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more beefcake


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Feb 18, 2010
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All your boys are really cute, however you need to fatten them up. I know alot of them are working out , and they are just boys, though a daily dose or two of high calorie/high protein milkshake would help them be even hunkier. I'm a new member and already addicted to Broke Straight Boys Thanks.XO
I'm afraid you might be disappointed in the usual offerings. The skaterboy look seems to rule here. Once in awhile you get a beefier guy and even rarer a hairy one. But most of the guys have big dicks. Life's full of trade-offs!
welcome to the forum Rodlouis:blush:
There are some very well defined guys here, like Logan....check out some of his vids.

you are so right Stripe that there are so many trade offs in life...haha I will swap hair for a big dick any day!!...is that a tad shallow.....ah well someone has to be I guess!:wink:
I would just like to see the guys natural, not shaved or plucked. If they have chest hair leave it there. Don't shave their legs and crotches. A little trimming is o.k..
I guess some of us prefer a little carpeting instead of linoleum.
I definitely agree, I would love to see more beefy guys here but it does seem rare on this site
I agree, they do need a few more muscles other than the big one between their legs. They may have to stay lean and trim so they can get their legs higher in the air.