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Please describe you picture


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Oct 28, 2008
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Just answer the following the questions, on paper, in detail. Details are extremely important. Ok, are you ready?

1. Close your eyes and imagine a desert landscape. Picture the sand, the sky and the horizon.

2. Now in this desert landscape, there is a cube. Describe it in detail. Where is the cube? What position is it in? What color is it? What is it made of? What size is it?

3. Now, in this desert landscape, along with the cube there is a ladder. Describe it in detail. Where is it in relation to the cube? What size is it? what is is made of? What position is it in?

4. Now in this desert, there is also a horse. Describe it. Where is it in relation to the ladder and the cube? What is it doing? What color is it? What size is it?

5. Now somewhere in this landscape is a storm. Describe it. How does it affect-- or not affect-- the cube, the horse and the ladder? What kind of storm is it? Where is it?

6. Finally, in this landscape, along with the storm, the horse, the ladder and the cube, there are flowers. Describe them. Where are they in relation to the ladder, the horse, the storm and the cube? What color are they? What size are they? How many are there?

This is really great you need to do this. :thumbup:
I tried it darling man, but when I opened my eyes the writing had slid all over the page and the drawings were on top of each other.

(Couldn't resist, couldn't resist. Sorry, now I'm really gonna do it right.)

ehnr i see the sky i can see the scue next ti ne m, it;s air rhw air and crokked, RThen there is a ladder next ti ut. it; acruallr aga9nst thecibe. Te ;adder is about 8 feet. OIt' in wood, farl boernw. the horse os actually nehinf the vice and ther ladder. It's white, loojkig a me...

Ok i can't do this with my eyes closed. Let me try again :) hehehe

I see the cube, it's 3 feet floating in the air about 40 feet away from me. It is the size of a human head. It's in glass, and the sun's reflection on it makes it really bright. Right next to it is the ladder, it's actually against the right side of the cube. It's about 7 feet tall and in a dark brown wood color. Behind the cube and the ladder, about 30 feet away, i can see a beautiful white horse standing still and looking at us. I actually see the back of the horse through the glass cube. The sky is purple-ish, it's getting darker and a few thunders are hitting the ground a few hundreds feet from where we are. It's starting to rain. I look behind me, and there i see 2 red tulips on the floor telling me i need to go home lol
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