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Preston & Mike


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Feb 9, 2009
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Forthcoming episode November 4th Preston & Mike - haven't we already seen this one on September 2nd? The still photo and caption are certainly the same.
Correct me if I am wrong
That does look like the vid we saw them in before. I'm hoping the pic and caption were posted in error.
Why don't we wait until the film is released ?

Obsession breeds speculation, and if I'd noticed that anomaly I'd have rushed back to the forum to be the first one to mention it. Jon, be real here mister. This isn't Leeds.

All right now that's what we save the 5th star for. I could watch these guys all night. I would have liked to see Preston get a little head but that's ok the squirming out of his seat at the end made up for it. I think that boy is also hiding a bit of a secret but again that's ok I'm just enjoying watching him figure it out. Keep it coming David I cant wait until the next one....:id_hitit:
Right so now we can actually talk about the Preston and Mike film. I loved this one and gave it a 5. There is so much hidden affection between these 2 guys and I hope it gets to be revealed in front of the cameras. Right at the end of the film when Mike was still playing with Preston's dick after he had cum, I thought they were going to go into a passionate, playfull fight. Oh my imagination is running away we me just like it did the temptations - pun...
I agree with Jon & Denny - these 2 blondes are fun, cute and there is something going on there that MAYBE even they don't know yet. Did you notice the body language? Right from the start they were sitting close, arms and knees touching. Could be another Diesal/Jimbo relationship there...I got similar vibes from these two.
Disappointed that Preston didn't get sucked off (I guess he was too?) but they had a lot of fun doing this one. David was in fine form with his tattoo comments early on, and it was a relaxed atmosphere, although highly charged sexually I thought? The air really crackled between these two. I guess that Preston will take it up the bum...can't remember if Mike has bottomed yet...I will check on the excellent spreadsheet.
Could not give it a 5* cos Preston didn't get his cock sucked, but I enjoyed it more than many recent episodes for all that.
Their total complicity and loving disrespect is such a turn-on. At UNC we used to talk about (and occasionally actually do it) "gettin' nekkid in a pile". Those two pups were intertwined in a bunch of combinations as the shoot progressed, and kept moving closer rather than doing the Straightie Retreat that sometimes happens when a leg brushes a leg by accident in other, less relaxed shoots with other, more uptight BSBs.

I said to jon in a PM just now that the grinning, malign, post-orgasmic dickhead torture that Mike wreaked on Preston rates as one of the cutest moments in Broke Straight Boys history. Preston was adorable levitating in sensory overload with leering Mike holding on tight to that baby bronco. Those two know each other so well, and have no compunction about using the knowledge they have to unhinge the other guy. I just absolutely loved this shoot. It got a 5 only because there weren't any sixes.

This is one of two pairs that I really hope to hell we get to see a lot more of, a LOT. The other pair is guess who.
Another five star episode

Another wonderful scene. I've always enjoyed hanging out with young straight guys the age of Mike and Preston, and these two reminded me so much of the attitude and exuberance of testosterone filled young guys that I have known. Both guys are hot and fun, but Mike is definitely my favorite between these two. I love his expressive face, lean body, and beautiful cock. It was surprising that the idea of Mike sucking Preston, before jerking him off was forgotten about, but I think it's kind of cool that Preston was so into Mike and his dick, that it seemed "right" for it to be a "one way bj" for Mike, like he was being "serviced" by his adoring buddy.

I definitely would like to see more from this "dynamic duo". I really enjoyed this scene a whole lot. And by the way, kudos to the third member of this scene, David. He was funny and at his playful best here too. As I've said before, without David, Broke Straight Boys would not be the wonderful site that it is.