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has the streaming option been turned off?


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Aug 24, 2010
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Up until the last two updates, I click on the play button and the streaming video for the Broke Straight Boys update begins to play. That option just causes the video to clock now. I currently have to use the download option, wait for the whole thing to download and run it locally. What has changed? Thanks to anyone that has an idea of how to fix it.
I just tried to make sure also and it's working fine for me too. Let us know if you're still experiencing some problems.
My streaming works, but the sound on the last three videos has been terrible. It is not with my computer, because everything else sounds great.
Streaming work on videos before the Denver solo. The last three do not load. There just seems to be something different about the last three. Thanks for checking this out for me.
You are right that there is an issue. I always click on "HD Quality" options to view the scenes, but I just checked the latest Jimmy & Jake for a minute or two in streaming, and it kept pausing. I can normally watch a streaming video with no problem.
Thanks for your work on the site. The streaming of Blake's new video worked perfectly. Don't know what changed, but thanks again for all of your work keeping things going.