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Oral Examination


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Oct 26, 2008
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The island next door to Ibiza
Jayman has his "orals" this weekend. After that he has all the degrees he's gonna try for for a while. Please join me in wishing him luck as he submits himself to
an oral exam by a bunch of old white guys.
Courage dear man, and Good Luck​

Jayman my good friend may Angles guide your every move!
Good luck, Jayman!!

May the angles, er, angels smile on you during your orals!!

:001_smile: Best Wishes To Our Beloved Jayman!! :001_smile:

May the angels be on your shouders and your spirit guides and muses whispering in your ear.​

You hit the nail on the head. Jayman (and his not so little friend) should handle oral examinations like a champ!

Goodluck Jayman!
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Thank you everyone.:thumbup:..
Jayman is on the cusp of receiving his Master's degree. He has probably submitted a hard copy of his dissertation. Now however he must go before the committee in person to orally defend his thesis and conclusions. Once he has done that successfully then he will receive his degree.
My Dearest Jayman,

It seems like all your forum friends are extolling upon you their "Best Wishes", "Good Luck" & "Courage" regarding your up-cuming Oral Exams.

Having read some three thousand + posts (give or take a few dozen) you have provided us with insights as to how you shall perform. You logic is almost Vulcan in-nature. Your content and perseverance is impeccable. Your ideas are pure and simple. When you speak, people listen.

Therefore when it comes to being UP for Orals to me is seems like a no-brainer.

Lastly, as this is by far not the first time you've been involved in ORAL exams I fully expect our JAYMAN to pass in




p.s. Just in case, my fingers are crossed.
Thanks Vice kid friends. I really do appreciate it.:thumbup:
Thank you Tampa and good luck Jayman. Is this the theology degree you were on about in another thread. Best of luck and lots of love from England xx
Hi Jayman,

I wish you all the best. But I believe, that you will manage this all without any problems.
I send you all my positive thoughts and keep my fingers crossed.

Oh, that kind of orals! Well, in that case lets give him a party with all the fixings and thrills. I suggest sausages, weiners, franks with beans and buns. I'll bring the wine and beer.
Jayman -

Hope the orals went well!!! And don't believe the above, having a good angle for orals really does help! Of course, so would an angel! I have now doubt you will have both (hopefully this past weekend!!!)!

I hope it doesn't take a long time before you find out you have recieved an A!!!!

Love Always, Thomas!
I have two more professors to address this Friday. Seems they were on vacation. LOL So, far I am batting a 1,000. I guess I still have to let these other two have their say.:001_unsure: LOL
Thanks for the update Jayman. You have been in my thoughts alot this weekend. I suspected that it was not all wrapped up since you hadn't said anything sooner. Good luck my friend!
I'm sure the other two professors will enjoy having their way, er, I mean say! I'm sure you'll 'take it' in stride. Love, Thomas.
I'm sure the other two professors will enjoy having their way, er, I mean say! I'm sure you'll 'take it' in stride. Love, Thomas.

I hear you I just want to put the icing on this cake an be done with it. LOL :cursing::wink: