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For Jayman and Slim the last part.

Go for it. Keep us informed.

Absolutely Thomas! Don't fall into the trap of waiting for that perfect "some day" to move on in your life. If you have issues with your body that you want to change...that's fine. But don't feel like you have to wait until you have the ideal weight, the ideal muscle tone, the ideal health, etc. to be worthy of finding personal happiness. Contrary to popular belief, youth and beauty are not the only things people look for in a relationship.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow so we can't treat any part of our lives as disposable or merely a dress rehearsal for future happiness. If you can find someone now even if you personally feel you are not in a peak condition either physically or emotionally, just imagine what that would do for your self esteem. And you would give that person even more to look forward to as you worked on and improved the issues that you feel are holding you back. There's nothing wrong with starting now to look for love.