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New Update is Actually Old?


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Oct 18, 2008
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The new update with Dustin, Tyler and Nu. According to the interview it was Dustin's first time on the set of Broke Straight Boys Why did it take so long to come out, because he has several scenes on the site already? But it was a very hot scene none the less, I love seeing hot guys kiss. :wink: Thanks Nate
Dustin, Nu and Tyler

Yeah guess this one was in the can for awhile, but I sure am glad it is on the site now. This was one really sensuous piece of video. I guess nu's aggression had a lot to do with that, but the most contributing factor was the chemistry of the guys. There was real heat. Tyler and Nu double teaming Dustin's cock was almost unbearably hot. The inner action between the three during the fucking scenes was really great. One of them wasn't off to the side, all were participating. The kissing was the topper. Dustin is one str8 boy that is the epitome of all the str8 guys that str guy lovers dream of, secure in his own sexuality and adonis like. Dustin is a STAR!
Usually it's only Tyler I really watch when he's in an episode, but it's gotta be said that all three of them were equal protagonists in this one. Part of it is the fact that there seemed to be some real affection for each other, like friends, each wanting the other two to do well and have a good experience. It came across as one of the more "real" episodes I thought and even hotter because all of them seem like especially nice guys.

Do they read these threads do you think? It would be so awesome if they got into the forum to tell their side of it...like maybe a very pale one for instance hint hint
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That's ok, any episodes with Dustin is fine with me hehe.

OMG, please tell me that that was actual sweat on Dustin's body and not "spray on water". I literally had to force myself from licking my computer screen when the camera focused on Dustins sweaty body. He looked very tasty. :001_tt1:
I don't care what order they are posted as long as Dustin, Alden, Diesal, Anthony, Hollywood, Austin or Tyler are in them.

What ever happened to Casey. Only guy I think could take having him fuck them is that wierd guy who stuck the jar up his ass.
A blast from the past when people still liked Dustin as the fresh meat on site...