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Help - Jacob Anthony freaks


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Mar 24, 2010
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Prince George, B.C., Canada
:cursing::cursing: I think I might have accidently found him again (Jacob Anthony) but I'm not absolutely sure. :blush: I am 96% sure it's him in a video I found at a site called ckg. It's French. I need someone who cares to go look and confirm or refute my conjecture. Again the site is ckg. The date is 27 juillet 2010. About halfway down the entry is a video called viens chez moi, 23' 40. I think it's him. Kissing like crazy, fucking bareback, and cumming in the other guy. It has an xLive tag on it. Was made by epic men in 2007. It's actually titled Anthony and Jacob. He's the right height, hair colour, head shape, nose, jaw line, skin colour, but I'm still not sure. Only for those who care. The rest of you just ignore me. :001_tt2:
Jacob Anthony is the ONLY reason I even joined Broke Straight Boys back in the day. I still am in love with him and his Cousin Mikey. I thought I had seen every thing he has done on other sites. Will need to check this out. I wish David and the gang would realize just how much he means to many of us and get him and Cousin Mikey back togther as well as apart with the right guys. Just love that guys personality and everything else!


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i wasnt convinced until i watched the clip......its him.....almost a hundred percent positive
I can get into the CQX site but I'm then hit with hundreds of cookie alerts. I certainly dont know where to look so I'll give it up as a bad joke lol


I went to the site. It sure does look like him. I can hardly believe he would do a bareback session though. He couls cum in me and on me anyday. So can his Cousin Mikey. They are both so yummy. Would like to be in the middle of both of them.
Wow!!!! Just like everyone else I too am a huge Anthony fan. Now I am in love with him. I have some great BB films, but this rivals anything I have! I thought it was hot when he decided to mostly bottom, but now I need to see him top more. He was so cute all A/F looking but I'll take the shaggy haired hotty he is now. Thanks for this gem of a find guys.
The only sure fire way to tell if it is Anthony would be to taste him. I already have it firmly planted in my mind what he tastes like. It would be strictly scientific and would be conducted under the most stringent of labratory control, but I would volunteer to be the tester. I would take one for the team just this once.