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Johnny & Spencer


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Nov 28, 2008
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State of Confusion
WOW! Really good by both boys. Must agree that Johnny is cumming along nicely. I think he'll make a very hot bottom.Give it a 4.5! We should add that Spencer is also very hot, in fact, the two of these boys should be part of the Royal Dungeon Tour.
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WoW is right... damn that was hot. Two hot studs getting naughty. Damn, that was hot. I didn't realize how big of a guy Johnny was until I saw him standing next to Spencer. As fine as Spencer is... Johnny is just one really hot hunk... and that's the right word... he is a HUNK !!!
You're right Mark, Johnny would make a good bottom boy. Can you imagine 6' of legs in the air and him screaming "Fuck me like a woman, Fuck me like a woman" Now that would be a hot scene....but who would we get as the top....let me see...
Johnny has damn near the most perfect body. I agree he would be a very hot bottom, but will take a top scene for sure. Good job for his first time, and it looked like his first time!!
Johnnny is unquestionably the best built guy ever to appear on Broke Straight Boys His physique can zoom him to the top of this business if he wants. Now, we know that what he's doing is extremely distasteful to him and has him super uncomfortable. Hopefully, working with studs like Spencer who are also very str8 can make him relax into the work. Hope he continues to find the money too attractive to pass up. Johnny, you are one hot dude and if you don't know guys have been admiring you for years, you were blind man.

And Broke Straight Boys, if you found the big bucks to land Johnny, how bout directing them to Logan to try to persuade him to come film for you once a year while in grad school. In terms of all round sex appeal, that guy's awesome. And by the August 2011 interview, what a fuckin incredible man he matured into. He would be the biggest catch of all. Thanks
Johnny seems like a natural

Spencer has met his match, physique wise. Johnny is absolute perfection with a beautiful tan and a very tempting tight-lipped "Str8-boi" hole. I think he does not know the wonders of prostate stimulation, but once this "inner santum" has been lovingly penetrated, Johnny will be all smiles from ear-to-ear. I think it was good to have a similarly built Spencer on hand to mentor him and help him get past his preconceived notions on cock-sucking. Once started, Johnny seemed to hold little back and he almost cracked a smile at the end over receiving his fresh "pearl necklace"!

I really like Johnny and I can't wait to see him do more and expand his horizons. Personally, I think it is a bit pre-mature discussing his evolving into a bottom. I say let nature take its course either way, top OR bottom! We need both to avoid "sword fighting"!


Johnny was a joy to watch here, but I want to thank Spencer for showing us more of his adorability factor. He is becoming major crush material for this Forumite. Such a cute personality!
I do wish there would be more appreciate of pecs and nipples around here; perhaps one day!
Both guys are so dam hot and put them together wow a video it was...... Johnny has about the best body I have seen on on Broke Straight Boys although Spencer is a stud in his own rite and has one hell of a body and cock also would love to see these too studs do more together if all possible. Too Thumbs up guys well done.:thumbup:
I hope you're all sitting down, because, with this scene... I am officially a Spencer Todd fan! I'm even having trouble finding the words to express how much I enjoyed this one! I thought he gave an awesome blow job, and the way he played with and displayed Johnny's ass was beautiful. Johnny is as close to physical perfection as I've seen, and no boy ever looked better with a cock in his mouth!

I, too, see Johnny as a bottom and just hope that Clay continues to work whatever magic he can to bring him back and get him to do it soon!

This one was a straight up 5 for me! Thanks guys!
You're right Mark, Johnny would make a good bottom boy. Can you imagine 6' of legs in the air and him screaming "Fuck me like a woman, Fuck me like a woman" Now that would be a hot scene....but who would we get as the top....let me see...

The whole time I was watching, I kept thinking I would love to see Denver fuck him, in a flip-flop scene! I'm not even that big a Denver fan, but I think that with their similar bodies, it would be hot! Plus, he's got the charm and personality to put Johnny at ease...
WOW WOW WOW!! All I can say is that I was literally unable to make it through to the end of this scene!!! WAY TOO HOT!! Especially with this paring of these two stunningly beautiful blondes!! Spencer Todd if you are reading this (and I hope you are) you are becoming truly one of my favorites here and I so enjoy looking at you doing ANYTHING even if you twirled three times and sang "I'm a little teapot"!! As for you, Johnny, if you had any IDEA how much you are LOVED here I hope this will give you the insentive to keep coming back more and more. You have the potnetial to be one of Broke Straight Boys's biggest stars EVER so hopefully you WILL be back!! Many thanks also to Clay and the rest of the staff for making this one happen!!
What a great scene. I loved the way Spencer opened Johnny's ass to give us a good show. The two of them played so well together, I expected them to deviate from the original plan and start fucking. Both have such a great body and look good form any camera angle. This shoot was pure perfection.
using the old style method of intro and suck and fuck, spencer would be called upon to top johnny.
using the current approach johnny will bottom for the available rod.
i like the now that you have had it in your mouth, try it in your ass way of progressing.
spencer is back on my favorites lists!
not bad!
I really didn't expect much from this update. I have never really been a Spencer fan, and although I thought Johnny had a hot body, I didn't think Spencer could do too much to lead him in his first man on man sexual encounter. BOY, WAS I WRONG!!! I won't repeat what has already been said on this thread, but I certainly agree with all of the praise given.

Looks like I need to add two more models to my favorite list. Great performance, guys.
I watched this scene last night 5 minutes after it was posted. I just watched it again... Spencer you are amazing. I have been a fan from your begining.
Johnny is the epitome of masculine beauty. I coud just watch Johnny roll around on the bed all by himself. I am in total awe of how gorgeous he is. It is hard to find any man that is just the total package and Johnny is.
Once again I give both you guys two thumbs up. Wish I could have given you a 10... what the hell a 100 !
I agree with all of you that this scene was really really impressive. Johnny's body is like very few we have ever been privileged to see here. He comes very close to a perfect 10 for me based purely on physique. I could look at his chest and abs for hours. haha Spencer is hot in his own right and became a favorite of mine a while ago. Much to my own pleasant surprise. lol I think one of the dynamics in play here is that Spencer has such a genuine hetero vibe himself that Johnny could be more comfortable staying in a zone of, "We're both straight guys doing gay for pay. It's just about the money." In any case they put on a very enjoyable show. :biggrin: