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SEX - were did they go?


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Aug 1, 2010
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:001_tt2:OK so we have the new Broke Straight Boys .... and how does this work , u come in one day and all the old Broke Straight Boys get fired ....or are they fuckin some were else .... How do i find them are they on another sight , or just fuckin unemployed ......I sure would like to find them .....:tongue_smilie:
Anyone out there who can help me with this ....:001_rolleyes:
Once in a while Irish you will spot them on another site like Jeremy Hall. They're around just be patient. If you look at other sites, you may even spot an old timer like Tyler or Austin.
I too often wonder where old bsbs models went but also some of the Broke Straight Boys II models. CJ and Zach for example. I have been so disappointed with the general makeup of bsbII in I don't think the discourse is all that great compared to bsbI = still willing to stay with bsbII a bit longer but am beginning to doubt the wisdom of membership in it.
nice thread it made me laugh...SEXXX wher are you ? lol