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Happy Birthday Gary!!


Oct 30, 2008
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Our dear fellow forumite Gary has a birthday today. He's also known affectionately by his screen name grw19569424. LOL Gary has been through alot these past 2 years. I hope that things are moving in a better direction for him.

Happy Birthday Gary!!

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I hope that you still take a little time to visit here Gary. You are a genuinely nice, sweet, wonderful man, you are loved and missed on the forum.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.:par13::thumbup:
Gary was last logged in to the forum late last night. So yes. He's still around. :)
Oh yes, I'm still here. You all can't get rid of me that easy. lol. Thanks to everyone so far for the warm birthday wishes. Me and my roommate went out to dinner this evening to IHOP and he treated. It was nice not to have to come home from work and cook dinner. I'll get back around to being on the forums more often. I have finally got all of my father's affairs taken care of , I think, following his death in November. It has been quite a challange and believe me, I still have my moments. Thanks again everyone for being so thoughtful. Love each and every one of you out there.
Happiest of Birthday Days Gary.......xo
Sorry I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday, Gary. May you have many more.

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I hope you had a wonderful birthday Gary! Sorry I missed it. I was traveling yesterday and did not have computer access til this afternoon. May you have many many more!
I forget to wish you a Happy Birthday, but that doesn't mean I do not pray for you daily: I wish you happy day filled with the memories in which remember your parents in a happy way!
Happy belated birthday, Gary! I'm glad you're doing better!