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New York City October 23, 2008


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida
Broke Straight Boys will be at The Cock in NYC on October 23, 2008.

The Cock
29 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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I am in NYC. Will any models be there? I loved the old Cock. Have never been to the new Cock. I heard they don't have the backroom anymore. Is that true. I would sure love to take one of the boys in the back room!
ha, wish i could got, to bad im in Cali. hmm, I would like to meet the guy who bribes the dudes. I saw him on College Boy Physicals- I laughed throughout the entire episode.
Here's some pictures of the boys at the Cock:


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And some more:


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And a coupla' more:


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I was a member back then but in San Diego.
It appears that the only one we know for sure who was there is Dustin Michaels himself. MHRIP

At the time Broke Straight Boys would often hire random hot guys to join the Broke Straight Boys entourage at events to promote the site. So it could sometimes be only one Broke Straight Boys model and one to three other employees hired just to work the events. The employees weren't technically "Broke Straight Boys models", as they didn't film here or have any scenes posted. Fortunately that did change fairly quickly. Then going forward all the guys attending the events were truly Broke Straight Boys models who any fan of the site showing up to an event would instantly recognize and know by stage name.

So all this to say that if the guy showing a nice butt is not Dustin, that it could be a totally random Broke Straight Boys employee at the time.

This thread brings back some good and also bitter-sweet memories. I remember also how much I liked Patrick. We even PM'd a fair bit back in the day. I was sorry to see him go. Jayman (a frequent and beloved poster from years ago) also told me that Patrick was a really good guy. Jayman met one of the earliest Broke Straight Boys groups when they came to Harrisburg, PA for an event.
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