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Just when you think it cant get worse... turn on Fox News..

BSB Jason

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Dec 7, 2011
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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Ok sooo I want to talk about Fox News.

Although I am a registered democrat, I would consider myself an independant. I tend to vote democrat but am not affraid to elect a republican. I simply do what voters should do, research my candidates and vote for the one I feel will do the best job. Sure, as the direction of the current campaign im leaning more towards Obama. Actually Im a Ron Paul kind of guy but thats not a realistic option and Romney, well Ill let him continue to commit political suicide without my overheard defamation. But all of this is irrelevant.

I respect that behind corporations there are people. With people there is always a personal agenda. So the company appears to take on personal beliefs. Similar to Chik-fil-a and their homophobia. Everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs. So long as the service you provide is accurate and above par the corporation will likely succeed. But when it doesnt why do we allow it to continue to promote a distorted perception of the concept of reality.

It makes sense that press will support a specific political candidate because they support them they typically air more positive things toward that specific party. Im not even sure if thats what Fox News does, they may simply just be Very ANTI one political party. They have one anchor that is still hit or miss and the rest are just un real. The things they say are just completely fabricated. More so than is it accurate.

After watching a number of shows on Fox News and having what I consider a very educated audit of the legitimacy of the facts reported as real world events, ive come to the conclusion that the ass's of these news anchors must get awfully jealous of their mouth with all the shit that seems to be endlessly flowing out.

On multiple occasions I have seen a speech in its whole, then seen Fox edit it in such a way that it really makes it sound the opposite. They are very fluent manipulators of mass propoganda. Then to wake up and go into work and check the news to see Fox wants to exploit toddlers to benefit an attack against obama. Well you know what they say... if you fail try again.. if you fail again put your 6 yr ol on Fox to explain their lemonade stand wasnt built with government help (just the parents help which im pretty sure metaphorically IS THE SAME THING) But the producer should have written those que cards a bit clearer and the little girl wouldnt have busted the scheme.

I dont mind hearing the bad things about Obama, it aids me in making a decision. However, to just blantantly lie and manipulate the public and influence voting in such a perposterous way is insulting and degrading, to people and this nation.
For years our local Washington races you were only aloud to vote 1 party for all positions that were up for election. IE: If you voted Democrat for Governor all positions had to be voted Democrat regardless of the candidate. For the majority of my voting years (in Presidental races) I have voted Democrat except in 1988. I voted for Bush Sr. simply because things were brewing all over the world. Afghanistan vs Russia, Noriega in Panama, Iran vs Iraq etc. The Democratic running was a Governor of Mass. named Dukakis. I personnally had never heard of him and new nothing about him. I felt that Bush must know more of whats happening in the world as he had been VP for 8yrs. This was the 1st time I voted as an American then just for my party. (if that makes sense).
I love my country and I am very patriotic. Having said that, Fox News is so sensationalistic that it would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. It's like USA Today in television format. The propaganda is so thick and distorted in one direction that at times you're asked to believe that up is down, east is west and 2+2=5. It's one thing if you can agree on some objective facts and then disagree over the interpretation of them. Fox will usually deal with objective facts only when it suits their purposes. They will stir the pot with outright lies and distortions for ratings purposes...then feign outrage over a perceived slight to their cause...because they won't let objective facts get in the way of a good story.

Though not single handedly, they contribute to much of the dumbing down of public discourse. :/
never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
fox news tells a good story.
Yes Fox News is part of the Murdoch Empire. Its actually how the Murdoch Empire transitioned into Cable News in the mid 90's

In the UK Murdoch has Sky TV which is supposed to be impartial and also The Sun newspaper. Now The Sun changes it's mind who it supports at each election. Guess it's who lines it's (murdoch's) pockets the most.
In the UK Murdoch has Sky TV which is supposed to be impartial and also The Sun newspaper. Now The Sun changes it's mind who it supports at each election. Guess it's who lines it's (murdoch's) pockets the most.

Dear jon,

That wonderful money magnet Mr. Murdoch is such an honorable and inspirational crook. He is from the "old school" where "Money Talks BIG" and ethics doesn't even get the time of day. He only lives for money, certainly not "the truth" nor "Fair and Balanced Views" in reporting. He is the "poster child" for what completely unbridled and unrestrained business ethics can result in, if it continues totally unchecked!

Just like Sadam Hussein, few will miss Murdoch's "song and dance" now he has retired from manufacturing and screwing up the NEWS. Unfortunately, I am sure there are others just as ambitious and preditatory as Murdoch, without any redeeming social value, who want nothing more than to take his place.

Sincerely glad to see him go:sick2:,


PS Really enjoying the London Summer Olympics!!!
Everyone is entitled to their opinions but not their facts. Fox News presents their opinions as facts. A nice way of calling it is pontificating- I prefer to call it BULLSHIT. By the way Jason it was great meeting you last weekend- you and Blake should co-host the new TV show.
Fox News is a joke.
they are not in it as a public service, they are in it to make money.

Exactly! They are in it for ratings and $$$ and their own over-inflated egos. Plus the benefit of any right wing cause of the day. The majority of the time they are putting out highly skewed political propoganda and commentary and trying to masquerade it as serious journalism. "Fair and Balanced" is the punchline to the not so secret inside joke that is Fox "News".

Does anyone remember when they went on a tear for 2 days because Obama wore an American flag pin for a few days in the last election and then didn't wear one for a few days? Thus proving his total lack of patriotism to all those talking heads at Fox. They talked in breathless terms about how awful it was for the future of the country. And by implication what an evil man Obama was. Of course the talking heads who excoriated Obama over this supposed affront to our national dignity weren't wearing any American flag pins either.

They should have won a prize for such in-depth and hardhitting journalism. All in the interest of the public good I'm sure. (Read $$$ in their own pockets.) If only these kinds of stories were the exception, instead of the rule...

Definitely a for-profit company. Thanks Murdoch! :)
Fox news is propaganda at its absolute worst. And what's truly sad about it is how many people actually buy into it. When a nation forfeits the ability to think for themselves, believing half truths and blatant lies instead of seeking truth, we sacrifice freedom. Sure, not everyone buys into it but the growing number of people who do worries me.
Yes I agree entirely. Recently I had the opportunity to drive from Pittsburgh to NYC for pride. I rented a car with a complete stranger who was also stranded and on the same cancelled flight. In 375 miles and 7 hours of driving, he never shut up once. Looking back his consistent non-stop flow of conversation for the entire trip was rather impressive lol. Actually I never once really minded because the conversation was always different and he accepted when opinions differed and never got upset. The kind of guy you could debate politics or religion and discover the meaning of life with over a bottle of wine. he kept it interesting.

Somewhere an hour or so outside of New Jersey, the topic of Fox News and Mitt Romney came to the table. I find it ironic yet disturbing how well those topics go hand and hand and you seem to never find one without the other. This was along the same time frame of when I was first realizing how bad it actually was. As nice of a guy as he was, he had certainly become brainwashed like. Almost programed it seemed to believe Fox.

At one point in the conversation he did agree that there are times where the truth may stretch and manipulative propoganda comenced. Those are my words not his btw. BBut if your able to basically wade through the shit and get to them, there are some good stories. I took him at his word. I didnt plan to start watching Fox, because I still didnt agree with or trust their business practice or news reports. I simply wouldnt just blatanly ignore Fox News like I was doing up until then. Well he failed to mention that the wading... was more like swiming. And that there was a fierce under current that liked to suck you down.

It has become so bad, that its now just ridiculous. Its camparable to the Oninon News Network, although fiction its enjoyable. I was watching the recent segment on fox online about Obamas speech saying if your a business owner you didnt build your business and they edited the speech, which I also saw, in such a fashion that made him say things the president really didnt say... BUT THEN they interview a four and seven year old. Two very young girls who started a lemonade stand and Fox just exploited the crap out of. A friend watching with me actually thought I was watching some parody video or Saturday Night Live clip...

Fox is promoting a completely fabricated view on reality that defeats the purpose for free press and contributes to an ignorant society. They really will sink to any level.
Hello Bobbity, welcome on the Broke Straight Boys forum!

Please point out Utah on this map...

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how odd that your map didn't show up until i tried to reply.... That is totally hysterical! Fox can't even correctly name the states! Lol lol lol