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Question about Posts/Stars/other notations


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Oct 24, 2009
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How do posts get star ratings? And what does the little symbol in the upper right hand portion of the post title mean (yellow with a tiny return arrow)?
Happy Birthday to you :)
About the star ratings, whenever you like or dislike a thread, you can rate it. See picture below and it'll show you how to rate threads ;)


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another question

First of All.....

Happy Birthaday Silvercamel!!!!!!:waw:

What happened to the option to edit or delete a post after 5 minutes?
I hope this means someone else is going to be OCD enough to join me in rating these threads!

will Kyler ever be coming back in a shoot where he is fucked, or in a 3 way, I personally, think that he is one of the cutest models. I think a total hot shoot would be with Jordan topping him, then them kissing to finish it off. BTW, I have posted SEVERAL times previously, asking about Kyler, to no response, (that I have found). Thanks