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OH My God! He, (She) 's BAAAAACK!


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Nov 28, 2008
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State of Confusion
Thank you Chuck. Finally, the Queen of the Stardust Forum is back! Hello Boys! Didja miss me? I sure as hell missed all of you.:cool:
Hey MarkyMark!!! :waw:

The place hasn't been the same without you. We need some of the levity and gaiety of yesteryear. I hope you've been well.

On a more serious note what is your take on the Prop 8 trial out there in California?
TAMPA!!!! Hey Sweetie! Feels great to be able to access the forums again. I have been well, thank you. Carl has also been well. We have his (our) son home for a few months while he evaluates new colleges to apply to for his masters work in Music (vocal) which he started last fall at the Conservatory of music in S.F. It has been wonderful playing "Dad" again.
As to the trial, I am proud of the work we have done, and the fact we were able to get David and Ted to argue our side. What with Cindy McCain and other high profile folks finally standing up and being counted, I honestly believe we have finally turned the tide, heading toward a victory. But of course, the fight will not end without multiple challenges, whatever the initial ruling is, so we must plan for the future now, there is no time to sit and rest.
On a personal level, I was given the chance to come out to the rest of my 200+ family members, just this week. I lost one of my aunts to a stroke , and a religious nun at the school who knew about me from my aunt, had asked that I not attend the funeral as it was being held at a Catholic school hall where children would be present. Not only did my whole family explode, but I was asked to be a pall bearer, and to sing Panis Angelicus, a favorite song of my aunt's. Then they introduced me to her! OOOOOPS! In all, a wonderful day, since I know my aunt is in heaven, and "Sister" is in her place!
Hey there Mark.....the QMOTF is back...wahooooooo.

My thoughts are with you for the loss of your Aunt.

the forum has not been the same without ya..and hell yeah of course we missed ya!!!:001_tt1:
Marky Mark the forum just hasn't been the same with out Queen Mother holding court... Welcome back...:waw::bannana_guitar::dancingpenis:
Marky Mark the forum just hasn't been the same with out Queen Mother holding court... Welcome back...:waw::bannana_guitar::dancingpenis:

I am glad to be back, I just hope you guys understand that with carpal tunnel, it's gonna take time to get through all these videos, much less type up a storm in the forums! So, if I seem a bit preocc..... say, who is this cutie?, um, gotta go, see ya!:001_cool:
Haha there are many cuties and vids to catch up on Mark......you will have a lot of fun re-aquainting yourself...:blush:
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!!

As a member of the forum since it's inception back in late 2008, it feels like a homecoming having Markymark back with us. Welcome home, your majesty. We've missed your insight, wisdom and humor.
Hi M&M,

I'm so glad to have you back. Your majesty's presence has been sorely missed. You always had a way of bringing out the best in us.

For your viewing pleasure might I suggest a perusal of the Diesal and Jimmy 3 part series? Followed of course with a helping of Logan and Shane.

There is another fair haired Shane. Who while having a few detractors, also has mighty erections and climaxes that are renowned throughout the land. haha
He's back


Your absence has been missed by all. WE welcome your return and look forward to your mighty words of wisdom. I hope your Majesty had a delightful respite from your daily chores. I understand the need to re-charge those batteries. Your subjects are awaiting your commends. I too am leaving on vacation (flying to Florida and taking a cruise out of Miami) and look forward to peace and tranquility.

I am your humble servant,

Live Long and Prosper,

Hey Marky Mark it is great to see you back ...... you have been greatly missed
Welcome back my good friend. Our little world has missed you...:bannana_purple:
Your Majezty Welcome Home to this Sceptered Isle

Even though your humble servant has already extended his greetings in private, here's the public one, or pubic one: