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Regarding Gerald's Comments


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Oct 29, 2011
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I live in the south suburbs of Chicago.
I gotta say, I agree with everyting Gerald says. So no, Gerald, it is not just you. All of these perfromances are flat. There is no electricity. I keep waiting for something to change. If it doesn't, I will search for a better site. For example, straight boys kissing, swallowing, now that would be something.
We just had a scene last night with kissing and swallowing. I think things are moving along in a very good direction for the site.
There's a difference in being in the heat of the moment and swallowing, versus, cumming in your hand and then licking it b/c it's some prearranged thing, that didn't go over so well, neither did the rough sex....it was just awkward and as Christopher Robbin said, flat.......just odd!