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Remembering Elizabeth Taylor who died today


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Mar 10, 2010
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Friends and colleagues remembered Elizabeth Taylor not only as a Hollywood icon and screen legend, but for her revered generosity.

"Elizabeth, on every level, was a mensch. Kind, generous, brave," said Taylor's Blue Bird co-star Jane Fonda said.

Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79

Taylor, who won Best Actress Oscars for 1960's BUtterfield 8 and 1966's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, died at 79 Wednesday of congestive heart failure.

"The shock of Elizabeth was not only her beauty," Mike Nichols, who directed Taylor in Woolf, said. "It was her generosity. Her giant laugh. Her vitality, whether tackling a complex scene on film or where we would all have dinner until dawn. She is singular and indelible on film and in our hearts."

Shirley MacLaine, who co-starred with Taylor in the 2001 TV movie These Old Broads — Taylor's last film — said the actress' "talent for friendship was unmatched."

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"I don't know what was more impressive her magnitude as a star or her magnitude as a friend," MacLaine said. "I will miss her for the rest of my life and beyond."

Eva Marie Saint said she has "wonderful memories" of working with Taylor in 1957's Raintree County and 1965's The Sandpiper.

"I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Elizabeth Taylor," Saint said. "She was an incredible talent, and yes, she had those unforgettable eyes.I greatly admire her humanitarian efforts which have touched so many lives.Elizabeth was a very dear, generous and loving lady."

Taylor's legacy in film is perhaps only surpassed by her activism. The actress formed an AIDS research project following the death of her friend Rock Hudson in the 1980s. She later joined forces with Dr. Mathilde Krim to create The American Foundation for Aids Research (amFAR). In 1991, she created her own foundation, the Elizabeth Taylor HIV/AIDS Foundation (ETAF).

"Dame Elizabeth was without doubt one of the most inspirational figures in the fight against AIDS. She was among the first to speak out on behalf of people living with HIV when others reacted with fear and often outright hostility," amFAR said in a statement. "For 25 years, Dame Elizabeth has been a passionate advocate of AIDS research, treatment and care. She has testified eloquently on Capitol Hill, while raising millions of dollars for amfAR. Dame Elizabeth's compassion, radiance, and generosity of spirit will be greatly missed by us all. She leaves a monumental legacy that has improved and extended millions of lives and will enrich countless more for generations to come."

Rest in peace,

Now, it's really NOT my business how many husbands she had!...But, she will certainly be missed for her very generous and kind spirit as well as her love for those who were much less fortunate and her non-discriminating attitude towards ALL!!

Many blessings to her family during their breavement.
Beautiful though she was, she was a great actress and a great person!

Her 2nd Academy Award: Best Actress Award for Elizabeth Taylor in 'Who´s Afraid of Virgina Woolf? - Making of

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A tribute to Elizabeth by Paul Newman


Elizabeth Taylor - AIDS &The Heroes- by Richard Bassett



I would also like to add that as a very young woman she fell head over heels for a wonderful and very handsome man by the name of Montgomery Clift. Also an actor. She did love him dearly. But he could not return her affections in the same way, because he was gay. In spite of this the two of them went very deep emotionally. When he passed at a young age she was devastated. Interestingly enough when she gave interviews with Larry King and others...and she answered many tough personal questions about her marriages, the death of Mike Todd and so forth...her one stipulation was that she would not discuss Montgomery Clift. Any questions about him were forbidden. Presumably because the grief was still too painful.

She knew he was gay. She found out fairly quickly from the time they met. He is one of the people most influential in her evolving feelings towards acceptance of gays. Montgomery Clift preceded her befriending Rock Hudson and speaking out so forcefully for funding for AIDS research.

She was a wonderful ally of the gay community.


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I have to admit that I couldn't relate to Elizabeth Taylor. I knew she was very beautiful in the day, but most of her films were done at the time of my parents birth or before. I also knew that she was involved with AIDS charities from the beginning. But now I read that the "bulk of her $600 million estate" is going to AIDS research.