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Shane and Diesal part 2


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Nov 14, 2008
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so cal
i added this comment to shane and diesal video update part 1.
realized that was not the best place for my comments.
shane came while being fucked. love seeing that.
when a guy cums with a hard dick in his ass, i said someone gave a good fuck.
yeah! not going to gave it a 5 though. this was 4. there was hard man sex, but not much kissing. notice when david showed shane feet, diesal did not make shane's toes curl. i love it when the toes curl.
to see what i mean, check out jace with sean and leon. mama, he makes my toes curl.
it was good, but it didn't curl my toes. but i still love them both.
leon and shane now that would be a pairing. just fucking in their first video.
or diesal and leon.
Thank God!

And then came Diesal/Shane 2, and all that was right with the world was restored. The birds sang, the sun shone, and Diesal was the Diesal we all love to see fuck.

Not that I ever had any doubts, but I love it when Gigantor pays a visit!:001_tt1:

Clear 5. NASA might be interested in Shane's ejaculation. An interview with Shane going into his backstory especially previous porn work would be greatly appreciated.
Just couldn't resist copying and pasting my comments from the other ShaneDiesal thread. Sorry to repeat, but my enthusiasm can't be curbed. I might even copy this onto 3 or 4 more threads just to celebrate lol...

This was a 5 scene on the basis of esthetics if nothing else. They both have such beautiful bodies and great faces that as long as they grinned complicitly at each other, kissed with some conviction, sucked and fucked, there was almost no other score for it. They're both naughty nice guys with lots of class and they're hot as hell. They're almost good enough actors to make it look like they enjoyed doing what they did even if they didn't, but I don't think they needed to fake this one since they obviously both loved it.

Toward the end, when Diesal folded Shane over to fuck him sideways, and then, instructed by David, folded him back toward the cam, you could see the shape of Shane's stiffy, just for a nanosecond, when he changed jacking hands. It's a perfect wedge, really thick and broad at the base, and almost pointed as it comes up to the glans. Structurally it's the most reliable fuck tool going and it partly explains (maybe viagra or cialis is the rest of it) why this guy is instantly hard and stays that way throughout a scene. It was cute, however, that the diesaldick made his beautiful hole hurt just enough during the doggie to lose it for a while. It took getting on his back and seeing the hottie who was fucking him face to face to get his wedgie back to wood.

Tyler and Leon, this one is a hard act to follow.
YES!!! This is one really hot scene. Both guys brought their A games and were superb. Shane continues to be an ace regardless of the situation. His personality just shines through. Diesal was his amazing self. He is much more reserved but sure can get the number done. No prob with getting hard right from the start and it just got hotter. David, these two boys need to be kept on a short leash by Broke Straight Boys Don't let them get away. Excellent, awesome, tremendous and a definite 5. Loved it.
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Definitely a better shoot! Still not on the same caliber as Deisal/Jimmie, but, definitely better performance than the first shoot. Both guys are just so damn hot to watch.
Leon getting topped by Shane? Sounds like a winner to me!
Just a quick reaction to Leon being topped by Shane. Leon is a talented top and I'd hate to see him bottom so soon. Would love to see him paired with Nu...thinking the chemistry would be awesome! Guessing the two would be comfortable kissing and would provide a hot fuck session!
While Shane was getting ready to shoot the anal and David asked if he had enjoyed his first experience bottoming, he said he'd never tell, but sometimes things speak for themselves, I wondered what we'd get from him. I expected he'd have a hard time bottoming since he's such an assertive partner. Ahem... Wow! It was so hot to see him let go like he did, and his facial expressions were so natural, there was no trace of that cockiness he displays. That's what made this so hot for me. As for Diesal, he just gets more beautiful every time. He is dominant, and assertive, but listens to his partner's reactions. I'd love to see him with a partner he doesn't have to hold back with! But a man who can be really fucked hard by Gigantor could be hard to find! Keep looking, David!!!
Would love to see them both fuck each other. One cums inside then they switch.
Another senario is Shane gets fucked by more than one guy in a row before he cums.
Loved this one for sure though. We need to see more of Shane having an orgasm while being fucked. Loved it.
Not my favourite and I'm not sure why. I guess that there just wasn't enough other than the fuck. I agree with joeychuk that it would have been a great opportunity for a flipfuck. When we are putting "gigantor" to work, it's also an opportunity to fingerfuck the receiver of the meat. How can David say there was great reception for the oral scene when, so I'm told, these were made long ago? I still love these guys, but I wish they were more creative. Maybe slather each other with body oil before they start?
I Don't Smoke!

I don’t smoke but the reason it has taken me so long to respond is because I’ve been looking for those cigarettes that David is always looking for after a Shane and Diesal shoot. And speaking of shooting, how about that Shane? And speaking of Shane, what a real trooper, nice and professional all the way. He has a “can do” or a “will do” spirit about him. He is going to get it done regardless of the cost or the price. Diesal is just Diesal, dependable and giving all the way. He has always had an impeccable attitude and spirit. One of the things that has always impressed me about Broke Straight Boys is how well the models get along with each other (for the most part, always a few exceptions). It just makes the scenes better for me when I see the small things like a touch or a gentle rub on the leg or back of the other model. Again to me those touches are not necessarily sexual but more compassionate, friendly and yes, loving too.

Enough bloviating MacTee, OK, I said all this to say: “I sure did like it!”
It was a great shoot. Yes not much kissing and I love the kissing, but the kissing they did was very good and more of a "want to" moment rather than, just doing it for the scene. I liked that a lot. It was more real and less acting or less of being told to do so. That made the small amount of kissing hot, and I liked that Diesal was the one that went in for the kiss. Way Hot!!! Great fuking, and touching between them was very nice. I think both guys are very hot and sexy in so many ways. But I love Shane's ass, his shape, the fact it is totally hairless, and a lovely color, it is sooooo HOT. So when they showed the close up of where Shane is on his back legs up and then David goes in real close up shot, and you see Shane's creamy ass and Diesal's huge member sliding in and out of his, sorry to say I could last no longer and shot off right there. Just that small part of the scene was so freaking HOT!!! Love this part of the shoot and David you have a great eye.

I too agree with those that loved it when Shane blew his wild load with Diesal still up his ass like his was fucking his load out of him. Thanks to David for bringing another wonderful and entertaining and Hot video for our enjoyment.

Loved It
Jeff V.
I'm always interested in those forum members who like it "straight" - i.e. they want to see straight guys "do it" and get into it. Then there is the majority, I think, who always appreciate a good anal or a hot blow job, whoever is doing it. It doesn't matter if Shane and/or Diesal is bi or gay or straight - the scene is hot.

But I think what really makes Broke Straight Boys so popular and unique is the informality of each scene, and the fact that you get to know the guys over time. Dave provides the "Everyman" dimension - he's kind of us looking on (and sometimes getting in there a little and sometimes getting hot from all the action). Shane and Diesal (or for the purists, Diesal and Jimmie) are kind of the archtype of all that. Think how much banter went on between them, and with Dave. It creates a mood that is hot in its strange, relaxed, but then intense, way. Whatever gay/straight/bi combo is going on, it's part of the "into your living room" that makes it so fucking hot.

On another matter: This scene is a wonderful "textbook" for anyone thinking about trying anal but not sure they can do it. The lesson is be patient, endure the pain and find the position that works for you. It's too bad that many guys get fucked for the first time under circumstances where they are not expected to be patient and their pain is ignored. So they come away thinking I'll never do that again. For most, it's best to have an understanding partner when you start out.

And finally, both Shane and Diesal have very different cum shots, which is great! I counted seven and a half jets from Shane - and the seventh still went over his shoulder. Maybe the Broke Straight Boys store should start selling plaster casts of notable futon visitors. I'd certainly would display one in my home! I know there is a market for those two.
To me, this scene was not as good as their first one and it is probably due to what Jeffv stated, lack of kissing and passion. Each to their own of course but this film didn't excite me at all.
Shane and Diesal were awesome. Wow, the cum shots were stellar. David that was an awesome shoot... Dude, how you managed to control yourself was simply amazing. I gave it 5 stars.:wink:
Better than the first no doubt and probably because both guys had no problems staying hard. Not on the Diesal bandwagon though, more into the fresh athletic look that Shane brings. After the Diesal/Jimmie shoot it's been hard for Diesal to equal that performance.