his yummy cum shot?
Wow! I liked these two together, I think they had nice chemistry and I think Tim really enjoyed playing around with Darren. I loved it when Tim blew his load while scuking off Darren...Tim is so skilled! Hope you keep them together to fuck!
Great scene! I loved the kissing, of course! I really enjoyed Tim having so much fun and enjoying being serviced by Darren! Darren is such a trooper! No matter what anyone says about him, I enjoy his performances very much! BTW, did you all notice that he's not making those annoying sounds when he's sucking cock? Thanks, Darren for listening to us. I appreciate your efforts!:thumbup1: