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Johnny's, Saturday, July 4th, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Sol is a great big fun drag queen that had her way with the boys. A little wash cloth is all the boys had to hide their glory.
I am waiting eagerly for some pics of this one.......this kiwi boy needs something to relieve his mid-winter blues....lol..and wash cloth covered glory sounds like it might just do the trick :biggrin::w00t:
This place is crazy and the drag queen hostess was wonderful and sweet. She was so nice that she made sure the boys had a wash cloth, and only a wash cloth, to cover up with on stage. I'll get some pics posted soon.
Awesome, lookin forward to the pics. I think that she was more than generous giving them wash cloths lol....I certainly wouldn't have!!!!:blushing::thumbup:
I put all the weekend's pics under the July 3rd event. Please go check out thread to see the boys 'working'.