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Miss Deidra and Joe's Awesome Adventure!


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Jan 17, 2010
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so i'm going to start out a thread for me and Miss Deidra to keep everyone updated on our weekend out with the boys in Pittsburgh.

when i picked Miss Deidra up from the airport i didnt know what to expect, we might chat on the phone all the time (every night) but ive never seen her. i'm sure thats how men feel like when they are picking up their mail order brides for the first time! when she got in the car she immediately let her energy flow into me and the excitement started building.

It took us a little bit to find the hotel, as my driver and best friend kristia were keeping our eyes peeled for our hotel. well finally we found it and i had to practically push deidra out the door so we could go on a conquest for all the items she forgot to pack. three drug stores and a starbucks later, we wound up back in our hotel when she gets a phone call....guess who.....SHA! haha so now we are so giddy with excitement. Deidra is in the shower and i am soon to follow and then we are off to images to see the boys!
mothafuckas! this is one of the most amazing nights of my life. at first glance, walking up to them is quite daunting. diesal is a for real kinda guy and austin is amazing. i got the opportunity to buy diesal and austin a shot and can i just say i have never tasted a better shot. i have never had a shot of yeager before, and can i just say i will never taste a better one! tonight was amazing. images is the shit, and i cant even describe what im feeling right now.....im really really drunk, me and deidra only left to take a shot at the bar down the street. we only got through two of the bars in the whole bar crawl, and only one shot at the second one. im so stoked about what this night is doing for me. chilling with these guys is putting me on cloud 9, because they are the real shit

PS i appologize for how crazy this post is, but me and deidra kept doing shots and getting drinks, not to mention the pregaming in the hotel room!
I am so glad you both are having so much fun :) dont get to drunk you cant get back to the hotel :p
You guys look like you have had an awesome time! I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourself!!!!
You guys look like you have had an awesome time! I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourself!!!!

haha we are having an amazing time, although i think we drank entirely too much last night....but that is the point of a pub crawl is it not?? lol. Sha, Diesal and Austin are amazing, it was so unreal walking up to them. we walked into Images and we saw sha around the corner of the bar and i almost turned around and walked out i was so nervous! but i got over that fear, sha told me i could only be shy for 5 minutes, then i had to get over it and come out of my shell, and with the help of some liquid courage i did!
I am SO, SO happy for both of you. You both look GREAT!

And that guy in the middle isn't bad either. :001_tt1:
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I only wish I could be sharing that great time with you guys. That picture is precious and has having a great time written all over it. Who could help but love that smile Diesal is wearing. JW we have never seen you out of costume before, your a really good looking guy. And of course Mrs. D, always the lady, you guys go together like peaches and cream. Have fun guys and God Speed
oh denny youre such a sweetheart me and deidra are about to head out for matching tattoos!
so mother fuckers, its another update for yall, tonight was amazing, there was an event we do every year called pride in the streets, where they close down a major street through downtown pittsburgh, and they throw an outdoor dance party. im fucked up, but tonight was off the hooooook! austin diesal and shannon are such great people, they made my pride the best pride ever, i'm not going into details but i almost didnt go to pride at all, and because of deidra flying out here, i'm right where i belong, in a swanky ass hotel, after partying wit da boys, gimme a minute and i'll post another picture! oh and btw tampa, i got a shit ton of hugs to pass on to you baby!
oh, and did i mention, im really drunk!
and im soaked in sweat! but thank god the motha fuckin weather stayed nice!!!
oh and on the way to the party, me and deidra walked right through a bunch of people trying to tell us about jesus' love, and if those guys were still out there, i would inform them that not only does jesus love me, but god loves me too, SHE said so HERSELF! but yeah, fuck haters, okay im pretty sure i should not be drunkenly posting on here, so im going to post ONE more time, and that will be a picture....enjoy yall!
I'm ready and waiting to hear all about it JW. :biggrin: When you're sober again of course. LOL :wink:
:))) YAY for drunk posting :) I am so glad that you all were able to hang out and enjoy pride ! You are right where are suppose to be. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! HOPE U HAVE A GREAT REST OF THE NIGHT YOU TWO :)
okay i lied, apparently uploading photos, is not for a drunk person to do, so i shall hopefully post them tomorrow
I don't want to sound stupid here but who is Sha ?? Okay lol I'm stupid.

And Joe, you look great and I'm glad you and Miss D are enjoying yourselves.

I thought I would join in and let everyone know we are having the best time. As usual everyone in the Broke Straight Boys camp has been totally wonderful to us. I have never seen Joe so happy. He's having the best pride ever!!!

We are going to the parade in a couple of hours and then to probably get our drink on some more. I wish we weren't so caught up in the moment and able to take more pictures! But you kind of forget to do that when there are so many beautiful people talking to you!

I am sure Joe will keep everyone in the loop as to what a good time we are having. It's kinda sad it's almost over, but it's been a blast!