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il be posting almost daily now...HOW DO I CHANGE MY PROFILE PIC

Sorry Jimmy, I'm not a computer wiz but I am happy with the news that you will be here on a regular basis...

Hey Jimmy!

Click on the "Private Messages" tab under your name where it says Welcome, Jimmy_Johnson. Then on the left hand side you should see a list of options under "Your Control Panel". You want to click "Edit Avatar Photo".

One thing that can be confusing is that it gives you prompts in your editing for changing your Profile pic and then another for your Avatar pic. The profile pic will only change the profile photo of your personal page inside. The avatar pic is the one that comes up with each post you write.

Once you click on Edit Avatar Pic (or Edit Profile Pic) it will give you a couple of options as to how to proceed. If you have a picture saved on your computer that you want to use, you can click the "Browse" prompt and find the photo in your Pictures section of your laptop or PC. Of course this assumes that you already have a photo saved to your computer that you want to use.

When you find the photo you want, you click it, and once you see that it has the code in the box below, you click "Open". That should transfer it to your Broke Straight Boys page. Follow any remaining prompts from there and you should be fine.

If you're still having problems send a PM to Scorpio and ask for his help. He lives and breathes this stuff. :biggrin:

I hope that helps! :wink:
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Sorry Jimmy, I'm not a computer wiz but I am happy with the news that you will be here on a regular basis...

il be talking to you soon david throw some brain busters at me
i finally figured it out...thers like a mini profile page and then the main page is different wher you can change your profile
What an avatar for a famous model like yourself, Jimmy. Shouldn't it be Arnauld What's his name from California? You know the govenator.
It is really great to hear from YOU. To throw some "brain busters" at you is kind of difficult. I realize you are str8 and all the things that I like are "gay". I appreciate you for where you are at, not where I would want you at. Do what you do best, be yourself... Now for the "bustering".. I like passionate kissing, rimming, and soul searching passion. Two guys and a female is okay too, if it's done right. I know this is not too helpful to you but, then these are my ideas. Whatever you decide I will like it...