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Sinners you must repent.


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Apr 5, 2010
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Everyone on this site is a sinner. You'll pay for those sins in the afterlife.
God be with you all.
The Priest.
Huh? Let he without sin be first to cast the first stone....... Or however it goes...
Hehe, Christians are funny. Did he really join the site and the forum just to preach?
hmmmm this is coming from the one posting on the forum on this site ...... wow
Fornication and masturbation are sins in His eyes.
It's not too late for any of you.
Get on your knees and pray now. There is hope for you all.
The Priest.
I am all for getting on my knees, but I don't think God gives a rat's ass what I do with my junk.....
If I get on my knees, it wont be to pray.

I am a really bad girl, will you punish me Priest?
i blew a priest once. he came once, so i kept going, and he had a "second coming".
Hi Justme, Which model did you jack off to as you were on your knees praying to God? I bet it's Diesal! Probably "too old" for you huh?
"They say there's a heaven for those who will wait
Some say it's better but I say it ain't
I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints
the sinners are much more fun..."

Only The Good Die Young -- Billy Joel
...one of the many reasons i stopped going to church
I always wonder if these people truly have the intention to save us from ourselves or if they are just trying to stir the pot.

I'd like to think people wouldn't use God's name/word as a tool to insult and taunt people. I haven't found a single place in the bible in which God condoned that behavior, and it'd be foolish to think that it would encourage "sinners" to come to God.
I'm going to make a wild stab here and say 'Just Me' might well be someone we all know. Any bets?
Don't keep us guessing reveal his ID. Could it be the same guy who cancelled his membership after 3 years wanking over gay films.
Everyone on this site is a sinner. You'll pay for those sins in the afterlife.
God be with you all.
The Priest.

Repent for what? The models are her of their own volition. The forumites are here of their own volition. Nobody is being hurt and everyone for the most part seems to have fun. So, basically everything going on in here is consensual. The Old Testament of the Bible is how things were before Jesus the Christ. In Leviticus when is says if man lies with a man as he lies with a woman he has committed an abomination against God; this is not God speaking, it is man. This was spoken to encourage the rebuilding of the Tribes of Israel.

The New Testament of the Bible explains that our sins were washed away and forgiven by Jesus the Christ's sacrifice. The lesson Jesus wanted to teach us was that we did not need to kill each other or make sacrifices of Gods other living creatures for our mistakes. The lesson is to love each other unconditionally. We need to learn to appreciate each other with all of our flaws because God created each of us, and each of is perfect whole and complete just the way we are. God also gave us the freedom to choose to watch sex, experience sex, and to give of our selves sexually unconditionally to our partners as an expression of Divine unconditional love. There is no sin in this...

Sinning only means to miss the mark you were aiming for. I think everyone in this forum is right on target. Bless your heart I hope that you one day find inner peace and that you can shed a life filled with fear so that you may one day find divine unconditional love in your life. :thumbup1: